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Camping with a baby

… at the Hells holiday resort

Author: Lea Wacker

Ahead of us are three days off in the mountains. With a Bulli of roadsurfer. Christian and I decided for the Hells holiday resort in Zillertal. Here we have everything we need. Camping with a small child in the bus, hiking, wellness – what more could you ask for?

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Camping with a baby Mama Kind Kinderwagen Bus

Camping with a baby

We arrived at the Hells holiday resort in Fügen

Camping with a baby roadsurfer Bus

Friday, 1 pm

We arrived after about 1.5 hours driving from Munich. “We’re theeereeee”, it sounds from the back seat. The little man (1 year old) is awake and well rested. The best condition to start our well-deserved short break. As soon as we get out of the van, Karin from the Hells approaches us with an “I’m glad you’re here”. What a welcome. Okay, admittedly, this isn’t the first time we’ve been here. But the first time with a Bulli. And our first time camping with a toddler. We have some respect – but still are very happy.

Camping with a small child does not exclude wellness

The Hells offers ideal conditions for families. A 220 square meter indoor games room, a boulder wall and a trampoline invite the kids to take part in sporting activities when the weather doesn’t play along. Meanwhile, parents can relax in the 1.500 square meter wellness area. Even after an extensive mountain tour or a long day of skiing in Hochfügen, it’s absolutely perfect to end the day.

The swimming area also offers relaxing hours for the whole family. On 120 square meters it offers something suitable for every family member. A paddling pool for the small ones, bubble loungers and a large lounge area.

Right next to the playground

Camping with a baby roadsurfer Camping site Panorama

We have a great pitch on a slightly elevated terrace on the mountainside. Right next to the children’s playground – perfect for the dwarf. All pitches are very spacious (70-115 square meters) and provide electricity, gas, (waste) water and a TV connection. And of course – WLAN. Important for us bloggers.

If you don’t like camping, you can also rent one of the beautiful apartments and chalets. We think, it smells so wonderfully like Swiss stone pine. Zirbe has many huts – and we love mountain huts.

Camping with a baby Drohne

Camping with a baby

On to the Krimml Waterfalls

Since it is only early afternoon, we decided to drive to the Krimml Waterfalls. This is about an hour away by car. 10 Euro for the pass road and a few Euro for the parking lot. But the experience is definitely worth it. Impressive waterfalls rise out of the mountains. A wet affair. If you have ever walked through a gorge, you can imagine how the forth meets you here. There are three steps with a total height of 380 meters.

Camping with a toddler? But please with relaxation for mum!

Every second, 5.6 cubic meters of water plunge into the valley. I have rarely experienced such a great natural spectacle. You can either walk along the waterfall or admire the massif from the foot of the waterfall and take great photos. We decided for the second option because we were tired from the trip and the packing in the morning. Besides, mommy has no desire for effort. With the children’s carry plus photo equipment up there – no way. Our camping with small child should become a recovery. So we go home. We have an incredibly beautiful return trip with the sun in the rear-view mirror. I think there is nothing more romantic. We make a short break at Durlassboden (reservoir near Königsleiten), let the drone rise and catch some great moments.

Back at the campsite - Building in no time at all

Camping with a baby Waterfall

This actually is the moment when you just want to lie down and relax in the wellness area – but camping with a toddler is not that easy. Hunger, pee break, fatigue. And above all, building up our camping pitch first. But that is done quickly with the Bulli. Pushing a button is enough to get the high roof up, Marquise, 20 seconds. Chairs and table out – Done.

Horn vs. dog – Who is actually louder?

A leash would be quite good so that the dwarf keeps a radius of 10 meters around the bus – unfortunately we didn’t think of that. But he also finds it quite exciting at the steering wheel and spends his time here until dinner. Radio loud, radio quiet. Turn signal on, turn signal off. And he loves the game “Who is louder? The horn or the neighbor dog?”

Everyone is completely relaxed here

Camping with a baby sleep tailgate beds

The spaghettis (what else) are cooking, the glass of wine dances in our hands and we look at the mountain peaks. Relaxation returns. After dinner we make a short stop at the swimming pool. Shooort – because it is already 6 pm and nobody needs a grating child to the end of the day. We rented a family bathroom – for us it makes perfect sense as it is simply practical to have a room. We dry our laundry here and take a relaxed shower – a good investment. We meet relaxed families at the swimming pool who end the evening together with their kids.

We all sleep together downstairs

It’s a great atmosphere. We are all the same. Just campers. Around 8 pm, the cleaners come and throw the last round of swimming noodles. Afterwards, the pool area is closed for everyone. Hardly out of the water, there’s a yelp with the little one – Nothing else was expected. ? Since our rental bath is just around the corner, everything is within bounds and the dwarf quickly sleeps in the pram. Silence. Relaxation. Thank you. The three of us spend the night down in the van. Our plan that the little one sleeps upstairs doesn’t work. And since we just packed the big duvet from home in a really un-camper-like way, the question of whether one of us is sleeping upstairs has already been answered.

Spieljoch - Our hike to Geolslam

Camping with a baby Wandern Panorama

Day 2

Our day already begins at 7 am. Okay 7:30 a.m. with repeated half hour hanging from Paul in the cab. Good for us.

What are we doing today? Hiking!

After breakfast we visit Karin at the reception and get a great tip: The Spieljoch. “You take the gondola up to the mountain station and hike to the Geolsalm.” Said, done. It takes less than 5 minutes by car to get to the Spieljochbahn. It is a wonderful hiking trail over the summit cross. However, with a child hoping in the children’s carry we have to be careful not to lose balance in some places. But hey #lifeatthelimit. Otherwise it would be boring. On the other hand, we already feel a little queasy when we see the rescue helicopter two times. But we arrive safely at the Geolsalm and drink an Almdudler. An absolute must. We enjoy a wonderful view. “Could we possibly go up here with the Bulli and take a photo?” Chris looks at me and rolls his eyes. “Whatever you want – typical blogger.”  The way back to the mountain station is much more relaxed but still beautiful.

The Spieljoch mountain station - An adventure park for the whole family

Camping with a baby Panorama Alpen Baby Kind

The highlight of the hike is yet to come. A paradise for children directly at the mountain station. A nature adventure park for young and old. There is a barefoot path, flyingfox, water playground, giant trampoline and bouldering on real rock. If you dare, you can even go downhill on cross-rollers. But we decide for the gondola. This beautiful mountain panorama, the clear air in autumn – these colors. Wonderful. Relaxation. And important: No escape possibilities for the dwarf. The cow bells ring in the background. 

Cows cross the road – Somehow great

We think about going up and down again – but unfortunately it’s already too late. The last gondola at this time of the year leaves at 4:30 pm. Shortly after, we are back at the Hells holiday resort. This time it took a bit longer as some cows had to cross the road. We were shortly annoyed. But then we noticed how traditional a small cow train is. Is that how you call it? Woe, a cow would have touched the Bulli, I would have pulled it at its tail. But they were all dear.

A great day ends with pizza and red wine

The dwarf is completely tired after this eventful day. So are we. Means: We have no desire to cook but a restaurant visit is also too exhausting for us. The perfect solution is the pizza from the restaurant. It perfectly completes this day. Pizza, red wine and a sleeping baby. The evening can begin. And it ends just as fast as it started. We fall into bed super tired at 10 pm. Again all three of us downstairs. We are young and flexible. ?

It’s raining – So first sip a cafe

Day 3

9:30 a.m.: It’s been drizzling for about an hour. The dwarf has already regained the driver seat. His favorite place. So that he doesn’t regularly say goodbye to the footwell area, we simply put the blanket there.

Our mood is rather semi good. We want to go back to the mountains. But with a slightly ailing child in the rain – No, really not. But hey, we first drink a coffee. We get a super delicious creamy cappuccino in the shop and have a chat with Karin and her husband. (We are simply too lazy to throw on the Bialetti.) The shop has everything you could forget when camping. Delicious breakfast rolls and a fabulously delicious apple strudel which the little one inhales daily.

The rainy weather doesn't spoil our day - Off to the indoor playground

Camping with a baby roadsurfer Mum Baby

So mountains and hiking are off today. We decide to have fun in the indoor playground for the sake of the little one. And it really has a lot to offer. Too bad that we went here on the last day. We could have gone here more often, even if only for a short time while the other one cooks food for example. An Eldorado for big and small children. A climbing wall, slide, kicker and giant trampoline for the big ones. It has a large, childproof room with high quality toys for the small campers. Motoric games, jumping animals as well as a cuddle and reading corner with panoramic view. Perfect to spend a rainy day like today indoor. The little one doesn’t want to leave anymore. He rushes from one corner to the other. Turns, pulls, pushes. Just has fun. We simply watch him doing. Happy parents.

Camping with a toddler means: First of all, do without wellness

Camping with a baby Bus Panorama

A beautiful weekend is slowly coming to an end. The time passed much too fast. We would have liked to use the wellness area so much – But when during camping with a toddler? The times are probably over. But they come again – and we come again.

Author: Lea Wacker from the blog “Krümel im Bett”.

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