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Camping and Make-up cannot be a perfect match? Objection!

Normally, I love the coolness of camping. I store my make-up in the toilet bag for the whole holiday, simply swing my hair in loose waves over the shoulders or wear a casual bun. When it comes to shoes, sneakers and flip-flops dominate. But at the beginning of May, I found out that there is also another way of camping.

Guest author: Anne Philipp

Camping und Aufbrezeln

We comfortably start with the roadsurfer

Friday noon we started our trip to the Netherlands. Since my better half and I are already proud owners of an old VW T3, we know the camping preparation procedure very well. We could pack our camping goods while sleeping why we start our short holiday with a VW T6 California from roadsurfer in a very realxed way. Obviously, with our T3, we can only dream of travel speeds over 100 kilometers per hour as well as an automatic climate control, navigation, Bluetooth and a distance cruise control. But it doesn’t matter whether travelling with an old T3 or a new T6, it only takes less than 5 minutes until you have an ultimate feeling of relaxation and anticipation for the next days.

Camping und Aufbrezeln

In Zandvoort, a wedding awaits us

Camping und Aufbrezeln

Our final destination is Zandvoort on the Dutch North Sea coast. Here, not only a weekend at the sea awaits us but also the wedding of our friends. Arrived in Zandvoort, we park the bus in the middle of the dunes with our own hammock directly in front of the bulli door. But with temperatures around 7 degrees, this actually is not the big hit. But I guess, in summer it will be very nice! I slept very well in our first night in the Bulli – special thanks to the parking heater. I woke up and quickly went to the wash house to take a shower and to get ready.

Camping and Make-up – Let’s do it!

I built up my repertoire consisting of a hairdryer, iron, toilet bag I (make-up), toilet bag II (shampoo, toothbrush and co.) as well as make-up brushes and styled myself for the wedding (under the confused eyes of my fellow campers). Of course, this is not the standard outfit for a regular camping day but just right for a wonderful wedding directly on the beach with a view of the waves and kitesurfers.

Whether with or without make-up – the next roadtrip is sure to come

After the wedding, we only cuddled up in our blankets to spend the last night in the VW bus. I would have loved to stay longer to put the T6 through its paces and spend another day at the North Sea. But who knows – whether with or without make-up: Maybe this was only the first of many tours with the T6 and we will make a longer roadtrip in the future.