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Hire a camper in Leipzig

 The area around Leipzig offers many amazing opportunities for you and your campervan. You will find numerous camping and parking spaces right in the center of the city and beautiful spots outside Leipzig, with spots right around many lakes. Camper rental Leipzig: Camping around here is so much fun and because of that, we provide you with some roadsurfer tips.

already from 65 € / night

You can pick up your camper here in Leipzig

Using public transportation to our roadsurfer station

From central station
Tram/bus to Edlichstraße.
From there 2 min. walk.

Parking in Leipzig

Commerzbank (120 parking spaces) |
10 minutes walk to Leipzig Opera |
5 Euro for 2 hours |
Clearance height 2.10 metres

Rent a roadsurfer Camper in Leipzig now

Longing for an adventure with your loved ones? Roadsurfer has many different camper models to suit you and your needs. Check out which models are waiting for you in Constance:

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Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean

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Beach Hostel VW T6.1 California Beach

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Travel Home Mercedes Marco Polo

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Camper Cabin Ford Nugget with pop-up roof

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  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Hitch
  • Park assist
roadsurfer camper cabin side view
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  • 4+1

Camper Cabin Deluxe Ford Nugget Plus with pop-up roof

  • 185 hp diesel
  • Integrated kitchenette (2-room concept)
  • Outdoor shower (cold)
  • WC
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Hitch, Parking aid
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  • 4

Road House Van with pop-up roof (540)

  • 140 hp diesel
  • spacious kitchen area
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  • WC
  • Manual pop-up roof
  • Parking assistance, rear camera, Tempomat, etc.

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Rent a camper, discover Leipzig

Campervan hire in Leipzig: The city is an amazing starting point for your road trip. Remain here and visit all the city has to offer especially the sights for travelers and campers. Apart from many sights such as the “Voelkerschlachtdenkmal” (monument) and the Leipzig Zoo, you can also enjoy numerous architectural masterpieces, a young emerging metropolis, and great places in the middle of nature. And do not forget: Leipzig and Halle at the river “Saale” are very close, almost merging, that it is often considered as one city, which makes it easy to visit two cities at the same time basically. Make use of this opportunity and take a ride to Halle, because it is worth visiting as well.

Even the ones that do want to settle in one of the many campsites of the area with their rental campervan, try and make time to visit the city at least for a day trip. We provide you with some roadsurfer tips up front.

Campervan hire Leipzig – explore the city!

  • Alte Handelsboerse (old stock exchange)
  • Alte Messe (old building that held markets)
  • Asisi-Panometer
  • various viewpoints
  • Augustusplatz (square)
  • Bayerischer Bahnhof (Bavarian Main Station)
  • Bibliotheca Albertina (library)
  • Bundesverwaltungsgericht (chamber of administration of the German state)
  • Gohliser Schloesschen (castle)
  • Hauptbahnhof (main station)
  • Market and old townhall
  • Moritzbastei
  • Nikolaikirche (church)
  • Propsteikirche (church)
  • Schillerhaus (house of literary genius Friedrich Schiller)
  • Thomaskirche (church)
  • Torhaus Doelitz
  • Russische Gedaechtniskirche (russian church)
  • Voelkerschlachtdenkmal (monument)

In the middle of nature: Leipzig, you are beautiful!

Enjoy yourself in Leipzig. The city offers numerous recreational opportunities and you will find the same outside the center. About one third of the Saxon metropolis consists of green areas, forests, parks, and meadows. It is home to the largest alluvial forest in central Europe. Whether on foot, by bike, on the back of a horse or your rental campervan, relaxation and excitement are guaranteed.

A popular destination in the area is “Auensee” with its railway that drives through a park. Absolutely recommendable as well are “Rosental” and “Clara Zetkin” park. In the immediate vicinity you will also find the oldest sports and activities facility across town. The race course in the district of “Scheibenholz” has been opened in 1863 and became the number one hot spot of city insiders during racing season.

Take your campervan and lay back in Leipzig

Apart from forests and wide meadows, the city landscape is dominated by blue waters as well. Fortunately, the lakes and rivers have been cleaned back in the day. So any visitor does not have to worry about any chemicals or industrial wastewater. Hop in and enjoy the clean waters. If you are into fishing you can even to that and catch your dinner for the night. The most popular lake is “Kulkwitzer” with a nice beach and a campsite. Check it out if you get the chance.

roadsurfer tip: Due to many lakes and rivers, the city and its surroundings are perfect for all kinds of boat trips. Hire a kayak, a canoe or a pedal boat and start exploring. Leave your Camper on the side of the lake and pick it up once you are fed up with the boat. Whether you are a more relaxed or active type of person, chose whatever suits you best for the activities. Take the boat at least once, because you will view the city of Leipzig from a different ankle. You will feel as if you travel on the channels of Venice. Campervan hire in Leipzig: The city holds its inofficial nickname of “Little Venice” for a reason. You will see.

Camper rental Leipzig: Mercedes Marco Polo rent!

What a camper: rent the Mercedes Marco Polo and experience a real premium camping bus! The campervan has a noble yacht look – the interior is black and white. A real eye-catcher! In addition there is a typical colourful foiling at roadsurfer. But the Mercedes Marco Polo also has a lot to offer in other respects: 190 hp, all-wheel drive and trailer hitch, among other things. All information about this great camper can be found here: Rent a Mercedes Marco Polo camper!

Mercedes Marco Polo hire!

Leipzig has so much to discover. Start right after you rented your campervan

Leipzig is diverse and ideally suited for young people and families to visit. The momentum that helped to overthrow the former regime at the turn of the century is still evident today, which makes the city especially interesting for people interested in history. Creative minds will find an output here as well. The Saxon metropolis offers many things for a variety of different interests.

In the north of Leipzig “Waldstraße” district is awaiting you with its elegant and impressive Wilhelminian architecture. You can stroll “Liviastrasse” with its numerous extraordinary shops and see what you might find there. Shops like these are not found anywhere else.

roadsurfer tip: Enjoy the magnificent view on the city from the lookout tower in the “Rosental” area in the north of Leipzig. The “Wackelturm” at “Marienweg” also offers a unique view on Leipzig and its surrounding area. However, for the faint-hearted, the tower translates roughly into wiggling tower. So think twice before you head up there.

The panoramic view from the Fockeberg

In the south of Leipzig you will also find many spots that will draw your attention and make you want to remain there for a while. The Fockeberg is an unusual sight for a big city like Leipzig. The mountain is about 153 meters high and has been created throughout the past centuries by the accumulation and removal of debris. Sounds odd, but you can really enjoy the view in a quite atmosphere and lay back. Take some time out from the city life that awaits you below.

Industrial culture has left its mark on Leipzig as well. Especially the western parts are characterized by the industrial revolution. Nevertheless, the characteristics are merged into the modern architecture of the city and become a wonderfully charming picture.

roadsurfer tip: If you love the art scene and culture, you must visit “Kunstkraftwerk” and take a close look. With its industrial charm and its artistic creativity, that it represents, it serves as a regular location for various exhibitions, plays and concerts.

“Karl-Heine-Kanal” (channel) is also located in the western part of the city. It spreads across 3.3 kilometers and basically covers the district of “Plagwitz”. On its banks you can take good rest, enjoy the sun and watch the sun set. Walk until you reach the “Weisse Elster” and the port of “Lindenau”.

You are looking for a night out? Well, Leipzig is the perfect place to be

If you have explored the city during the day and walked a lot, you should head out and get some local food in the evening. Have some food and prepare yourself for the city’s nightlife. Treat yourself to a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants.

In the city centre you will find several coffee houses that maintain the old coffee house tradition. Real “Kaffeesachsen” (literally translated as Coffee-Saxons) will be quite fulfilled within this area. Everyone else will also get what they deserve with the best coffee that you will find around.

Campervan hire Leipzig: enjoy some fine meals

The most popular “Drallewatsch” – local dialect which refers to a street and mile that hosts many pubs and clubs – is located between the “Brühl” along “Fleischergasse” and ends around the new town hall. You can enjoy some fine meals that are prepared for you in a traditional way that is known to most Saxon people. Recover and lay back from a long day of discovery in one of the gardens or a pub and have dinner at “Dr. Schreber’s Pub” for example, which is the first allotment garden ever built in Germany.

roadsurfer tip: A tasty delicacy in Leipzig is the “Leipzig Gose”. If you think this is something to eat, you are wrong. The “Leipzig Gans” is a fermented beer and had almost been forgotten. Nowadays the guild is experiencing a new hype and people started to brew again with success. In the “Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof” and the “Gosenschenke Ohne Reservierung”, you can not only take a cool sip of tasty beer, but also learn the interesting history and origin of this particular kind of beer.

Outdoor culture has a real cult status in Leipzig

In other regions of Germany, many people refer to spots like beer gardens and others, while in Leipzig the whole activity surrounding visiting a beer garden is referred to as “Freisitz-Kultur” and has achieved an important status across town. Most of the 1,400 bars, restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating options, which are used by many locals and visitors.

You want to celebrate and have a great night out? Head to “Moritzbastei”. Modern nightlife combined with nostalgic elements provide you with a great feel and atmosphere. The former fortification building, which is adjacent to the university, was excavated by students during the time from 1974 until 1976. Today you will find various vaults with cellar clubs there. They hold many concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances and movie screenings. Visit in autumn to experience the Leipzig Jazz Festival including a podium at the mentioned location.

“Südmeile” at “Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse” serves as the shopping center during the day and turns into the hot spot at night with more than 30 restaurants and trendy bars. Experience the symbiosis of theatrical performances with scenic pubs in the “actors quarter”.

roadsurfer tip: The “Variete Krystallpalast” at “Magazingasse” is a musical revenue with a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Music, theater, dance and entertainment are a huge part of the location. “Little Paris” shows you the dazzling side of nightlife in Leipzig. Camper rental in Leipzig: Enjoy some cultural performance and make the most of your stay in Leipzig.

Much more to discover around Leipzig

About 40 kilometers southeast of the city center of Leipzig you will find a tranquil town called “Bad Lausick” where you can unwind from any stress, further down there is “Colditz” with the “Colditzer Forest” and “Thuemmlitzwald” with its diverse flora and fauna. Around here you can go for a ride with a bike, walk around the greenery or take the “Colditzer Carriage” for a ride in case you are not in the mood for any activity. The city of “Colditz” itself is worth a visit. It has a really idyllic old town center and “Colditz Castle” as its main sight.

Moors, wooden huts and dark pine trees, beech and oak forests make this area really unique. Located 45 kilometers northeast of Leipzig it is quite a short distance to drive. The “Dübener Heide” is located closely and in the midst between river “Elbe” and “Mulde”. It ranks as a natural reserve since 1992. If you visit, make sure you get a “Kremserfahrt”, which is a traditional thing to do in the area.

If your a really sportive and athletic person, you will probably want to head towards “Leipziger Neuseenland”. “Cospudener See” is not only a paradise for swimmers during summer, it is also appreciated by surfers and sailors. The lake has the largest sandy beach across Saxony and even a marina. In addition to great vantage points and botanical gardens, the land stands out with its beauty. Cycling, golf, diving, kitesurfing and tennis are a few of the options that you have there.

We also recommend the following in the area of “Leipziger Neuseenland”

  • Stoermthaler Lake
  • Markkleeberger Lake

roadsurfer tip: Between the Saxon cities of Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz you will find the “Rochlitzer Muldental”. It is the Saxon valley of castles. The city “Rochlitz” is located 60 kilometers south from Leipzig right at the “Muldental” cycle path in the valley of “Zwickauer Mulde”. Be sure to check the castles there especially “Rochlitzer Castle”.

Hire your Volkswagen California and start your road trip through Europe

You did everything right in choosing to hire your campervan in Leipzig, which is a great starting point within Germany and into Europe, especially Eastern Europe. Leipzig is perfectly located in the heart of Germany and close to Poland, Czech Republic and Austria as well.

Prague Calling – move on to Czech Republic with your campervan rental

Take your camper in Leipzig and start your road trip towards the southeast. Take the motorway A14 and A4 to Dresden. From there, continue south towards Prague. In less than three hours you will reach the capital of Czech Republic and maybe afterwards Vienna? If that is on your bucket list, now is the chance to cross of all these points.

Camper rental in Leipzig – head to Poland

A journey to Warsaw will take you a little longer, but it is also worth it. The path will lead you across Dresden as well. Once you reach the city, take the motorway A4 towards Lodz and then head right into the polish capital. Around seven hours of a journey do not sound that bad. From Poland you can continue further into the eastern parts of Europe. What about a short trip to Lithuania, Belarus or the Ukraine?

The sea is calling up north. Take your campervan and head up north

It takes about twelve hours by campervan to reach the Baltic Sea in Denmark. Take the route via Berlin in the direction of Rostock. Once you reach the port, take a ferry to Gedser. Continue with your journey to the island of Sjaerland and get to Copenhagen in just a few hours. Want to head further north? Sweden is around the corner and warmheartedly awaiting your visit.

Crossed everything off your list? Well, then return and bring the “Bulli” home

You have rented your campervan in or near Leipzig? You can easily return it there. We make sure it will be most convenient and suiting your needs and wishes. Roadsurfer is waiting for you to return safely with many stories in your luggage. We hope to see you soon and are excited to hand over one of our campervans.

Camper rental Leipzig!

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