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Our compensation of the CO2-Emissions of your VW Camper roadtrip!

You are not only a Bulli-Camper but also a nature freak, outdoor sportsman, fresh air fan, and a mountain lover? Then you’re right at roadsurfer as we pay into the world climate account with every booking. Our project: The forest protection in Portel / Brazil.

roadsurfer’s camping buses are climate-neutral

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment wherefore our camping buses are climate-neutral. With our climate emission, we support a social environmental project in Brazil that benefits both nature and local people – and our climate on top!

Being on the road with a camper is a lot of fun. But of course, our camper vans also run on fuel that emits CO2. We want to do our very best to protect the environment and therefore, roadsurfer is involved in a climate project in Brazil. In the following, we want to explain what climate-neutral actually means and what exactly happens on site in Brazil.

roadsurfer’s climate protection project – What does climate-neutral mean?

Climate-neutral does not mean that our buses are powered by air and love. Even though that’s our goal for the future, we’re not there yet. But in the meantime, we want to do our best to protect the environment. Thus, we pay money for our campers to emit CO2. The principle of climate neutrality works like this: our CO2 emissions are calculated and for this, we support an internationally recognized climate protection project. And since greenhouse gases are distributed evenly in the atmosphere, it doesn’t matter where we support a project. Thus, emissions caused in Europe can be offset by climate protection projects elsewhere.

What is the carbon footprint and how is it calculated?

klimaneutral regenwald brasilien

roadsurfer’s carbon footprint indicates how many CO2 emissions we have caused in a year and is usually calculated for one calendar or business year. The result are calculated CO2 emissions caused directly by the company.

The amount we pay to offset our caused CO2 emissions will be charged to us. When we pay the invoice, our climate account is virtually set to zero – but only for a certain period of time. Once this period has expired, we have to pay again. This process takes place via official registers and is therefore transparent.

The climate protection project meets international standards

We place value that our supported climate protection project is internationally recognized and sustainable. That’s why the project we support in Brazil meets strict criteria that are certified and audited – for example, according to the “Gold Standard” or the “Verified Carbon Standard” (VCS). Above all, these must be actual climate protection measures whose positive impact on the atmosphere can be measured clearly.

What are the goals of the project in Brazil?

klimaneutral regenwald brasilien

The Amazon region is ideally suited for growing soya plantations as the region provides very fertile soil and has several ports nearby. Since the Brazilian law allows unused land to be appropriated and cultivated, the rainforest is always in danger of being cleared in order to cultivate the land that is freed up. With a sustainable forest management, people should be guaranteed an income that is independent of the current methods of deforestation and subsequent management of soy plantations. By the way: By preserving the rainforest, a particularly large contribution is made to the climate protection as tropical forests can store a large amount of CO2.

Climate protection projects demonstrably save greenhouse gases, for example through reforestation or renewable energies. Independent organizations such as the TÜV, SGS, PwC and others monitor the exact amount of savings. The project operator can finance the project by selling certified emission reductions. Finally, only projects that require financial support are recognized as climate protection projects.

Verification: DNV (USA) Inc. (DNV GL)

Total volume: 2,827,000 kg tons of CO2 equivalents

Further information:

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