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Ford Nugget with pop-up roof hire

NEW: Ford Nugget Plus with pop-up roof and toilet

From 21 May you can also rent our Camper Cabin Deluxe.

Hire the “Camper Cabin” Ford Nugget roadsurfer

The compact camper for 5 people with rear kitchen.

Why hire a Ford Nugget with pop-up roof? It’s rather a simple decision. The Ford Nugget with its powerful 185 hp and automatic transmission combines the advantages of a small, compact campervan yet includes plenty of space for the whole family (even families with three kids). Thanks to the three-seat rear bench, 5 people can travel in this camper, and in the evenings there are sleeping spaces on board for four adults or two adults and three children.

Indeed, the Ford Nugget is the only campervan in the roadsurfer fleet which accommodates 5 people with a permanently fitted kitchen.

What’s special about the Camper Cabin from roadsurfer? Basically, you can book a two-room apartment and park it wherever you want to go! The sleeping & living area inside is separated from the kitchen at the rear. Thanks to the sliding door on the side of the camper, you can comfortably climb into the bed. The rear kitchen can be easily accessed through the tailgate section. As the pop-up roof conveniently opens in a backward motion, you can stand up without any problems.

Directly above you and accessible with a small step up, you will find the large bed in the upper sleeping compartment (2 metres x 1.40 metres), which is also sprung and fitted with a cold foam mattress. A popular highlight of the Nugget is the large rear kitchen with headroom – here you can cook a hearty meal even in bad weather. While some of your neighbours might be stuck cooking their meal in the rain.

All this can be yours when you rent the Ford Nugget. Make your next city visit a real treat with this handy campervan. So, what are you waiting for? Hire the Ford Nugget and get your road trip underway!

Hire the Ford Nugget with pop-up roof

Hire the Ford Nugget: the advantages of the “Camper Cabin”

Hiring the Ford Transit Custom Nugget offers many advantages. The spacious kitchen in the back is simply amazing because it is always accessible – thanks to the pop-up roof, full headroom is also provided. You’ll have everything under control and your destination logged into the on-board computer. The beds on top and bottom are quick to prepare and the next morning easily collapsable, so you don’t waste any time. It goes without saying that the Nugget is compact and flexible. What’s more, it is also equipped with a towing hitch. Listed below are even more advantages of the Nugget.

185 hp diesel / automatic

Towing hitch

5 sleeping spaces

Outdoor shower

Tempomat & Parkpilot

Rear kitchen with headroom

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The costs for the “Camper Cabin”

Low season

16th September- 31st May

Camper Cabin

105€ / Night

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High season

1st June - 15th September

Camper Cabin

129€ / Night

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Rent the Ford Nugget with pop-up roof – this is how you get even cheaper prices:

Hire the Ford Nugget with pop-up roof. If you book your campervan for more than 16 nights, you will get a 5% discount starting at night 16. At night 23 you will receive a 10% drop in price. It gets even better. Starting at night 37 you will be granted a 15% discount.

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Technical data

185 hp diesel / automatic

Length 5 m | width 2.30 m (with wing mirrors) | height 2.06 m

ALWAYS specify a length of 6 metres in case you book a ferry.

Towing hitch

1.8 tons tractive force

Air heater

Bluetooth, MP3

Air conditioning in the driver's compartment

Isofix system

2 connections on the rear seats

All-season tyres


New Vehicles

First registration this year or previous year

Additional equipment you can book

optional bookable equipment

Bicycle carrier on trailer hitch including a warning sign for Italy/Spain

4€ per night

2 additional camping chairs

25€ per booking

Additional camping table

25€ per booking

Children’s car seat

For 1-3 year olds and 4-12 year olds

Portable camping toilet

35€ per booking

Bed linen for 1 person (pillow, sheet, cover)

29€ per booking

The following is included in the “Camper Cabin”:

4 + 1 sleeping spaces

2 adults + 1 child at the bottom on a fold-out bed with comfort sleeping pad (1.31 x 1.91 cm) and 2 adults in the upper sleeping compartment (lying area 1.40 x 2.00 m)

5 seats

Both front seats can be rotated.

Outdoor shower

Fresh water tank

42 litres

Wastewater tank

42 litres

Foldable Jerrycan

10 litres

Complete kitchenette

Interior kitchen at the rear with 40 litre cooling box, two-ring gas cooker, stainless steel sink, storage space, cutlery drawer, water tank.

Manual pop-top roof


Table in the vehicle

Plenty of storage space

Wardrobe with linen drawer and large compartment for camping toilet, base cabinet with 2 open drawers in the kitchen, 2 overhead compartments, cutlery drawer

Blackout blinds

For all windows (including windscreen)


For sun protection (to be fixed to the vehicle with two rods)

Emergency equipment

Safety vests, first aid kit, warning triangle

Two good quality camping chairs

Camping table

Kitchen set

Including camping pots and pans, espresso maker, cups & glasses, plates and bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils, salad bowl, corkscrew, sharp knife, and a dishwashing bowl.

Electricity and 2nd camping battery in reserve

230 V power plug on the outside with extension cable and “Schuko” connection plug for electricity at the campsite, two 220 V power plugs on the inside and two 12 V outlets

Double glazing

With heat protection and closing aid

Level ramps

For adjusting the vehicle on uneven terrain

Of course! The longer you rent your roadsurfer, the better the price. As of 16 nights you will receive a discount of 5%. 23 nights and longer will get you a 10% discount and as of 37 days we will take as much as 15%  off your rental price. Long-term is the way to go!

Of course you can check out a camper on-site before you decide to rent it. You can do so in person or per video. You must set a date with us beforehand. Send us an email to, at least two working days before the desired date so that we can be ready for you.

Definitely a great way to go! Our vans are absolutely suitable for families with kids and well-equipped for that purpose. Your young ones will have the time of their lives on a camping trip! Where else can they be so free, so dirty and so happy? A fresh breeze on top of it all and everyone will sleep like a baby.

“Best price option” means that we offer the best price available. The universe of camper rentals is not very transparent and offers are hard to compare. We will adjust our price, if you find a better offer for the same vehicle with the same equipment in the area within 24 hours after booking with us. More info here!

With your roadsurfer you can travel to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Moldavia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Excluded are trips to Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia and all other non-EU countries within geographical Europe.

Rent other campers at roadsurfer as well!

The Camper Cabin is great, but we do rent other campers as well. Mercedes Marco Polo hire for example. A very noble premium campervan!

Not enough? VW California Beach hire at roadsurfer. You will be travelling comfortably with up to five people. Here you can find more information about our “Beach Hostel Deluxe” model. So what are you waiting for? Rent your VW California Beach.

Ford Nugget with pop-up roof hire

The Ford Nugget – the fully equipped camper for 5 people

Our roadsurfer Camper Cabin, also known as the Ford Transit Custom Nugget, is of course decked out in roadsurfer’s cool and colourful style themes. It is an absolute winner among the campervans. If you enjoy cooking while you’re away, you’ll get a taste for things in no time with this camper. You have plenty of room to cook, prepare ingredients and make wonderful meals in the kitchen. This is all possible because the Ford Nugget is equipped with a large kitchen, a fridge, two-ring gas cooker and a sink. These amenities ensure comfort whilst on a camping holiday and allow you to save money by being able to cook at your campsite. The advantage over other campervans in the same class is the kitchen top is higher and therefore allows you to putter around as you would at home.

The Ford Nugget with pop-up roof has plenty to offer

Sleeping in the Ford Nugget is an absolute pleasure. Under the pop-up roof, you’ll find a sleeping paradise with true cosiness. The mattress is sprung and ensures a pleasant night’s sleep. Thanks to the mosquito nets in the roof tent, you can enjoy the fresh air on hot summer nights and not have to worry about pesky bugs getting in. The seating area can be swiftly converted into a bed in a few simple steps. In total the Nugget offers space for up to five to sleep.

The Ford Nugget offers real comfort during journeys

Driving in the Ford Nugget is an absolute pleasure. Up to three adults can sit next to each other on the rear bench. Driving the Ford Nugget is a relaxed experience because it is an automatic vehicle. You will be assisted by a perfectly equipped on-board computer that not only navigates, but also provides you with entertainment in the form of your favourite music. Of course, you can also easily connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth. You choose what you wanna hear and where you wanna go in the Ford Nugget. Like a true roadsurfer!

Ford Nugget with pop-up roof hire

Hire the Ford Nugget and make the most of the road trip!

The Ford is also technically equipped with pre-collision assist, a collision warning device with pedestrian detection. This provides optimum protection for pedestrians and all passengers in the Camper Cabin. For the perfect sense of security, the Nugget is also fitted with a lock door that includes intruder protection. The Camper Cabin has 185 hp under the hood and is an agile speedster. This means you’ll arrive relaxed and can immediately pop open the sliding door and get into the camping mood. The Camper Cabin is a proper campervan that provides you saftey plus extra amenities. It has a height of just 2.06 metres (attention: higher than 2 metres!). Nonetheless, you can fit into various multi-storey car parks in Paris, Barcelona or Rome, then head out for some proper sightseeing.

Ford Nugget with pop-up roof rental Berlin – hire your Ford Nugget with pop-up roof

The ‘Capital of Extravagance’ is a very accurate description of the largest city in Germany. Are you looking for something new? Then you’re in the right place to begin your roadtrip with a Ford Nugget. All destinations are available to you. You can travel towards the sea, explore exciting inland campsites or neighbouring countries. If you’re looking for a different camper version, you can also rent the VW California Beach and the Marco Polo from Mercedes in Berlin.

Rent your Ford Nugget with a pop-up roof and explore Berlin

So, you’ve just rented your Ford Nugget, with a pop-up roof, in Berlin and are ready to step on the gas pedal. Be sure you spend some time exploring Berlin before leaving Germany’s biggest metropolis. The city of Berlin offers more than 50 campsites and campervans are the perfect opportunity to spend the night at wonderful lakes or forested regions near Berlin. But with the Ford Nugget you could truly camp in the centre of the city. Just pop the roof and make your bed comfortable.

Hire Camper Cabin now Hire Campervan Berlin

Ford Nugget with pop-up roof rental Dusseldorf – Hire Ford Nugget with pop-up roof in Dusseldorf

Hiring your roadsurfer in Dusseldorf is a great idea. This Rhine metropolis is a landmark for fashion, shopping, culture and overall good quality of life. It would be a shame if you missed the Königsallee and the historic old town with its 260 bars and restaurants.

Dusseldorf: between modernity and tradition – Hire Ford Nugget with pop-up roof in Dusseldorf

From Dusseldorf you can soon be in Cologne, Bonn or Dortmund. Not many cities offer such a central location. This is one of the many advantages to renting your campervan in Dusseldorf.

Hire Camper Cabin now Hire Campervan Düsseldorf

Ford Nugget with pop-up roof rental Frankfurt- Hire Ford Nugget with pop-up roof in Frankfurt

Would you like to rent a Ford Nugget, with a pop-up roof, in the Manhattan of Germany and start your road trip from here? Mountains or coast? In Frankfurt, you are spoilt for choice because both are only a stone’s throw away. So, let’s get going!

Frankfurt: Rent a Ford Nugget with a pop-up roof and discover the financial metropolis in Hesse

Have you ever visited the famous Frankfurt Stock Exchange? This banker city in the middle of Germany has the reputation of a dreary high-rise landscape. But if you visited, you would quickly disagree. Here you’ll find architecture from various eras that offers a great overview of the centuries. Thanks to Frankfurt’s central location, every destination in Europe is easy to reach from here. Your camper heart may take you north to Denmark or west to the French Atlantic coast. Another option is south to the beautiful Breisgau, near Freiburg, and then continuing to Genoa and later Sardinia.

Hire Camper Cabin now Hire Campervan Frankfurt

Ford Nugget with pop-up roof rental Hamburg – Hire Ford Nugget with pop-up roof Hamburg

Are you tempted by a road trip to Scandinavia? If so, the port city of Hamburg is the perfect starting point for you. Rent your Ford Nugget and begin your holiday road trip.

Hamburg: the gateway to the North Sea – Hire Ford Nugget with pop-up roof in Hamburg

Do you want to start your roadtrip in the beautiful city of Hamburg then head directly to Scandinavia? Or possibly towards the south of Germany? Nothings easier than that! But don’t rush out of the city, consider spending a few days in the beautiful north. There are more than 15 campsites waiting for you around the Hanseatic city – some of them close to the river Elbe. One example is the Hamburg Motorhome Harbour, located in the heart of Hamburg. It’s a practical starting point and special stage destination for your Ford Nugget tour in Hamburg’s surroundings area.

Hire Camper Cabin now Hire Campervan Hamburg

Ford Nugget with pop-up rental Cologne – Hire Ford Nugget with pop-up roof in Cologne

Hip and rich in tradition are words that best describe the colourful city of Cologne. Famous for its carnival, this Rhineland city is the perfect starting point to travel directly to Belgium or the Netherlands.

Cologne: Rent a Ford Nugget with a pop-up roof and see the famous cathedral city

Before you start your unforgettable road trip with your Ford Nugget, take some time to have a look around Cologne. We advise you to take a closer look at this spot in the green Rhineland. Relax in the countryside or travel along the longest river in Germany. Rent a Ford Nugget and discover Cologne.

Hire Camper Cabin now Hire Campervan Cologne

Ford Nugget with pop-top rental Munich – Hire a Ford Nugget with pop-top in Munich

Immerse yourself in the traditional Bavarian culture and take some time to explore Munich before starting your roadsurfer adventure.

The Weißwurst metropolis has a lot to offer: Hire a Ford Nugget with a pop-up roof and explore Munich

No matter where your camper heart takes you after Munich, it’s worth taking a closer look at the unique Bavarian culture. The Bavarian capital has many historic and popular locations and is attraction enough! Why not start your holiday here? You should certainly visit the numerous beer gardens and breweries and taste the hearty Bavarian cuisine. Find out why they call it the “Weißwurst-Metropolis”. Hire your Ford Nugget now and explore Munich!

Hire Camper Cabin now Hire Campervan Munich

Ford Nugget with pop-up roof rental Stuttgart – Hire your Ford Nugget with pop-up roof in Stuttgart

The Swabian capital is very centrally located and is a perfect starting point for your road trip with the Ford Nugget. From Stuttgart you can drive straight towards the Mediterranean. You can easily be in France, Switzerland or Italy by lunchtimeNonetheless, Stuttgart and the surrounding area also have a lot to offer. 

Rent a Ford Nugget with a pop-up roof Stuttgart: discover many sights around the city

You rented your Ford Nugget with a pop-up roof in Stuttgart and want to start planning your adventure right away? You’ve already made it to the first stage. You can easily leave your roadsurfer at the more than 50 campsites in and around the city. As you can see, there are countless ways to start your holiday off relaxed. Rent a Ford Nugget with a pop-up roof and discover Stuttgart!

Hire Camper Cabin now Hire Campervan Stuttgart