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Your advantages with roadsurfer

There are many reasons to rent from us, but first and foremost we would like to provide our friendly and helpful staff at our locations and our service hotline! We do everything we can to give you a perfect start to your holiday with our campers. More advantages to rent at roadsurfer you can find here…

Friendly staff

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4.9 of 5 stars on Google & Facebook

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Optimum insurance cover

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Individual vehicle instruction

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Unlimited free kilometers

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All European countries allowed

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You came to the right place! After each rental season we sell some of our vans at great conditions. Please contact

With your roadsurfer you can travel to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Moldavia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Excluded are trips to Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia and all other non-EU countries within geographical Europe.

Of course you can check out a camper on-site before you decide to rent it. You can do so in person or per video. You must set a date with us beforehand. Send us an email to, at least two working days before the desired date so that we can be ready for you.

Tolls and low emission zones in Spain and Portugal


As a ‘roadsurfer’ in Spain you don’t have to register for a toll system and can decide whether to use a free motorway or a (private) toll road, called ‘Autopista’.

If you use an ‘autopista’, you can pay the toll by credit card or cash when leaving the toll road.


Similar to Spain, motorways in Portugal are toll roads (but there is always a free expressway). On most routes, you can simply pay the toll conventionally at the exit. The time you are allowed to spend on toll roads is limited, spending the night at a rest stop is not advisable. Unfortunately, there are also road sections that only use video tolls you have to register to in advance. There are different possibilities to do so, depending on the duration of your journey:

With foreign license plates (roadsurfers with German license plates):

  1. EASYtoll (travel duration up to 30 days)

The EASYToll system is suitable for stays of up to 30 days and for entry via an electronic toll motorway. At the “Welcome Points”, located at the electronic toll motorways near the border (A28 – Viana do Castelo; A24 – Chaves; A25 – Vilar Formoso; A22 – Vila Real de Santo António), insert your credit card into the payment device. Meanwhile, the machine will assign the license plate number to the inserted bank or credit card for 30 days. The receipt serves as proof of payment and must be kept throughout the journey. The credit card is automatically charged with the toll and an administration fee of 0.32€ per driven route section as well as a one-time activation fee of 0.74€.

  1. TOLLcard (stay longer than 30 days)

For travelers staying longer or more frequently in Portugal, the so-called TOLLCard, is valid for one year. It can be purchased at the border crossings mentioned above, in any branch office of the Portuguese Post Office (CTT), online and in tourist information offices for 5€, 10€, 20€ or 40€. It is activated as soon as an SMS is sent to the number shown on the card, indicating the license plate number. When the credit is almost used up, an SMS alert is sent. In addition to the toll, there is a one-off activation fee of 0.74€ and administrative charges of 0.32€ per section driven. The account balance can also be checked online, and it is possible to activate several cards.

  1. TollService (less than 3 days)

The TOLLService system, where the toll is paid in advance, is suitable for short stays. The prepaid ticket for vehicle classes 1 and 2 is available in two versions: Either as valid for any number of journeys within 3 days for a cost of 20€ plus the one-off activation fee of 0.74€, or as valid for a pre-defined route (e.g. Faro airport to the Spanish border) and topped up with the matching amount plus the one-off activation fee of 0.74€.

With Portuguese license plates (road surfers licensed in Portugal):

If you drive through a purely electronic toll station with a Portuguese license plate without transmitter, you have the option of paying the open toll in no earlier than 48 hours and no later than 5 days after passing the toll station at any post office, quoting the license plate number. The toll can also be paid online.

Regarding speed cameras or traffic tickets, we require a processing fee of 19€. We understand that it is annoying enough to have to pay a traffic ticket but we also have additional bureaucratic, financial and time expenditures due to consultations with the authorities and material costs for the mailing. Thank you for your understanding.

Rent & cancellation

Young drivers under the age of 23 can also book with us and drive our campervans. However, you do have to be in possession of your license for at least one year. The rental price includes 2 drivers. If you as the renter or driver are under the age of 23, please note that the deductible in case of an accident/damage  is increased to 2500€. By booking the Advanced or Complete insurance package, the deductible for young drivers can be respectively reduced to 1500€ or 500€.

Yes, dog-owners are in luck! We have campers that we offer solely to those who want to travel with their dog. Choose between the “Dog Suite” or the “Dog Hostel Deluxe”. All other vans do not allow dogs.

Every roadsurfer client is different and might have allergies. That is why it is important for us to offer specific models to dog-owners. All other clients can choose between the rest of our models and don´t have to give additional information.

Yes, the minimum rental period is of three days, in every season.

Sadly, this is not possible. You can collect or bring back your camper from Mondays to Saturdays. Our offices are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Of course you can let us know if you don’t want to take along a porta-potti or other equipment which you had booked. However, we unfortunately cannot refund such equipment (bike rack for example) as we plan and purchase according to these bookings in advance. We ask for your understanding that equipment cannot be cancelled separately.

We do not offer one-way rentals where you leave the camper at a different location than the one you picked up. Exception: If you take part in our roadsurfer rally.

Definitely a great way to go! Our vans are absolutely suitable for families with kids and well-equipped for that purpose. Your young ones will have the time of their lives on a camping trip! Where else can they be so free, so dirty and so happy? A fresh breeze on top of it all and everyone will sleep like a baby.

Well, we are afraid there is no way around it, as accidents can unfortunately always happen. A security deposit in the amount of 800€ will have to be provided either by debit or credit card. It will be refunded within 14 days after returning the van, provided that everything is in order. If a credit card is used for the deposit, the amount will only be reserved and then released automatically after 30 days. Cash deposits are not accepted. However, the deposit may be transferred to our account in advance with a short notification to us via email. If you have booked our delivery service the deposit must be transferred in advance for technical reasons.

Our pick-up times are always between 2 pm and 5 pm – depending on how thoroughly the van has to be cleaned and if it needs a service-check. Return times are between 9 am and 11 am. Accordingly, the first and last day are only charged as half days.

To make sure that your camper is booked and ready for your dream trip, the deposit of 50% must be received one week after your booking. The cancellation of your binding booking due to non-payment of the deposit is at the discretion of roadsurfer.

We have a variety of campervans to match every taste and pocket. Our rates differ between the low and high season. Here you can find our rates and information on each camper, as well as on each individual model site.

For each booking with roadsurfer we charge a one-time service fee of 99 Euro in addition to the tariff mentioned – for the dog campers, “Dog Suite” and “Dog Hostel Deluxe”, the service fee is 179 Euro.
This service fee includes several services that take place behind the scenes. Among other things, this includes the filled gas bottle, which you can return empty, and a filled AdBlue tank, which you do not have to refill. Furthermore, this also includes on-site instruction as well as hotline service before, during and after the booking. Finally, we also take care of cleaning the outside and disinfecting the inside after your rental.

When booking a ferry, for example to Sardinia, Corsica or Norway, please always state 6 metres as the length of the vehicle. In some cases, the bike rack might still be mounted on your van, even though it has not explicitly been booked. As we want to guarantee a quick and smooth pick-up process it is common that the bike rack will remain on the van. This is because the mounting and dismounting is quite time-consuming and laborious.

If asked for the license plate, please enter “rental car” – even if we do know your van’s plate number already, it could always be switched last-minute and would only cause you unnecessary trouble. All ferry providers know and accept this procedure!

With your roadsurfer you can travel to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Moldavia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Excluded are trips to Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia and all other non-EU countries within geographical Europe.

Just check our booking page for open dates or contact us directly. We will find something for you! Especially last-minute you might get lucky and a roadsurfer will be available for you! Give us a call!

We accept various means of payment: bank transfer, credit card and PayPal. All means of payment are free-of-charge!

Your roadsurfer will be given to you sparkly-clean, swept and vacuumed. The upholstery is spotless. This is how we would like to have it returned. You will not have to worry about additional cleaning fees if you’ve swept and wiped down the inside of the van before returning. We encourage you to return the van in the condition you found it in. If you don’t get any chance whatsoever to do so, we will have to retain a 100€ cleaning charge from your security deposit.

Special cancellation terms during the COVID 19 crisis

All rentals with a travel period until end of 2021 can be rebooked or cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the trip. In case of cancellation, the deposit or the full amount will be credited immediately in the form of a voucher for a further rental.

Cancelling until up to 60 days before the first rental day is free of charge. 50% will be charged on cancellations between 59 and 15 days before the first rental day (down-payment will be retained) and the full amount including all extras will have to be paid when cancelling less than 14 days before the first rental day. Optional equipment, like the bike rack or porta-potti, cannot be cancelled seperately and will not be refunded as we purchase and calculate such equipment depending on the number of bookings beforehand.


You can install a child´s seat in your roadsurfer van, whether it is Marcosi for the little ones or a model for older kids. Our belt system makes it possible. All our campers have an ISOFIX system. All you have to bring is your own ISOFIX base station.

No. The bike rack is an optional extra which can be booked for 4€/day. In some cases, the bike rack might still be mounted on your van from the previous renter  and cannot always be removed right away. This is the only way we can guarantee a quick and smooth transition between rentals. Mounting and dismounting is unfortunately quite time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, we ask you to ALWAYS indicate 6 metres as the length of the vehicle – even if the bike rack was not booked – when making reservations for ferries. All vans have rearview cameras and/or a park pilot system so that you will not have to worry about an obstructed view out the back window.

Yes. We offer many models with towing hitch and a load capacity of up to 2,500 kilograms:

Our roadsurfers have 2-5 beds. A sleeping bench in the interior offers space for 2-3 people (2 adults with baby) and in the pop-up roof are another 2 sleeping places available.

There is a variety of camping equipment which can be rented from roadsurfer. A roof-rack for your surfboard, a bicycle-rack for the back of the van or a child’s bed – there is a few optional extras. Just have a look at our campervan model pages – all bookable camping accessories are listed there!

roadsurfer offers campervans in different categories:

VW T6 Camper “Beach Hostel”, roadsurfer interior contstruction, Transporter Kombi with rear kitchen and 2-3 beds (5 seats)

VW T6 California Beach”Beach Hostel Deluxe” (4-5 beds/5 seats/Camping cooler).

VW T6 California Ocean “Dog Suite” for dog owner (4-5 beds/4 seats/Kitchenette)

VW T6 California Ocean “Surfer Suite” (4-5 beds/4 seats/Kitchenette)

Mercedes Benz Marco Polo “Travel Home” (4-5 beds/4 seats/Kitchenette)

Ford Nugget with pop-up roof (4-5 sleeping places/ 5 seats/ large kitchen)

Fiat Ducato: Westfalia Columbus 540D (4 sleeping places without conversion / 4 seats/ toilet / shower with hot water)

Please note that Norwegians use gas cylinders with different connections. There are two ways to get back to a full cylinder on site:

  • In Norway LPG has a network of gas filling stations. Gas cylinders can be refilled there. You can find a list here:
  • You buy an adapter with which you can connect the Norwegian gas bottle. After the trip you can return the bottle and get your deposit back. But you have to keep the adapter.

You are making a long term rental and want to take a bike carrier with you? For all roadsurfer who book longer than 37 days, we charge a maximum of 148 Euros for the bike carrier. Please contact us by e-mail after you have completed your booking so that we can correct any additional costs.

Damage & insurance

If you rent a roadsurfer a fully comprehensive insurance coverage with a deductible of 1500€ is included in the rental rate. The deductible for young drivers under the age of 23 is 2500€.

Third party liability as well as theft-protection are also included. In case of an accident a pan-European full-insurance will cover. The deductible can be reduced by booking the insurance packages “Advanced” or “Complete”. With these packages you will receive a broader range of coverage. All details can be found on our “rates” page.

The deductible for damage covered by the fully comprehensive insurance is 1.500 Euro.  To reduce this deductible to a minimum, we suggest booking one of our “carefree-packages”. For 15 Euro/day the deductible can be reduced to 800Euro (Advanced Package). The Complete Package for 29 Euro/day reduces the deductible to 0 Euro.

Please note that the deductible for young drivers under the age of 23 is considerably higher at 2500 Euro. It can also be reduced with the “carefree-packages” to 1500 Euro (Advanced) or 500 Euro (Complete).


If you have a PROBLEM, a BREAKDOWN or a DAMAGE on your trip, please follow these instructions:

Take pictures of the damage and send an email with damage report to

In case of an accident, please fill out the european accident statement (in the glove box) and send it to

Inform the local police (mandatory, otherwise no insurance will pay!)

For immediate assistance, call our 24/7 hotline: +49 89 250 079 364

Cancellation insurance makes sense if, for example, you wish to cancel your trip due to an accident, serious illness or death. With roadsurfer you cannot take out a travel cancellation insurance. BUT: Up to 60 days before the start of your trip you can cancel free of charge. 59-15 days before the start of the rental period, 50 percent of the total rental price is due (deposit will be retained). For cancellations 14-0 days before the 1st rental day, the full rental price including extras must be paid 100 percent to roadsurfer. If you wish to have more comprehensive protection until the start of your trip, you should take out travel cancellation insurance with an insurance provider.


Of course! The longer you rent your roadsurfer, the better the price. As of 16 nights you will receive a discount of 5%. 23 nights and longer will get you a 10% discount and as of 37 days we will take as much as 15%  off your rental price. Long-term is the way to go!

All of our locations are centrally located close to the city centers and easily reachable via public transport. Therefore we do not have private, secured parking at any of our locations. In Frankfurt the surrounding industrial park offers free and easy on-street parking. The parking situation is a bit more limited in Munich but possible in the surrounding residential area. The best option is – when and if possible – a second driver who can take your personal car home again.

We co-finance a forrest protection project in Brasil and do our part for the environment. We compensate all CO2 emissions of our roadsurfer vans – and each kilometer driven by our renters – by paying towards this sustainability project. The result: Travelling in our roadsurfer – as compared to your own car – means travelling 100 % eco-friendly.

“Best price option” means that we offer the best price available. The universe of camper rentals is not very transparent and offers are hard to compare. We will adjust our price, if you find a better offer for the same vehicle with the same equipment in the area within 24 hours after booking with us. More info here!

roadsurfer does not have a limit on kilometers. Be free and drive however far the road takes you.

France has launched an environmental badge, the so-called “Crit’Air Vignette”, which is mandatory also for foreign vehicles in some cities. The aim is to reduce emissions such as fine dust and nitrogen oxides in the air in the long term. Thus, if you plan to drive through France with your roadsurfer, please consider the following:

There are 2 types of environmental zones in France:

– the so-called “ZPA” (“zones à protection de l’air”) are temporary zones in which driving bans are imposed for short periods in inner cities and areas of high population density for acute pollution situations.

– The ZFE (“zones à faibles émissions”) are fixed environmental zones with traffic restrictions. In order to enter these zones, your vehicle needs the “Crit’Air” vignette. The vignette is currently mandatory in Paris, Grenoble (also for the motorway), Lille, Lyon (except A6, A7, A42), Annecy and Strasbourg.

If you have booked your roadsurfer in our new locations Paris or Bordeaux, there is nothing more for you to do: all roadsurfer of the French sites already have their vignette!

For roadsurfer vans booked at German locations, it is your own responsibility to register your van. It’s very easy online: contact us via email at  about 3-4 days before departure. We will then send you the specific vehicle data you need to register your van on the official website of the French Ministry of the Environment , and you can apply for the vignette for your roadsurfer for 4.21 euros handling fee! The vignette will be sent to the address on your registration document, i.e. our roadsurfer headoffice. After 48 – 72h you will receive an order confirmation to your private e-mail address with which you have applied for the registration – which is sufficient as official proof of registration in case of a possible check!

If you have any further questions, you can find all information at – or of course we are here for you! And then – c’est parti for carefree holidays in la belle France !

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