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Rent Ford Nugget Plus

Your camper wit pop-up roof, built-in kitchen and toilet for 5 people

Why rent a Ford Nugget Plus with pop-up roof and toilet? Because the Ford Nugget Plus with 185 hp and automatic transmission combines the advantages of a small, compact campervan with enough space for the whole family – even with three kids. With the three-seater bench in the back, 5 people can travel with you and at night there are sleeping berths for four adults or two adults and three children on board. This makes the Ford Nugget Plus the only campervan in the roadsurfer fleet for 5 persons with a built-in kitchen and toilet.

Hire a Ford Nugget Deluxe with pop-up roof

The advantages of your Ford Nugget Deluxe

Renting a custom Ford Nugget Plus offers you many advantages: The large rear kitchen is simply ingenious because it is always within easy reach – thanks to the pop-up roof you also have standing height in the camper. During the journey everything is under control with the on-board computer. The beds upstairs and downstairs are quickly ready for sleep and just as quickly you are back on the road the next morning. The Ford Nugget Plus is compact and manoeuvrable. Thanks to the built-in toilet, you can camp independently and spend the night in the great outdoors. By the way, the Ford Nugget Plus is also equipped with a trailer hitch.

185 hp diesel / automatic

trailer hitch

5 sleeping places

toilet and outdoor shower

ACC, cruise control & parkpilot

rear kitchen with standing height

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Camper Cabin Deluxe: The two room flat on wheels

The special thing about roadsurfer’s Camper Cabin Deluxe: You can book a two-room apartment in a very small space! Because: The sleeping & living room inside is separated from the kitchen in the rear . Through the side sliding door you get into the bed inside. The kitchen in the rear can be reached easily through the tailgate. Because the pop-up roof in the Ford Nugget opens to the rear, you have comfortable standing height.

A small staircase leads up to the large bed in the pop-up roof (2 metres x 1.40 metres), which is also sprung and equipped with a cold foam mattress. A further highlight of the Ford Nugget Plus is the large kitchen in the rear with standing height – here you can cook extensively even in bad weather while the others are already waiting for their meal in the seating group in the front.

The Ford Nugget Plus also features a built-in toilet with a room divider for closing. This gives you even more flexibility on the road and allows you to spend several days in the great outdoors and camp completely independently.

The costs for the „Camper Cabin Deluxe“

Low season

15th September - 31st May

Camper Cabin Deluxe

109€ / Night

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High season

01st June - 14th September

Camper Cabin Deluxe

135€ / Night

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Technical data

185 PS Diesel / Automatic

Length 5.34m | width 2.30 m (with exterior mirrors) | height 2.06 m

Always specify the length of 6 metres in case you book a ferry

Integrated toilet

Integrated navigational system

Park assist (front and back)


1.8 tons tractive force

Air heater

Bluetooth, USB, Radio

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Rear camera

Air conditioning in the driver's compartment

Isofix system

2 connections on the rear seats

All-season tyres

With snow flake symbol

seat heating

Driver and co-driver

ACC & cruise control

New vehicles

First registration this year

Additional equipment you can book

optional bookable equipment

Bicycle carrier on trailer hitch including a warning sign for Italy/Spain

4€ per night

Two additional camping chairs

25€ per booking

Additional camping table

25€ per booking

Car Seat for Children

1-3 & 4-12 year olds

Bed linen 1 person (pillow, sheet, blanket)

29€ per booking

Rack on the roof (two-bar system for surfboards, boxes, etc.)

35 € / p. Booking - max. 30 kg with open roof

The following is included in the „Camper Cabin Deluxe“

4 + 1 sleeping spaces

2 adults + 1 child at the bottom on a fold-out bed with comfort sleeping pad (1.31 x 1.91 cm) and 2 adults in the upper sleeping compartment (lying area 1.40 x 2.00 m)

Toilet in the rear area

With flexible room divider to close

5 seats

The two front seats are rotatable

Outdoor shower

Fresh water tank

42 litres

Wastewater tank

42 litres

Foldable jerrycan

10 litres

Complete kitchenette

Interior kitchen at the rear with 40 litre cooling box, two-ring gas cooker, stainless steel sink, storage space, cutlery drawer, water tank.

Manual pop-up roof

Table in the vehicle

Plenty of storage space

Wardrobe with linen drawer and large compartment for camping toilet, base cabinet with 2 open drawers in the kitchen, 2 overhead compartments, cutlery drawer

Blackout blinds

For all windows (also for the windscreen)


For sun protection (to be taken out in case, handle with two poles to set up)

Emergency equipment

Safety vests, warning triangle, first aid kit

Two good camping chairs

Camping table

Kitchen Set

Including camping pots and pans, espresso maker, cups & glasses, plates and bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils, salad bowl, corkscrew, sharp knife, and a dishwashing bowl.

Electricity and 2nd camping battery in reserve

230 V power plug on the outside with extension cable and “Schuko” connection plug for electricity at the campsite, two 220 V power plugs on the inside and two 12 V outlets

Level Ramps

For adjusting the campervan on uneven terrain

Ford Nugget Plus with pop-up roof and toilet – this is how you get even cheaper prices:

If you book your campervan for more than 16 nights, you will get a 5% discount starting at night 16. At night 23 you will receive a 10% drop in price and it gets better. Starting at night 37 you will be granted a 15% discount.

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Of course! The longer you rent your roadsurfer, the better the price. As of 16 nights you will receive a discount of 5%. 23 nights and longer will get you a 10% discount and as of 37 days we will take as much as 15%  off your rental price. Long-term is the way to go!

Of course you can check out a camper on-site before you decide to rent it. You can do so in person or per video. You must set a date with us beforehand. Send us an email to, at least two working days before the desired date so that we can be ready for you.

With your roadsurfer you can travel to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Moldavia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Excluded are trips to Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia and all other non-EU countries within geographical Europe.

Definitely a great way to go! Our vans are absolutely suitable for families with kids and well-equipped for that purpose. Your young ones will have the time of their lives on a camping trip! Where else can they be so free, so dirty and so happy? A fresh breeze on top of it all and everyone will sleep like a baby.