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Rent Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

The elegant van for 5 people

Adventure meets style

Hiring a roadsurfer Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon means: You will be onboard the perfect campervan for five people. During the journey, the compact, agile Mercedes Camper offers five full seats as well as plenty of room for a relaxed journey with family or friends For families with three children, this is the ideal campervan with four to five sleeping spaces. 

All-wheel drive and towing hitch on board

You’ve reached your stop, the roadsurfer Horizon with its manual pop-top roof ensures unforgettable moments in the open air. With 190 hp, the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon in the V class has plenty of power for your next adventure. Thanks to all-wheel drive, the Horizon is also a trusty companion on steep mountain or snowy roads and offers the option to attach a bicycle carrier or, if necessary, a trailer with the towing hitch. Making your next road trip unforgettable – regardless of whether it is in the mountains or on the beach. 

Book the Horizon Hostel Deluxe

“Horizon Hostel Deluxe” advantages - hiring the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon and travel with five people. The Horizon has five seats and plenty of space for all passengers to get a good night’s sleep. Inside you’ll find a compressor coolbox and of course a mobile gas cooker. This model also comes equipped with all-wheel drive and a towing hitch. Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon now!

190 hp diesel / DSG automatic

Manual pop-top roof

5 sleeping spaces

Air heater

ACC, cruise control & park assist

Coolbox and mobile gas cooker

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The costs for the Horizon Hostel Deluxe

Low season

01st October - 31st May

Horizon Hostel Deluxe

90€ / Night

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High season

1st June - 30th September

Horizon Hostel Deluxe

115€ / Night

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Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon – this is how you get even cheaper prices:

Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon: If you book your campervan for more than 16 nights, you will get a 5% discount starting at night 16. At night 23 you will receive a 10% drop in price and it gets better. Starting at night 37 you will be granted a 15% discount. So: Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo!

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Technical data

190 hp diesel / automatic

Length 5,14 m | width 2,25 m (with wing mirrors)| height 1.98 m

Always specify a length of 6 metres in case you book a ferry.

All-Wheel 4 Automation

Trailer hitch

With a capacity of up to 2.500 kg


Automatic Distance Control

Integrated Navigational System

Rear view camera & pilot parking system in the front and back

Electro-foldable mirror

Heated driver- and passenger seat

Isofix system on the rear seats

Air-Stationary Heating

Multifunctional steering wheel

Cruise Control

Bluetooth, USB, Radio, CD

Climate control

All-season tyres

New vehicles

First registration this year or the previous year

Additional equipment you can book

optional bookable equipment

Bicycle carrier on trailer hitch including a warning sign for Italy/Spain

4€ per night

Two additional camping chairs

25€ per booking

Additional camping table

25€ per booking

Children’s car seat

For 1-3 year olds and 4-12 year olds

Roof rack (2 bar system for surfboard, roof box, or similar )

35€ per booking

Portable camping toilet

35€ per booking

Bed linen for 1 person (pillow, sheet, cover)

29€ per booking

The following is included in the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon:

4-5 sleeping spaces

4 adults + for example 1 small child 2 adults at the bottom on a fold-out seat (193 x 135 cm) and 2 adults in the upper sleeping compartment (lying area 205 x 113 cm)

5 seats

Including rear bench for three people (135 cm wide) and two rotatable front seats

Folding can

10 liter


Manual pop-up roof

Mattress topper

For the lower bed

Blackout blinds

For all windows (including windscreen)

Emergency equipment

Safety vests, first aid kit, warning triangle

Two good quality camping chairs

For the outside

Camping table

For the outside

Kitchen set

Including camping pots and pans, espresso maker, cups & glasses, plates and bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils, salad bowl, corkscrew, sharp knife, and a dishwashing bowl.

Double glazing

With heat protection and closing aid


For sun protection (ahandle and two poles for set up)

Mobile gas cooker incl. 1-3 gas cartridges

Mobile coolbox (31 l)

Level ramps

For adjusting the vehicle on uneven terrain

Extension cable and “Schuko” connection plug

For electricity at the campsite (Attention: The Horizon does not have an external power socket! The cable is used to connect the campsite power directly to a device, e.g. a hairdryer, cooler etc. and NOT to use the electricity in the van).

“Best price option” means that we offer the best price available. The universe of camper rentals is not very transparent and offers are hard to compare. We will adjust our price, if you find a better offer for the same vehicle with the same equipment in the area within 24 hours after booking with us. More info here!

Definitely a great way to go! Our vans are absolutely suitable for families with kids and well-equipped for that purpose. Your young ones will have the time of their lives on a camping trip! Where else can they be so free, so dirty and so happy? A fresh breeze on top of it all and everyone will sleep like a baby.

Your roadsurfer will be given to you sparkly-clean, swept and vacuumed. The upholstery is spotless. This is how we would like to have it returned. You will not have to worry about additional cleaning fees if you’ve swept and wiped down the inside of the van before returning. We encourage you to return the van in the condition you found it in. If you don’t get any chance whatsoever to do so, we will have to retain a 100€ cleaning charge from your security deposit.

The basic colors of the roadsurfer models are white, dark gray and silver metallic. All roadsurfers are stuck with the white picture on the sides. Most buses are also covered in bright colors: different colors of red, yellow, blue and green are the most common. A few are foiled in gold and silver. The color scheme is independent of the model and the equipment.

With your roadsurfer you can travel to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Moldavia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Excluded are trips to Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia and all other non-EU countries within geographical Europe.

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You’re already fond of the Marco Polo Horizon – but you want to take a look at our other campers? No worries, you can also hire the VW T6 California Ocean at roadsurfer. A stylish, premium camper, which will turn heads at every campsite. Or at roadsurfer, you can hire the VW California Ocean – in the classic VW you will find a real slatted frame bed for dreamy camper nights. Here you will find all the details on our “Surfer Suite”: Hire the VW California.

Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon: Your mobile bedroom to unwind in 

While you spend the days in the great outdoors, you can look forward to a cosy night’s sleep. The Marco Polo Horizon offers a pop-top roof, which thanks to the point-elastic spring elements and a high-quality cold foam mattress, means you rest assured of sweet dreams. With a lying area of 2.05 x 1.13 metres, you will have plenty of space to enjoy the night together in the  upper sleeping compartment. Thanks to the USB connection right next to your bed, an empty battery is a thing of the past. The reading lights to the right and left side of the bed make it easier for you to find your way around in the dark, so you can even keep an eye on things through the night.  Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

You have five sleeping spaces available

Are you a family of five or away with a few friends? No problem. The three seater bench in the campervan can be swiftly converted into a comfortable bed, on which up to three people (2 adults + 1 small child) can sleep. If you have large luggage with you, you can also use the bed in a flat position as a practical storage space. The two drawers under the seat are also ideal for storing bits and bobs. Hire a Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon and kick off your roadsurfer road trip. 

The finer details is what matters 

The Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon really catches the eye, thanks to its sophisticated exterior design – and the interior is just as stylishly finished: Blackfabric (some of our models also have leather) and high-quality design elements transform the van into a real set of wheels.  A fully equipped kitchen set, mobile coolbox as well as a small mobile gas cooker are always provided on board the Horizon Camper from roadsurfer. Not to mention the important level ramps for balancing the vehicle on uneven terrain and an awning as sun protection.  We hope you have a camptastic holiday – with your roadsurfer. Be free! Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

With the Marco Polo, this means: Just in case!

Aim number 1: Arrive safely, depart safely! Whoever wants to hire the Marco Polo Horizon , can count on a host of features, which make a roadsurfer road trip enjoyable and safe. The park assist with reversing camera makes it much easier to locate a parking space and helps when trying to pull into or out of a space.  If your eyes are getting heavier and the route seems endless, then Attention Assist comes into play. It immediately detects fatigue and provides you with a visual and acoustic signal that it is time to take a break. This prevents you falling asleep momentarily and you are always safe on the road.  What’s more: Driving in the dark is a breeze! Your roadsurfer “Horizon Hostel Deluxe” has a sophisticated LED light system and automatically adjusts the street lighting to the driving situation. 

Off the beaten track or the big city

Lovers of the great indoors or the city – the Marco Polo Horizon is ideal for both. Thanks to its height of two metres, agonisingly searching for a parking space is no longer needed as the van fits into any underground car park. As a compact campervan with plenty of storage space, the Horizon is also suitable as the perfect city mobile. It winds through the narrow streets with you and thanks to an excellent multimedia system, your perfect tunes are always on board.  Yet another highlight are the electrically folding wing mirrors. This protects your vehicle while it is right in the middle of the city and you can enjoy your city trip without any concerns. 

Hire the Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

Useful features for your summer or winter trip

Are you longing for summer, sunshine and the beach and you can’t help but head to hotter climes? Then grab the keys to the Horizon Hostel Deluxe” and hit the road.
The semi-automatic air conditioning system keeps you cool and prevents you from getting unnecessarily sweaty.
Hire the Marco Polo Horizon and head to the mountains: If you prefer cooler temperatures and you are an absolute snow lover, the Marco Polo Horizon is also the right choice for you. In line with the motto, “The journey is the destination”, the heated seat for the driver and front passenger ensures that driving alone is an opportunity not to be missed. The Horizon campervan is also equipped with an air heater, so that you can make yourself cosy and warm on a night, even during the colder months.