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Camping in Istria

Discover the Croatian peninsula by camper

Why camping in Croatia? It’s simple: Sun, sea, Mediterranean climate, crystal clear water and excellent campsites. That sounds to your ears as good as the engine of your VW Bulli? Then nothing like off to roadsurfers, camper rentals and on to camping in Istria. We have the best tips for a week full of Croatia-Power with the campervan. Where are the best places? What does the north of Croatia offer for sports lovers and how can the Istrian peninsula inspire families and friends?

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Camping in Istria

7 days of discovering the north of Croatia

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You love the salty smell of sea water, you can’t live without the sun and you appreciate life in your little home on four wheels? Then we can only warmly recommend camping in Istria, because here everything is just right: The most beautiful campsites in Istria are usually located in dreamlike untouched nature, the price-performance ratio is right and last but not least the hospitality of the Croats is hard to beat. By the way, Croatian cuisine is far from bad either – Perfect to escape the stressful everyday life of German cities for a few days.

Holidays at the campsite in Istria – What you need to know!

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You love the salty smell of sea water, you can’t live without the sun and you appreciate life in your little home on four wheels? Then we can only warmly recommend camping in Istria, because here everything is just right: The most beautiful campsites in Istria are usually located in dreamlike untouched nature, the price-performance ratio is right and last but not least the hospitality of the Croats is hard to beat. By the way, Croatian cuisine is far from bad either – Perfect to escape the stressful everyday life of German cities for a few days.

This awaits you at Croatian campsites

An important information first: Wild camping is forbidden in Croatia. So you can’t get around shifting your night’s rest to one of the numerous campsites – but that’s not a bad thing, because here you’ll find an excellent selection of campsites in Europe.

Because most campsites in Croatia are privately owned, there is a wide range of quality campsites to choose from. Although the infrastructure is excellent and the sanitary facilities are clean and well equipped, Croatian campsites are among the cheaper ones in the Mediterranean – Compared to Italy, for example. Of course, this also applies to the campsites on the Istrian peninsula – But not necessarily to the animation resorts of the Camping Adriatic Group, which are often rather artificial small towns with 5-star pool landscapes. Those who don’t like this are wrong on these sites!

Our camping tips in Istria

Almost 90 percent of Croatian campsites are idyllically situated along the Adriatic Sea, on one of the numerous islets or in close proximity to rivers or lakes. Whether you’re a water sports fan or a family with small children – there’s fun in, around and on the water for every type of camper.

Tip 1 – Camping in Istria for young families – Poreč

The “Polidor” campsite is located on the west coast of Istria, close to Bijela Uvala and the holiday resort of Funtana, only 5 kilometers from Poreč. The campsite is specially designed for families, which is reflected in the wide range of activities available in and around the park for young camping enthusiasts. For example, a dinosaur theme park is not far away.  Near the camp is a small private pebble beach where you get by a mini electric train.

Tip 2 – Camping with the Family all-round carefree package – Novigrad

With a beautiful view of Novigrads sunset, the 4-star camping resort Lanterna Premium is located in the south of the small town. With a small sandy beach (A rarity in Croatia), beautiful pitches directly on the water and a large pool landscape with a pool bar, this campsite leaves nothing to be desired! However, the pitch has to be well chosen. For those who like it a little off the beaten track: There are also quiet, beautiful pitches with sea views! Even if the monumental entrance hardly suggests this…

Tip 3 – Camping in Istria for sports canons – Funtana

For the adrenalin junkies, the four-star camp Zelena Laguna is a good destination about five kilometers away from Poreč and two kilometers north of Funtana. The course lies in a small forest and is surrounded by numerous islands. There are strict environmental regulations here, which makes discovering the nature a wonderful experience for visitors. Naturists also get their money’s worth here. Sport, fun and gastronomy are the main features of this course – Beach volleyball, beach football, football, table tennis, mini golf, a morning fitness program for adults, slides and an outdoor swimming pool for the little ones. Last but not least, there is also a riding and a diving school.

Tip 4 – Camping in Istria for a perfect break – Labin

Small but nice, this four-star campsite is perfect for people who are looking for pure relaxation. Camp “Marina” is situated in Sveta Marina on the east coast of Istria, 15 kilometers from Labin. The simple and natural park can accommodate just 900 guests at the same time – A guaranteed time out for which you are looking for. Untouched nature and a sweet forest round off the oasis of well-being. If you still want some action, you can let off steam on the kilometer-long stone beach and in the diving center.

Tip 5 – Dream beach with a view of the Brijuni Islands National Park – Pula

Modest, natural and without much excitement, this small campsite presents itself with a fantastic beach and view of the offshore Brijuni Islands. The small beach bar by the water offers what you need during the day for a perfect family holiday: Small snacks, ice cream and cool drinks. At the adjacent rocks, one should not forget the diving goggles and snorkel. Here you can really see a variety of colorful fish!

One week in Istria - What you must have experienced

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Being a guest in Istria is something very special, because the inhabitants are incredibly hospitable people. They shine with a loving attention without being intrusive. A camping holiday in Istria therefore has a very high feel-good factor. Also not self-evident: Almost everyone speaks good English here and many even German – So there should be no communication problems.

Time to clarify which highlights the Istrian peninsula has in store for you. Let’s embark on an expedition of the 445.1 kilometers long coastline, the sea which is during the summer months 23 to 24 degrees warm, the pine forests and the green macchia that cover 35 percent of the peninsula.

Istria - A treat for senses

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The very first time you open your camper’s window in Istria, you can smell it, the beguiling scent of the Croatian peninsula, which will magically put you in holiday mode: It smells after pine trees, sea salt, grilled seafood and fish.

The Istrian cuisine is known for preserving its traditions: Freshly caught fish and seafood or locally grown food form the basis. The truffle has its home here, as well as smoked ham, spicy olive oil, wild asparagus and fantastic wines. You must have visited at least one of the six Istrian wine routes with almost 70 wine cellars.

Istria – Easy to fall in love with

The port cities on Istria’s west coast are without exception Mediterranean, lively and ancient. The past Venetian rule gave the architectural style its unique note and still shapes the image of the cities today. But the influence of the Romans can still be seen. Between the sweet little towns there are enchanting bays, small islands and behind stretches the seemingly endless hinterland with its enchanting olive groves and picturesque mountain villages with their vineyards.

Stroll along these promenades

  • Rovinj – Also known as Little Venice, the old town radiates pure romance.
  • Pula – The cultural center of Istria with countless historical buildings, such as the well-preserved Roman Arena, where concerts and film festivals take place nowadays.
  • Porec – The old town is an idyllic place, especially impressive here: The church of Euphrasia Basilica.
  • Dvigrad – The abandoned ghost town inside the Istria region.
  • Hum – The smallest town in the world in the heart of Istria.
  • Motovun – The queen of truffles, enthroned on a hill in the inland.
camping in istria sunrise

Sunset in Istria

The Istrian coast – More sea is impossible

The sea along the Istrian coast is full of cute little bays – Perfectly suited for a private swim or a splash with lots of fun. Most beaches are littered with small pebbles or very rocky, but there are also a few sandy beaches for example in Rabac, Poreč, Umag or Medulin. Those who like fjords are well advised to visit the bays at Vrsar and Plomin. Here almost Scandinavian coastal formations meet Mediterranean flair.

But what all Istrian beaches have in common is the crystal clear water with excellent water quality. In addition, many beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag seal of approval, which stands for high environmental standards and good sanitary facilities in the bathing area. If you are prone to sunburn, you should feel at home on Istria’s coasts, because there are unbelievably many beaches with shady pine groves.

The Istrian hinterland - Wine and olive oil tasting

Camping in Istrien roadsurfer Strand Meer

If you are looking for some distance from the sound of the sea, make a detour into the versatile hinterland of the Croatian peninsula and let yourself be enchanted by the Tuscany flair. Here you will find sun-drenched vineyards and numerous olive groves, cute mountain villages and cypress avenues. It goes over the hilly wine roads with your camper – All marked with Visnka Cesta. Whether in the north or the south: With prior registration you can get a tasting of the noble wine at almost every winegrower.

The same goes for the olive oil. One of the best olive oil producers of the peninsula is Valter Smilović. About 2,000 olive trees on seven hectares grow on his plantation Agro Millo in Buje. His oil is among the best in the world.

You haven’t had enough of nature yet?

Then you should not miss these natural beauties of Istria:

  • National Park Brijuni – The safari park on the Brijuni Islands is one of the top highlights of the peninsula.
  • Baredine Grotto – Here you can experience impressive stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Limski Kanal – The most beautiful lookouts can be found on its banks.
  • Cape Kamenjak – Impressive nature reserve with beautiful bays.
  • Paziner Grotte – Visit the educational trail and the same called village with a fort.
  • Ucka Nature Park – A paradise for hikers and cyclists.

Active holidays: Camping in Istria

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Istria is also a paradise for sports adventurers because it covers all activities: From diving to windsurfing – paragliding, cycling, tennis, golf, beach volleyball, small football, horse riding, mountaineering, hang gliding, caving and hiking.

Both the flat coastal region and the hilly hinterland are suitable for cycling. You want to leave your bike at home? No problem, there are rental bikes in many places. Whether by bike or horse – your route can lead you through wineries, to the beach or through the olive groves.

Those who have enough of pedaling can rest on the Parenzana slow train, which chugs along the historic Parnzana bike route between Vižinada and Motovun at a leisurely pace. Adrenaline junkies, on the other hand, will find their holiday happiness in the Pazin Gorge. With a sledge you can race over the gorge on a wire rope at a height of one hundred meters.

You can combine sport with history by snorkeling in the archaeology of Brijuni. The underwater nature trail opens up a breathtaking world of flora and fauna, peppered with historical finds. There’s an explanation by radio and you can rent diving equipment. The opposite is the case at Vrsar Airport. Here you get on a sports plane and enjoy Istria from a bird’s eye view or plunge into the depths with a tandem jump from 2,700 and 4,000 meters above sea level.

Croatia – Always worth a visit

The best of Istria? Even in summer, you can withstand the 25 to 30 degrees Celsius without having to stay in the water consistently. The permanent light breeze ensures gentle cooling. In August, the water reaches a pleasant 23 to 24 degrees Celsius and even in winter the temperatures are still mild.

Nevertheless, it is worth enjoying the beauty of the Adriatic peninsula out of season. Why? There are several million tourists making holidays in the summer months – With only 200,000 inhabitants. The best time for camping in Istria is in May and June as well as in autumn – Then there are also the best truffles.

In this sense, we wish you a good trip and a tasteful holiday time!

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