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Hire a camper in Malaga

Hire your camper in Malaga now – not just one of the most diverse, but also one of the hottest cities in Europe. With no fewer than 320 days of sunshine each year, it really doesn’t matter when you head there. Hire a campervan in Malaga and get on the road in the city which leads to the Costa del sol. For anyone who adores sunshine and sandy toes. 

Hire a camper in Malaga

Hire a camper in Malaga

Address: Nicolás Gogol 3, 29004 Malaga

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Hire a camper in Malaga

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Hire a camper in Malaga

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  • Seats for 4 persons
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Dog Hostel Deluxe VW T6 California Beach

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

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Hire a camper and kick off your road trip from Malaga

The man with the longest name in the world comes from Malaga. His name: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. Wait a minute! THE Picasso? Yes, that’s right. The one with the angular paintings or for art lovers no less than the founder of Cubism. As his name didn’t fit on any canvas, he simply wrote “Picasso” and became famous the world over and of course in Malaga. This signature can be seen about 200 times on his work in the Picasso Museum in Malaga. Picasso once said “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and if he had ever driven a roadsurfer, he would have said the same. So wash away everyday life from the soul and start your road trip adventure in Malaga. Hire a camper in Malaga

Must sees in Malaga

  • Catedral de la Encarnación (Cathedral of the Incarnation)
  • Picasso museum & birthplace
  • La Malagueta bullring
  • Alcazaba fortification
  • Mercado Central de Atarazanas (market)
  • Port of Malaga
  • Caminito del Rey
  • Museo Pompidou Málaga (museum of modern art)
  • CAC Málaga – Contemporary Art Museum
  • Castillo de Gibralfaro

The times in which Málaga was something like the water heater of the Costa-del-sol-holidays are over. Since the Picasso museum opened in 2003, one museum after the other has been added. With the Museo Carmen Thyssen, Museo Ruso, Centre Pompidou or the modern CAC Málaga, during the three days of the year when it rains in Málaga, you have definitely more than enough to do.

Here are a few tips what you can do in and around Málaga:

Arrival and parking

If you are arriving by plane, Shuttle Direct is the most convenient way to get to the city centre. You are able to book tickets in advance and will be in the city in just 20 minutes. If you are arriving in a roadsurfer or hiring it directly in Malaga, you are best armed with a few tips for finding a parking space. Since finding a parking space in Malaga is just as difficult as understanding a painting by Picasso from the blue phase without an audio guide. We suggest finding a parking space for your roadsurfer out of the city centre. In the Lagunillas district, around the Santuario de la Victorioa church or on the university campus, you will be sure to find a space and avoid the agonising search for a parking space in the old town. If you strike it lucky, you’ll find space for your roadsurfer in the multi-storey car park at Plaza de la Marina. This works as a great starting point for a city tour, as you will find a tourist information centre here and virtually all the sights can be easily reached on foot. For those sights which are a little further afield, you’ve got your roadsurfer.

Cool districts in Malaga – murals, fresh fish and the birthplace of Picasso

But let’s start off in the city. It’s nothing new that the really cool neighbourhoods in a city don’t have to try to be cool. They are effortlessly so. They are authentic and therefore mostly full of locals – you’d be pushed to find tourists with a selfie stick here. That’s why you’re here – as you’re cool too. So the first tip for Malaga is the Soho quarter. The name alone tells you that it should be stylish, but once you’re there you’ll see for yourself: Soho is next-level-hipster! “Shabby Chic” is the term. But what you didn’t know: The area is new, it just looks old and that’s why it’s cool. Soho has perfected this concept. What used to be an elegant residential area, is now a quarter bursting with shabby charm and creativity.

Hire a camper in Malaga and become a culture vulture

Graffity and street artists have done a splendid job and have replaced the noblesse with coolness in the form of huge, fantastic murals. At the latest since the opening of the CAC Málaga – the Centre for Contemporary Art, Malaga has become a temple for street art. In Calle Lagunillas and Calle Vital Aza in particular, you will find it in abundance. Ok, so here you’re allowed to take a selfie. And wherever you find street art, craft beer and hip cafés won’t be too far away. “Soho” is an absolute must in Malaga! Hire a camper in Malaga Leave the beaten tracks behind and feel at home in the El Perchel district. Only the most curious of all tourists end up here. El Perchel is one of the oldest barrios (quarters) in the city and is still a working class neighbourhood. Many of the residents still make their living from the sea, which is virtually on their doorsteps here. The district got its name from the “perchas”, the hooks on which fishermen used to hang their catch to dry. This is the reason people still head here to get the freshest fish in the entire city. Stop by the Mercado del Carmen, where fishermen sell their freshly caught fish and seafood to locals and restaurants. In El Perchel, you can head back in time to before Malaga was a tourist magnet.

You can party the night away here

Back in the hustle and bustle of the city, in the La Merced district at Plaza de la Merced you’ll find the birthplace of Picasso. Here you won’t just find great food, pubs and restaurants, but also around the clock entertainment from street artists and musicians. If you still have enough energy to party the night away, then Calle Álamos and Calle Carretería are where to head. If that doesn’t tame the party animal in you, it’s best to visit La Feria in Malaga in August. The traditional Malaga fair transforms the city into a 24 hour party zone, and that’s every day for a whole week.

Immerse yourself in Malaga

Andalusian ferias usually also have their own drink. In Malaga it is Cartojal, a sweet sherry which is similar to wine. After a night of drinking and dancing with Sevillanas and Cartojal, you head to bed content and when you slowly wake up around lunchtime, the whole thing starts all over again. If it’s not ferias, things are a bit calmer, of course – but just as lively. If you want to blend in with the locals, head to Casa Invisible. Do a flamenco, book a yoga session or African drum workshop or enjoy a glass of wine at the bar in the courtyard. A handicraft market is also held on the first and third Saturday of the month, where you can browse to your heart’s content.

15 x 15 x 15 – the amusement formula

15 x 15 x 15 is the concept of the Microteatro, which you will find just around the corner from Plaza de la Merced. As the name suggests, this is a tiny theatre. Each week, a 15 minute show is presented to an exclusive audience of 15 people – and you guessed it – the room is only 15 metres squared. In the adjoining bar you can then grab a few tapas dishes and if you enjoyed the show, you can watch a different one next time as the program continually changes here. The promenade was spruced up a few years ago, not least for the many cruise ship tourists, who are washed ashore each day. In the elegant harbour area, you can now stroll between small shops and cosy cafés.

Beach bars have an absolute cult appeal here.

Malaga’s old town has become trendy, without the old tapas bars becoming a thing of the past. Antigua Casa de Guardia is just one of them. This quaint bodega has been serving the best wine and fresh seafood since 1840. Absorb the beach vibes as you take a stroll along the promenade and stop by at a local “chiringuito”. These beach bars which are a hit across all of Andalusia have real cult appeal in Malaga. In the summer months, fish is barbequed on open fires, for example, on the city’s beaches of Malagueta and Pedregalejo. You’ll get a real taste of the Mediterranean here. Hire a camper in Malaga roadsurfer tip: If you’re looking for a little snack while on the hunt for some unusual souvenirs, drop by at La Recova. Here you will find plenty of oddities, Spanish handicrafts and flea market finds, while you can treat yourself to typical Spanish tapas such as tortillas, manchego or a piece of morcilla.

Hire a campervan and leave the city behind

Discover the most dangerous school run in the world, breathtaking views and the Saint Tropez of Spain. Do you have a fear of heights? Then please don’t continue! Just under an hour from Malaga, you’ll find one of the most dangerous school runs in the world. Well at least it used to be. El Caminito del Rey was an old hiking trail that leads over a gorge up to 400 metres deep. School children from the surrounding villages used to walk this way to school. I bet you’re now glad that you were allowed to take the grotty school bus, right? Until a few years ago, the “King’s Little Path”, which ran along the cliff, was a thing for adrenaline junkies searching for their kick on the “most dangerous pathway in the world”. Following a number of accidents, the path was closed. Even today, El Caminito del Rey is still something for the brave, but it has been renovated and the pathway is a few metres above the old hiking trail, leading past spectacular rock formations. Safety is paramount today, meaning that you can safely climb El Caminito del Rey without any concerns. A head for heights is still an advantage, as 3 km of the 7.7 km pathway involve via ferratas. Since you have to cross a small steel bridge over the gorge at the end of the route, steady nerves and general composure don’t go amiss.

Nougat is in the air …

A no less spectacular gorge with the iconic Puente Nuevo bridge can be found in the beautiful town of Ronda, which towers over the surrounding area on a cliff. It is not only worth visiting for the view of the wide, green valley, but the town itself also exudes a certain charm. Street musicians play the Spanish guitar softly in large open spaces and the aroma of Turron, the local white nougat, fills the air. It is produced there in a confectioner’s shop with traditional Spanish delicacies not far from the Puente Nuevo bridge. Ronda Just half an hour from Malaga is Mijas, one of the most beautiful white villages in the province of Malaga. If you take a wander through the narrow white streets, which are decorated with colourful, hand-painted flower pots and exotic plants, you’ll realise that you have arrived in real Spain.

Hire a campervan in Malaga and life’s a beach

You will find a complete contrast in Torremolinos, around 13 km from Malaga. You can forget peace or even authenticity here, but you get the full friendly welcome to the Costa del Sol: Sunshine, beach and fun! At the seven kilometre long beach, there are over 300 bars, restaurants and discos to explore. If you haven’t found a way to burn a hole in your pockets, you should definitely pay Marbella a visit. Or rather the Puerto Banús marina, to which you can easily walk along the promenade from Marbella in 90 minutes. Once there, you will undoubtedly find a way to spend your hard-earned holiday savings in one fell swoop. Or if not, there is at least something to admire at this hotspot for the rich and beautiful.

Hire a camper in Málaga and discover Andalusia.

Just a few kilometres further than these tourist attractions, you’ll find the most interesting cities in Spain. From Malaga you can head in any direction and wherever you end up, there will be plenty of must sees. This makes Malaga the ideal starting point for your road trip with the roadsurfer. Flamenco in Seville, oriental flair in Granada, golden beaches around Cádiz and surfer vibes in Tarifa – hitting the road from Málaga, the possibilities are virtually endless. So hire a camper in Malaga now and head off on a journey through sun-kissed Andalusia.

Hire your camper now!

Hire a camper in Malaga