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VW T6.1 California Ocean hire

Your VW Bus rental – a dream come true! A design that has been perfected over the years makes this classic your holiday favourite. With its sophisticated functions and purist look, the latest T6.1 model outshines all previous. Cleverly nested and hidden storage space, a conveniently extendable electro-hydraulic pop-up roof at the touch of a button, a safety blind for children as fall protection, windows in the upper bedroom, blackouts on all windows, a height-adjustable shelf in the rear compartment, a comfortable lying surface in the lower interior are just some of the amazing features of the T6.1.

The latest model, the T6.1 California Ocean or, as we call it at roadsurfer, “Surfer Suite Deluxe” offers all the features that make the camper your home! Best of all, the upper bed in the roof has a slatted frame. You won’t sleep more comfortably in a luxury hotel! And now? Rent a VW California!

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VW California hire: "Surfer Suite Deluxe" advantages

Rinse off after the beach with the outdoor shower – that’s a real advantage of the “Surfer Suite Deluxe”. Renting the VW T6.1 California Ocean also offers you the luxury of an integrated navigation system, a rear view camera for easy manoeuvring and parking, and automatic distance control for relaxed cruising on Europe’s roads. The VW T6.1 California Ocean comes with 4×4 drive.

204 hp diesel / DCT automation

All-wheel drive

Electrohydraulic pop-top roof

4 Beds

Outdoor Shower

ACC, Tempomat & Parkpilot

Camping Kitchen

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This is what the "SURFER SUITE DELUXE" costs you

Low season

1st October - 31st May

Surfer Suite Deluxe

109€ / Night

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High season

1st June - 30th September

Surfer Suite Deluxe

135€ / Night

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Technical data

204 hp diesel / DCT automation

Length 5m | Width 2,3m (with outside mirror) | Height 1,99m

Always specify the length of 6 metres in case you book a ferry! Consider the height of the roof rack.

All-wheel drive


Automatic distance control

Original VW navigation device

Rear view camera & pilot parking system in the front and back

Heated driver and passenger seats

Car Net App Connect

Interface for mobile phone navigation

Isofix system on the rear seats

All-season tyres

Exterior mirrors electrically foldable

Radio DAB, Bluetooth, USB, CD

Multifunction steering wheel


3 zones automatic climate control

Air-stationary heating

Erstzulassung dieses Jahr oder Vorjahr

New vehicles

First registration this year or previous year

Bookable additional equipment

optional bookable equipment

Bicycle carrier including a warning sign for Italy/Spain

4€ per night

Two additional camping chairs

25€ per booking

Additional camping table

25€ per booking

Car seat for children

1-3 & 4-12 year olds

Rack on the roof (two-bar system for surfboards, boxes, etc.)

35€ per booking

Portable camping toilet

35€ per booking

Bed linen 1 person (pillow, sheet, blanket)

29€ per booking

The following is included in the „Surfer Suite Deluxe“

4 Beds

Two people on the unfolded seats with a lying area of 115 x 200 cm and two people in the upper roof compartment with a lying area of 120 x 200 cm

Complete kitchenette

Indoor kitchen with 42 l cooling box, two flame gas cooker, stainless steel sink, storage space, cutlery drawer and water tank.

4 seats

The two front seats are rotatable.

Table in the vehicle

Outdoor shower (cold)

Fresh water tank

30 Liter


30 litres

Foldable jerrycan

10 litres

Rotatable front seats

For the joint family meal on the bus.

Kitchen set

Including camping pots and pans, espresso maker, cups & glasses, plates and bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils, salad bowl, corkscrew, sharp knife, and a dishwashing bowl.

Electrohydraulic pop-top roof

Raises and lowers at the touch of a button.

Blackout blinds

For all windows (also for the windscreen).

Numerous storage flaps

With storage compartments in the ceiling and pockets in the wall. Additionally, nets and rotating compartments in the van.

Electricity and 2nd camping battery in reserve

230 V socket inside and a 230 V power plug on the outside with extension cable and “Schuko” connection plug for electricity at the campsite.

Emergency equipment

Safety vests, first aid kit, warning triangle.

Two good camping chairs

Stowed in the tailgate.

Camping table

Stowed in the side door for the inside and outside.

Double glazing

With heat protection and closing aid.


For sun protection (to be taken out in case, handle with two poles to set up).

Level Ramps

For adjusting the campervan on uneven terrain.

Rent VW T6.1 – and this is how it gets even cheaper:

VW California hire: From the 16th rental night you get a 5% discount. From the 23rd rental night you receive a 10% discount and from the 37th rental night you even receive a 15% discount!

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On the road with the VW van

To be free beyond all limits, to live independently into the day, without many things from everyday life and still have everything with you. This is perhaps how you could describe the lifestyle of renting a VW campervan. Because anyone who decides to rent a VW California Ocean from roadsurfer is also deciding in favour of freedom, flexibility and, of course, an absolute cult model!

The VW California, as it came off the production line as a motorhome at the beginning of the 1960s as the successor to the VW Beetle, gave many families the happiness of their first big trip across the Alps at the time of the economic miracle in Germany. Taking the van to Italy was the motto.

After the first production line as a flatbed van, the VW California – the iconic T1, which is still affectionately called the “Bulli” today – was converted into a motorhome and used by many VW enthusiasts. At that time, VW bus rental was of course not yet possible in this form. Any family that could afford a VW bus was among the privileged.

The successors T2 and T3 changed mainly in that the engine was moved from the rear to the front under the bonnet. In the beginning, the VW Bulli was designed like the Beetle, then it became a cult model for the generation of the 70s!

Renting a VW bus today means renting the VW California. Mostly the VW California Ocean is meant, because it has a completely integrated kitchen. At roadsurfer this is the “Surfer Suite Deluxe”. Also based on the VW California is the VW California Beach, without a kitchen, but with a wide 3-seater back seat and more space to lie down. This model is called “Beach Hostel Deluxe” by roadsurfer.

It is not for nothing that roadsufer started in 2017 as a VW California rental, because this campervan can be described as the mother of all small campervans and conveys the feeling of freedom, adventure and wanderlust like hardly any other camper model.

Rent a VW T6.1, plan your road trip!

roadsurfer California Ocean mieten Camper Vermietung

The VW T6.1 California Ocean, our Surfer Suite Deluxe, offers you everything you need for a comfortable camping holiday in the smallest space. The camper for 4 people is ideally suited for a family holiday with two children. Like a small snail shell, the VW Camper offers you everything you would find in a large motorhome, from the kitchenette with refrigerator, two-plate gas cooker, sink and outdoor shower to the cutlery drawer and plenty of storage space.

If you’re renting the VW California for the first time, you’ll be surprised by the clever layout of the interior and you’re sure to experience a small miracle of space. The camping table in the inner sliding door is just as brilliantly stowed away to save space as the camping chairs in the tailgate.

The rotating front seats are really practical for family dinners. So everyone can dine together at the integrated folding table in the interior or play party games in the evening. No problem with the LED lighting in the bus. And you can also stand and cook very comfortably in the interior! Simply raise the pop-up roof automatically and the standing height is an incredible 1.99 metres! So it’s not just for midgets!

When the children get tired in the evening, they can snuggle up in the pop-up roof and make themselves comfortable. Simply close the safety blind, then the roof serves as a room of its own and the parents can chat a bit below! Renting a VW T6.1 California means having a two-room apartment – if not a whole hotel suite!

Rent a camper and experience a camptastic holiday – with your roadsurfer! Be free!