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Hire a camper in Hamburg

Hamburg is the perfect location for camping fans! It serves as a great starting point for exploring the northern parts of Germany up to the Scandinavian landscape. Another option: discover Germany and travel all the way to the South. Rent your campervan in Hamburg with roadsurfer and start discovering! We offer the new Volkswagen California in different styles and an individually equiped Volkswagen T6. Camper rental in Hamburg: All our models are brand new! Simply pick one, rent the campervan and pick it up at our handover point. We are also offering to arrange the most convenient location for a handover in the center of Hamburg to make your travels easier.

Camper rental in Hamburg

Bus handover: Hamburg: Billbrookdeich 11 – 22113 Hamburg

Approach roadsurfer Hamburg

From the main station: U4 to Horner Rennbahn and from there with bus line 160 to Billbrookdeich → about 27 minutes

Parking in Hamburg

Große Reichenstraße (965 parking spaces) | Six minutes walk to town hall. 17 Euro for 2 hours | Clearance height 2.15 metres

Camping in Hamburg

KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg | Equipment: Lounge, Shop, Playground, Sports facilities, Wlan, Cooking facilities | 500 meters to the next stop

Our locations

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Our campervans

High-end vehicles VW California T6, Mercedes Marco Polo and other models. The first registration of all our camper is less than 24 months.

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Campervan prices

Hire roadsurfer campevans in Hamburg from 75 euros per night

Hire a camper in Hamburg

No cleaning fee

Individual vehicle instruction

24h roadside assistance

Every Mile Included

Minimum rental of only 3 nights

Rent from 18 years old

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Hire a camper in Hamburg

VW T6 California Ocean hire

Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

105€ / Night

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Mercedes Marco Polo mieten

Travel Home Mercedes Marco Polo

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

99€ / Night

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Mercedes Marco Polo Camper

Travel Home Deluxe Mercedes Marco Polo

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

105€ / Night

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Westfalia Columbus 540D hire

Road House Columbus Westfalia Columbus

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

129€ / Night

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Kastenwagen mieten

Road House Eliseo Bürstner Eliseo

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

129€ / Night

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Ford Nugget with pop-up roof hire

Camper Cabin Ford Nugget with pop-up roof

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

105€ / Night

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Ford Nugget Plus

Camper Cabin Deluxe Ford Nugget Plus with pop-up roof

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

109€ / Night

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Beach Hostel Deluxe VW T6.1 California Beach

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

90€ / Night

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roadsurfer dog suite camper

Dog Suite VW T6 California Ocean DOG

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

105€ / Night

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Dog Hostel Deluxe VW T6 California Beach

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

90€ / Night

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VW Transporter Campervan mieten

Beach Hostel VW T6 Transporter

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 2 people

75€ / Night

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Hamburg as your starting point for the perfect camping trip!

You wish to start your road trip in the beautiful city of Hamburg up north located at Elbe River? Definitely plan some extra time here to discover more of this historic city. Especially the great variety of campsite around town and its suburbs make a stay quite easy. Some of them are located close to Elbe River. Let us give you an example: the Motorhome Port Hamburg. It is located in the heart of Hamburg and thus a practical initial destination of your Volkswagen California Tour in Hamburg and its surroundings. What better way to start a holiday?

Camper rental in Hamburg – moving on would not pay any dues to that beautiful city in the North. Hamburg has so much to offer! You must visit at least once in your lifetime!

Rent a camper van and discover Hamburg

  • Außenalster (Lake)
  • Beatles-Square
  • Davidwache (Famous Police Station)
  • Elbphilharmonie
  • Fish-Market
  • Hamburg Airport
  • Große Freiheit
  • HafenCity
  • Hamburg Dungeon
  • Port of Hamburg
  • Hans-Albers-Square
  • Michaelis Church
  • Herbertstrasse
  • Landungsbrücken
  • Miniatur Wunderland (Miniature Museum)
  • Museum of Historic Hamburg
  • Reeperbahn
  • Spicy’s Museum of Spices
  • Speicherstadt

Hamburg: Gateway to the North Sea – and the world!

Among Germans Hamburg is often called the “Perle des Nordens” (literally translated as pearl of the North). Located directly at Elbe River, it offers many sights. Especially people who love the rough sea and the according climate will love this city. Everybody should visit the Port of Hamburg at least once. It serves as the German gate to the world. After a long walk at this impressive place or a highly recommended harbor tour by boat, treat yourself to a tasty snack at the Hamburg fish market before you watch the ships passing by at the jetties.

Campervan hire in Hamburg and then visit Udo

The outer and inner Alster (Lake) are considered as an iconic symbol of this beautiful city and highly recommended places of entertainment for local people. Here you will find many parks to relax and unwind in the middle of the concrete jungle that can be Hamburg. If you have time, visit the famous Hotel Atlantic that has many famous visitors throughout the year. One of the biggest German popstars, Udo Lindenberg, is one of its frequent guests. Who knows, you might meet him if you are lucky enough. The great number of cafes by the water invite you to linger. Dig in and enjoy!

VW Campervan hire Hamburg: Experience the Speicherstadt

The Hamburger “Michel” is one of the most amazing viewing platforms. It is small church with a tower that is renowned and offers a breathtaking view on the harbor. For a number of years Hamburg’s “Speicherstadt” has been a great place to find artists, studios and hip boutiques. The old granary of the city and former center of world trade awakes to new glory. Puttied and restored, the brick buildings are now in vogue again.

roadsurfer Tip: Well, let us tell you that the northern parts of Germany are not known for their hot, sunny weather. Cold and gray winters are quite common in Hamburg – so let us recommend you to visit between April and September in order to take in the full beauty of this city. Parks, lakes and cafes are really enjoyable during summer. The city is alive and everyone is outside! It offers quite a different view on the cityscape and its people. But who are we to tell you when to go, we are available all year round! Campervan hire in Hamburg.

Camper rental Hamburg: Mercedes Marco Polo rent!

Campervan hire in Hamburg: Rent the Mercedes Marco Polo and start your personal trip through Germany or Europe. With this stylish camper from Mercedes this is a lot of fun. The Marco Polo is a real eye-catcher – the interior was designed in black and white yacht look. Of course also with the typical colourful foiling of roadsurfer. And the Marco Polo can also be seen in other ways: 190 hp under the hood, all-wheel drive and trailer hitch. All information about the premium camper can be found here: Rent a Mercedes Marco Polo camper!

Mercedes Marco Polo hire!

Hamburg – “meine Perle” – scandalous, wicked and a little bit scary!

Campervan hire in Hamburg – the city is known for its trendy neighborhoods and extensive nightlife. Especially areas around St. Pauli, hinting at the world famous “Reeperbahn”, you can party all day and night. The most sinful mile in the world is definitely worth a visit even if you are less of a party animal. Leave your camper for a few moments even though this seems very difficult at first. It will be worth it. Go and celebrate. roadsurfer in Hamburg will be waiting for you!

Hamburg always presents its most extreme sights everywhere you go. The city is extreme! The entertainment district is not scary enough? Try the Hamburg Dungeon. You need steady nerves and you should be relatively fearless. Apart from the fun you will have, you will get a lot of important information on the history of the city. Don’t be scared, just go in!

roadsurfer tip: Current tips on what you can do in Hamburg can be found on the website – by the way, the editors have already made a small road trip from Hamburg with a roadsurfer and were thrilled!

Camper rental Hamburg: the musical metropolis

roadsurfer tip: “The Lion King” invite you to join in with “Hakuna Matata” – the city is Germany’s musical metropolis par excellence. Tickets are popular and therefore need to be booked well in advance. Additionally, if you are interested to experience “The Lion King” you can go on a boat ride. You will get the ferry to the musical dome, which commutes very frequently. It is a fun ride and the experience is unforgettable.

We have been waiting for a long time for the following architectural miracle: the “Elbphilharmonie”. It took quite some time to finish but it ranks among the most interesting cultural projects across Germany. Completed in January 2017, the concert hall located at the traditional “Kaispeicher A” is, it lives up to its name. Camper rental Hamburg: Join one of the many tours around the harbor and take it all in!

“Nich lang snakken, Kopp in Nacken” – that is how the saying goes

We already warned you about the many extreme characteristics of the city. There liquor matches that level of extreme. Before you head out to get some drinks, better have some traditional food. There is a lot of fish around, makes sense right? Visit the “Finkenwerder” district on the banks of the Lower Elbe River and the restaurant of the same name located at “Landungsbrücken”. The best fish in Germany? Yes, you will get it here!

Rent a VW California in Hamburg and enjoy your meal

If you are not satisfied yet, also pay a visit to a restaurant called “Erika’s Eck” near the slaughterhouse. This place is hugely popular with locals. Huge meals at affordable prices support that popularity even further. Until 9.00 am there are fish sandwiches offered for one Euro per piece. A visit in the morning is strongly recommended. So get your hangover cure nowhere else than here!

Campervan hire in Hamburg – head towards the North Sea and the Baltic Sea!

You are planning to rent a roadsurfer campervan in Hamburg? You are in transit with your already rented campervan? We have put together a small route through the German north which is doable in a day. If you have time on your hand we strongly urge you to take some more time and enjoy everything the beautiful northern area of Germany has to offer. Make a weekendtrip or a whole camping trip out of it! We would not mind!

Campervan hire in Hamburg – at some point you will have to leave the city. It’s sad but you can always come back and rent another roadsurfer campervan, and if you do take the motorway A23 towards Itzehoe. After reaching B203 “St. Peter Ording” you should stop for a bit and enjoy the stunning coast of the German Sea. Rested? Continue on B202 and B5 to Sylt. Attention though: This route is part of Denmark, hence you have to keep the toll in mind, which you have to pay in order to use the motorway. At Skærbæk turn over to the Rømøvey and Havneby. Here you can catch a ferry, five times per day on holidays and seven times during business days, to List on the island of Sylt. There is also the unique “Deutsche Bahn Autozug” which will take you across the dam in no time. Any problems with the height and size of the vehicle? Not with a roadsurfer campervan that you just rented in Hamburg.

On to the beautiful Baltic Sea

To return: just use the same means to get back on the main land. Once your back head to Flensburg. If you get the chance take a look around the city at the sea. There are numerous museums around especially regarding nautical themes. Your journey will take you via Kiel – also worth a trip – and Timmendorfer Strand via the A7, A210 and A1. Beautiful, white, sandy beaches, but also quite sophisticated. Two cities you should visit on the trip as well include Lübeck and Rostock. Finally, finish your trip by paying a visit to the amazing island of Rügen.

Once you are safe in the home harbor Hamburg – you just have to return the campervan

You hired your Volkswagen California at roadsurfer Hamburg? As with any other location of ours, returns and handovers are simple and easy. Once your done give us a heads up and we will pick up the campervan for your convenience. We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing about all the adventures at sea! Until then “Ahoy”!

Camper rental Hamburg!

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