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Our Locations: Where you can start your perfect roadtrip!

roadsurfer is renting campervans in Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. On this overview page you can see where the nearest roadsurfer station is.

roadsurfer in germany

You can board your camper van at eleven different stations across Germany. Not all our models are available everywhere so make sure you check the availability of your favorite model first at your desired location. You can do that via our booking system.

roadsurfer in France

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Same holds regarding the models, please check the availability at your desired pick-up point first via our booking system.

roadsurfer in Spain

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Same holds regarding the models, please check the availability at your desired pick-up point first via our booking system.

roadsurfer in Portugal

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Same holds regarding the models, please check the availability at your desired pick-up point first via our booking system.

Get in and start your roadtrip … from Munich

Campingbus mieten Deutschland München

Big city with village character – In Munich, time passes by a little slower: Also called Bavarian coziness. A proper snack in the state capital is worth it, so why should you drive away?

What you shouldn’t miss in Munich:

  • A liter of beer (A Maß) und a pretzl in the beer garden – the benchmark of coziness. If you don’t do that, you weren’t here!
  • The Flaucher – probably Munich’s most beautiful section on the Isar. Barbecue, bathe and relax!
  • The English Garden – Isar surfers, the fast Eisbach and numerous athletes. How about a round of slacklining before you start your roadtrip?


If you compare them with the Bavarians, they will be quite annoyed. However, the neighboring country in the south is ideal for a roadtrip from Munich. So rent your camper and move on to Austria!

Hire campervan Hire camper in Munich

...from Berlin

camper rental berlin brandenburg-gate

Extravagance – is probably the headline that should be given to our capital. Anyone who rents a camping bus in Berlin is certainly not a slowpoke – therefore, Berlin is a good company. Before you leave Germany’s biggest metropolis behind and start your roadsurfer adventure, you should definitely stay a few more hours!

What you shouldn’t miss in Berlin:

  • Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg & Neukölln – trendy districts with charm and a spirit of new awakenings
  • “Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap” at Mehringdamm – the “best doner kebab in the world”.
  • The Spree – Whether on the river or next to it, it doesn’t matter: Just relax and enjoy!


Berlin is the perfect location for a roadtrip to Poland and the Baltic States. How about a stop in Warsaw, Gdansk or Lithuania?

Hire campervan Hire camper in Berlin

...from Frankfurt am Main

camper rental frankfurt Römerberg

Welcome to the Manhattan of Germany! The banker city in the middle of Germany has the reputation of a dreary high-rise landscape but beyond that a lot more to offer. It’s worth spending a few hours here and discovering our insider tips – Promised!

What you shouldn’t miss in Frankfurt:

  • Bembel, Äppelwoi and Handkäs’ with music – culinary highlights from the state of Hesse. After that, you will be in a good mood for your roadtrip adventure.
  • The Main River – whether on the shore or by boat, you can’t enjoy Frankfurt’s skyline better. Especially impressive in the evening.
  • Frankfurt’s historical side – daily guided tours in the Römer Town Hall show the city’s more than 600-year-old history.


Honestly: Do you need a tip? Frankfurt is that centrally located that no matter in which direction you start, you will quickly reach your destination. What do you fancy? Sea and stiff breeze, good food in France, Mediterranean joie de vivre or Eastern European flair? No matter, the paths don’t take that long from Frankfurt.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Frankfurt

...from Marburg

One of the most romantic towns in Germany and home of fairy tales, is the perfect starting point for your European road trip. Within just a few hours from here, you can be on your camping holiday by the seaside or discovering the mountains.

What you shouldn’t miss in Marburg:

  • The medieval Marburg castle aka Landgrafenschloss
  • Elizabeth’s Church – Germany’s oldest Gothic church
  • The old university in Wilhelmsplatz
  • The botanical gardens
  • The marketplace, or Marktplatz, and town hall


You are really spoilt for choice here, as Marburg is very centrally located. Do you fancy heading to the coast or prefer the mountains? It is entirely up to you, as the travel time is around the same for both. In any case, we recommend visiting Marburg, so you can be charmed by the beauty of the town. You can then simply drive away, from Marburg you can head in any direction.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Marburg

...from Stuttgart

camper rental stuttgart downtown

Southern flair and fantastic wine: Choosing Stuttgart as starting point for your camper roadtrip is a brilliant idea. But it’s also worth taking a closer look at the city itself.

What you shouldn’t miss in Stuttgart:

  • The Killesbergbahn – a special highlight for kids. Parents can relax at the Flamingo pond in the Killesberg Höhenpark.
  • Neckar boat trip with the Neckar-Käpt´n – Pure relaxation with a great view of the vineyards.
  • The Stäffele – the small winding staircases meander through the whole city. And once you have climbed the stairs, you can enjoy a fantastic view over the city.


From Stuttgart, you’re spoilt for choice where your camper heart takes you. Italy, Switzerland and even France can be reached from here in no time at all. So what can it be? Pasta a la mamma or a glass of red wine with a cheese plate?

Hire campervan Hire camper in Stuttgart

...from Hamburg

camper rental hamburg St.Pauli-harbour

“Germany’s gateway to the world” – the surname of Hamburg is not a coincidence. The port was one of the most important starting points for trade and emigration in history – whether in the Middle Ages or modern times. It would be a bummer to miss this city!

What you shouldn’t miss in Hamburg:

  • The water – whether Alster or Elbe, water is almost everywhere in Hamburg. You can wonderfully relax on the beach or on a boat tour.
  • Fish market & the Landungsbrücken – tasty fish sandwiches at the harbor and a stroll with a vision.
  • The Reeperbahn – Also called the most sinful mile in the world, wicked and infamous! Of course you can’t miss it!


The north is calling – choosing Hamburg as a starting point for your roadtrip is a brilliant idea if you want to go to the sea. Whether Denmark, Sylt, Rügen or the beach of Timmendorf: the sea breeze is almost in the air when you start off.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Hamburg

...from Freiburg/Basel

camper rental freiburg downtown

Freiburg – the city in the Breisgau. Mediterranean spring climate and a historic city center, what more could you ask for? You definitely have to linger here for one or two glasses of wine before you start your camping bus roadtrip.

What you shouldn’t miss in Freiburg:

  • The so called “Schauinslandbahn” – the cable car gondola takes you up high. Once you reach the top, your gaze will wander over the Black Forest to Switzerland and France.
  • The brooks – Beware, danger of stumbling! The small gullies between the roadway and the sidewalk run through the entire old town where the water glitters seductively – lovely!
  • The “Alte Wache” – THE “House of Baden Wines”! You should definitely taste Freiburg’s Pinot Gris.


There are many other magnificent cities nearby Freiburg. You’ll be in Zurich within two hours and it doesn’t take much longer to Konstanz on Lake Constance either. Last but not least, you’ll be in France in about 50 minutes.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Freiburg-Basel

...from Cologne-Dusseldorf

camper rental köln Rheinbrücke Dom Nacht

Renting your camper van in Cologne/Dusseldorf is a great idea – where can you visit two worth-seeing cities at the same time within such a few kilometers?

What you shouldn’t miss in Cologne & Dusseldorf:

  • The Triangle of Cologne & the Cologne Cathedral – rise and view guaranteed!
  • The longest bar in the world – 360 bars next to each other in Dusseldorf’s city center
  • The Rhine – whether on the water or on the banks, Düsseldorf and Cologne have the longest river in Germany and offer thousands of possibilities to relax.


Vive la France! Whether from Düsseldorf or Cologne, you’ll be in Germany’s west neighboring country in no time at all. Here you can really enjoy your roadtrip, whether on winding mountain roads, on the Atlantic shore or on lovely routes through lavender and sunflower fields.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Cologne-Dusseldorf

… from Essen

Camper rental Essen

With a wide range of culture, history and idyllic recreational opportunities in the countryside, Essen has more to offer than most people think at first glance. So it’s worth taking a closer look at the city itself before you start your personal roadtrip with your roadsurfer.

What you shouldn’t miss in Essen:

  • The Zollverein colliery – it offers a breathtaking insight into the daily work of a miner.
  • Limbecker Platz – the shopping centre with countless possibilities to spend your money
  • Essen-Werden – in the charming old town you can experience the small town feeling along the Ruhr!


The West is calling! The Netherlands are a pretty awesome destination when you start your roadtrip from Essen. Within a short time you can reach the wonderful canals of Amsterdam.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Essen

...from Constance

camper rental constance lake constance Segelschiff

Who needs the sea when you can have Lake Constance? Rent your camper from Constance and enjoy the advantages of the four-country region with beach feeling. Start your camping bus and discover the surrounding.

What you shouldn’t miss in Konstanz:

  • The old town of Konstanz’ – is really not just worth a little walk. Special tip: the cute antiquarian bookshop “Patzer & Trenklein” in the Kreuzlinger street
  • Lake Constance – whether for relaxation or water sports, everything is possible here!
  • Island hopping – Mainau, Reichenau and Mettnau are only three of the islands in Lake Constance


Due to the four-country region, Constance is the perfect starting point for your roadtrip. You will arrive in Bern in 2.5 hours only, and just as quick you will reach Strasbourg. Finally, you can visit Innsbruck after a three hours ride with a stop in the worth-seeing city Liechtenstein.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Constance

…from Hannover

camper rental hannover Altes-Rathaus Maschsee

Hip, relaxed and green – that’s Hanover! In between of trendy student districts and Nordic charm, camping lovers feel at home. Bourgeoisie is out-of-date, Hannover is hip!

What you shouldn’t miss in Hannover:

  • Linden district – frowned upon as dingy, a new, alternative and hip scene has recently developed here.
  • The Maschsee – not only a fantastic place to relax, but also a great place for sports on and around the water.
  • The red thread – runs through whole Hanover and will not let you miss any sights. Pick up your map at a tourist information office and off you go!


If you start your roadtrip in Hanover, you can easily drive to the North Sea as well as the Baltic Sea. On top, it’s not a long drive to the two largest metropolises in Germany – Hamburg and Berlin. Let’s go!

Hire campervan Hire camper in Hannover

...from Nuremberg

camper rental nuremberg old town

Too sweet to be true! Nuremberg is such a pretty little town that it would be a pity if you steered your camper straight into the streets and out of the city. Stay a little longer!

What you shouldn’t miss in Nuremberg:

  • All type of junk – the craftsmen court and the junk market are lovely and not only offer a real eye candy for collectors. Between cute half-timbered houses and tasty culinary highlights you can wonderfully stroll along.
  • Parklands – whether city park, public park, mayor or the so-called Kontumazgarten, Nuremberg is green! It’s easy to relax here.
  • The Pegnitz – not only green but also wet! Explore Nuremberg in a canoe or dragon boat from a different angle.


From Nuremberg, you can basically start in any direction. The Czech Republic would be obvious: You’ll arrive in Prague in about three hours via the A6.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Nuremberg

...from Leipzig

camper rental leipzig Marktplatz

East Germany is a tough place. If you’ve never been to Leipzig before, you should make up for it as soon as possible. So why don’t you rent a camper and get to know the city before you start your roadtrip?

What you shouldn’t miss in Leipzig:

  • Auensee, Kulkwitzer See and more – Leipzig’s water landscape is perfectly suited for all kind of boat trips: From kayaks and canoes to dinghies – you can easily switch from a van to a boat.
  • The “Wackelturm” on the Marienweg – offers a unique view. But be careful! The name doesn’t come by chance.
  • The Gose brewery “Bayerischer Bahnhof” and the “Gosenschenke Ohne Bedenken” – here you will find typical the Leipziger Gose, a traditional beer from Leipzig.


From Leipzig, we recommend a roadtrip to the Baltic Sea. But you also won’t need long to get to the Czech Republic and Poland either. It takes only three hours to Prague

Hire campervan Hire camper in Leipzig

roadsurfer in France

Get in and start your roadtrip ... from Paris

camper rental paris triumphal arch

The fascinating capital of France is not for nothing one of the most popular destinations in the world. Thus, you will definitely like it too – rent a camper in Paris, explore the city and start your roadtrip!

What you shouldn’t miss in Paris:

  • Your private Tour de France – along the picturesque banks of the Seine, past Les Tuileries and the Louvre, to the Place de la Concorde. Now you’re on the Champs-Elysées where the “Place Charles de Gaulle” circles the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Château de Versailles – the splendid castle of Sun King Louis XIV with its imposing park.
  • Un café, s’il vous plaît! – No matter where, the main thing is that it’s sweet and lovely. The numerous small cafés invite you to dream – an absolute must, not only for romantics!


Paris – the center of France! Thanks to France’s star-shaped motorway system with Paris in the center, you can reach the Atlantic coast, Germany, the Netherlands or the Alps in no time at all. You have the choice, your camper takes you to your favorite destination!

Hire campervan Hire camper in Paris

… from Aix-Marseille

Location de campervans à Aix-Marseille : visite du Vieux Port

Marseille: the gateway to the Mediterranean. This nickname comes from Marseille’s old port, famous for its authentic atmosphere. Especially the fish market is worth a visit to taste the culinary diversity of the Mediterranean Sea before setting out for freedom with your camper.

What you shouldn’t miss in Marseille:

  • Aix-En-Provence – with its many boutiques, this is the perfect city to stroll around
  • Quartier du Panier – the artists’ quarter with dreamy cafés and impressive galleries
  • The fish market next to the port of Marseilles – you can experience the “freshest fish” of all there


Marseille is the perfect starting point to explore the versatility of Provence with a camper. For example, visit the Pont d’Avignon, stroll through the alleys of the old town of Arles and experience the charming villages between the cliffs of Cornillon. You can also travel along the Côte d’Azur via St Tropez, Cannes or Nice to Italy.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Aix-Marseille

… from Lyon


France’s second largest city Lyon is not only an ideal starting point for many beautiful excursions. Lyon also convinces with a historical old town that is worth a visit . So it would be a pity if you would steer your camper straight out of the city and miss this charming place.

What you shouldn’t miss in Lyon:

  • La Colline de Fourvière – the hill with an unforgettable panorama of Lyon
  • Le vieux Lyon – the old town with sweet alleyways and unique charm
  • The Plateau de la croix rousse market – the perfect opportunity to enjoy the culinary diversity of Lyons


Lyon is the perfect location for a road trip to Rhone-Alpes. From here, a trip to the Italian part of Switzerland or an action holiday in the mountains are two wonderful ways to enjoy your holiday.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Lyon

...from Bordeaux

camper rental bordeaux vineyard

Oh, oui, oui, oui! This city not only sounds good, it also tastes like it. Here, you can enjoy one of the best red wines in the world – and because a Frenchman would never think of quickly tipping his wine down, you should take some time to enjoy it! Discover Bordeaux in peace before you get off on the road!

What you shouldn’t miss in Bordeaux:

  • The wine is red, the nature green – Bordeaux offers many parks! From the Jardin Public to the Parc Bordelais with its playgrounds and puppet theatre, to the Parc des Coteaux with its artificial grotto, you’ll find everything you want – pure relaxation!
  • “Les routes des vins” de Bordeaux – off to the camper and enjoy the expanse of Bordeaux’s wine-growing areas.
  • Dune du Pilar – directly on the Atlantic coast, you will find Europe’s highest dune.


One portion of Vitamin Sea? Start your campervan and you will arrive the French Atlantic coast in no time at all. But that’s not all, even if you want to get up high on the mountains, you can perfectly start your roadtrip from Bordeaux: the Pyrenees are only a stone’s throw away.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Bordeaux

roadsurfer in Spain

... from Madrid


Madrid with its many museums is not only something for art lovers. Besides lively markets and pompous buildings, there are also many bars with a wide range of Spanish tapas to discover. So before you start your road trip, take some time to discover this lively and colourful city. You won’t regret it!

What you shouldn’t miss in Madrid:

  • La Latina & Malasaña – the two historic districts are full of creativity and charm
  • Padro Museum – enjoy masterpieces by Velázquez, Goya, Bosch and other artists
  • El Tigre – here you can get delicious Spanish tapas for free with the drinks!


You can start in nearly all directions, coming from Madrid. Head north via Andorra to France and from there to all of Europe. Of course you can also travel to Lisbon, Granada, Valencia or Bilbao – all a stone’s throw from Madrid.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Madrid

... from Barcelona


Barcelona: First class restaurants, wonderful beaches and as home of Gaudí and Picasso a huge art metropolis – what more could you ask for? Everyone will find anything they like. So why leave the city directly with the campervan when there is so much to experience here?

What you shouldn’t miss in Barcelona:

  • Sagrada Família – an architectural masterpiece of Gaudi with an impressive light show inside the basilica
  • Caves Llapart – this wine cellar is a MUST for all wine lovers!
  • Mercat de la Boqueria – the market hall constructed of glass and steel is a great place to enjoy Spanish delicacies.


Going down south from Barcelona is pretty nice. The roads along the coast have a lot to offer: Starting with the port city of Tarragona, the route continues via the picturesque city of Reus to Valencia. There you can find a varied mix of futuristic buildings and an ancient Roman forum.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Barcelona

... from Malaga

Hire a camper in Malaga

Are you a dedicated sun worshipper? Well then, Malaga is the perfect destination for you. The birthplace of Picasso is known for having 320 days of sunshine per year. So it makes sense that roadsurfer also has a rental location right here. Hire your camper and hit the road.

What you shouldn’t miss in Malaga:

  • Catedral de la Encarnación (Cathedral of the Incarnation)
  • Picasso museum & birthplace
  • La Malagueta bullring


To explore the surrounding beaches and Andalusia, it makes sense to hire a camper and make the most of its mobility. For surfers, Tarifa is the ultimate hotspot, if you’re into Flamenco dancing, then head to Seville, while you’ll find oriental flair in Granada…The area surrounding Malaga is worth exploring and the most comfortable way is with a mobile home that takes you to the most beautiful places on earth.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Malaga

roadsurfer in Portugal

Explore the Portuguese coast... from Lisbon


The eventful history of the Portuguese capital, marked by African immigrants, Romans and Moors, makes the colourful city a multicultural metropolis. So it would be a real shame if you chased your camper straight out of the city and missed the numerous details of Lisbon’s multifaceted past.

What you shouldn’t miss in Lisbon:

  • Largo Do Carmo – the oasis of peace in Lisbon
  • Miradouro San Pedro de Alcântara – from here you have a magnificent view over the city
  • Pastéis de Belém confectionery: here you will find the famous original Lisbon tartlets.


Lisbon is the perfect starting point for a road trip with a lot of beach feeling. You are spoilt for choice as to which of the countless beaches with turquoise water you choose.

... from Faro


Faro is not only an ideal starting point to discover the numerous beaches of the Algarve. It also convinces you with its authentic Portuguese life, which is lost through tourism in many other places. So if you want to start your holiday with real Portuguese peace and charm, it would be a shame to drive your camper straight out of town.

What you shouldn’t miss in Faro:

  • Rua de Santo António – in the pedestrian street with many restaurants you will find the flourishing life of the city.
  • Ria Formosa – a nature park with wide mudflats and untouched beaches
  • the cathedral at Largo de Sé – here you can discover richly decorated chapels from the 13th and 14th centuries


From Faro all holiday resorts of the Algarve are only a stone’s throw away and can be reached within an hour.

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