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Campervan hire Germany

Why would you wander into the distance when good things are that close? Rent a camper van and explore Germany in a stylish vehicle. Beautiful landscapes, a very well-developed road system and a variety of exciting cities. Boredom will not be an issue, if you choose to go on a camper van tour through Germany. Rent your campervan in Germany and head out!

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VW T6 California Ocean hire

Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

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Mercedes Marco Polo mieten

Travel Home Mercedes Marco Polo

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Mercedes Marco Polo Camper

Travel Home Deluxe Mercedes Marco Polo

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Westfalia Columbus 540D hire

Road House Columbus Westfalia Columbus

  • Seats for 4 persons
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Road House Eliseo Bürstner Eliseo

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129€ / Night

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Ford Nugget with pop-up roof hire

Camper Cabin Ford Nugget with pop-up roof

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Horizon Hostel Deluxe Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

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roadsurfer dog suite camper

Dog Suite VW T6 California Ocean DOG

  • Seats for 4 persons
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Dog Hostel Deluxe VW T6 California Beach

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

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VW Transporter Campervan mieten

Beach Hostel VW T6 Transporter

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 2 people

75€ / Night

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Let’s start by giving you some advice on the top ten travel destinations across Germany, that we have provided in the following list including the best camp sites in the country. With this travel guide your road trip will be an amazing experience and you will become a true connoisseur of Germany. Rent a camper van and start!

The East – The metropolitan capital and a lot of nature

We start by guiding you through the northeastern regions of Germany. First on the list is the famous metropolis that is Berlin.

Travel tip #1: Berlin

Rent a camper: Berlin? Berlin, really? Yes, Berlin!

People with the urge for the extraordinary will find their fulfillment in the capital city. Franz von Suppé already knew that when he said: “You are crazy, my child, you have to go to Berlin!” And who could be more crazy than real Bulli fans renting a camper to explore Germany? Rent the VW California and off you go.

If you visit Berlin you simply must visit the famous “Kiez”. Experience the many different facets of the city as you will nowhere else.

Visit “Friedrichshain” – the trendy district is alive and captivates with its outstanding charm as a former GDR workers and industrial district. “Charlottenburg”, on the other hand, is the glamorous soul of the city. With a cool gin and tonic you can prepare for a club night in “Neukölln”. Trendy locations, hip pubs and the absolute best clubs are located in Berlin. There is no other city to celebrate in a more fun way. The morning after can be spent in “Prenzlauer Berg” with its sweet galleries, small shops and cute cafes, that invite you to relax and unwind from the exciting night.

roadsurfer camping tip: The RV park at “Tegeler See” – park your camper in the middle of a natural reserve!

Now that you have explored Berlin it is time to leave it behind. Continue your road trip and head somewhere else. Where? On your way to Leipzig you must take a quick detour to the “Mecklenburg” lake district. Fancy a bit of water sports or relaxing at the beautiful spots to unwind? Rent a VW California Beach and enjoy the fantastic landscape.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Berlin

You can rent your Mercedes Marco Polo here!

At Roadsurfer you can rent the Mercedes Marco Polo. It is a real eye-catcher with its very noble design including the Roadsurfer foil. The interior is held in black and white, which gives it a certain atmosphere. Other advantages of the Mercedes Marco Polo include the four-wheel drive, a trailer hitch and 190 hp. More information can be found here: Rent a Mercedes Marco Polo camper van!

Mercedes Marco Polo hire

Travel tip #2: Leipzig

Rent a campervan in Germany and discover the trendy city of Leipzig

Anyone who moved to Berlin in the early days is moving to Leipzig these days. Young creative minds meet relaxed families here. Due to the great diversity of the city, you will experience a variety of great adventures. The “Waldstrassenviertel” with its elegance rooted in the Wilhelminian Era is waiting in the northern parts of the city. Extraordinary shops are to be found here and nowhere else in the city. Want to experience the city from above? Climb the “Wackelturm” (wiggly tower) in the district of “Rosental”. Careful though! It is called “Wackelturm” for a reason.

Find “Fockeberg” in the southern parts of the city. This 850-meter high hill has been created through years of accumulation and removal of debris and serves as a place of recreation and vision for the inhabitants. Another creative hub is the artsy power plant in the western part with its industrial charm. Exhibitions, concerts and theater performances make every heart beat faster.

A thing that you should not miss out on during a visit in Leipzig is a sip of the local beer “Gose”. Enjoy one either in the “Gosebrauerei” (brewery), the “Bayerischer Bahnhof” or the “Gosenschenke” without any reservations up front needed. It always works.

roadsurfer camping tip: Camp at lake “Auensee” and lake “Kulkwitzer”. Both are well connected to the city center and offer a peaceful night at a beautiful lakeside.

Since Saxony is so beautiful, we will continue right here with our campervan. Head towards Dresden and the “Erzgebirge” (mountain range) as well as the sandstone mountains at the Elbe on the A14.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Leipzig

Travel tip #3: Dresden

Splendor and pageantry with a young charm

For fans of culture the Saxon metropolis that is Dresden, located in the far east of the state, is the perfect destination. The unique scenery of the city along the Elbe offers fine historic buildings. What about big city vibes though? Not necessarily, which makes it even more beautiful. A distinctive culture has been established right in between the “Frauenkirche” and the “Semperoper”. Rent your VW California or Mercedes Marco Polo in Germany and enjoy some Baroque architecture and historical flair in Dresden. Visit the cute artisan passages and finish your city tour in “Neustadt” with its winding roads, lovingly restored pubs, delicious restaurants and cute shops. Shrill extravaganza meets elegant atmosphere with urban vibes.

roadsurfer camping tip: Camping site “Koenigstein” in the middle of the Saxon midlands

Rent a VW camper van in Germany and head south

On your way to the southern parts of Germany, you will pass many more highlights. For a camping detour visit the sandstone mountains at the Elbe in the Saxon midlands with its impressive bastion and bizarre rock formations. This is a must on your bucket list. Just like the trip to the Ore Mountains, which is a highlight during Christmas season. This is the birthplace of incense, typically German Christmas pyramids, “Schwibbögen”, the Nutcracker and much more.

The South – Rustic and Cozy mixed with High Culture

Rent a camper van and head from the eastern parts of Germany to the south of the country on your road trip with the Bulli. Once you pass the “Weisswurst Equator” you will have a pleasant tour in between vineyards and beautiful scenery. Culinary delights are awaiting you in the Franconian part. Once you go further south, you will suddenly find yourself enjoying a beer rather than wine. Indulge in Bavarian coziness and enjoy!

Travel tip #4: Nuremberg

“Christkindl” Market and German “Bratwurst”: Renting a camper van will be rewarded

The calm and idyllic city of Nuremberg will warmly welcome you. Sweet half-timbered streets invite you to stroll and hunt down some souvenirs in the sweet little shops. Have some delicious roasted sausages and Nuremberg gingerbread at the “Handwerkerhof”. You will smell it from afar for sure! Have a meal while experienced craftsmen present their skills passed on for many centuries including leather processing, arts with stained glass as well as glass grinding, pottery, tin casting, wood burning and you will meet some goldsmiths as well. If you want a special experience visit the small island called “Pegnitzinsel”. Between lovely restored facades this love island invites for a relaxing break to unwind from the busy road. Have a break, take in the countryside and enjoy a romantic gondola ride.

roadsurfer camping tip: Camping “Bergesruh” – Family Friendly in the middle of fruit fields and perfect for some mountain bike action

Hire campervan Hire camper in Nuremberg

Travel tip #5: Munich

Metropolis with a Small Town Charm

Only one thing that counts in the Bavarian capital is the “Gemütlichkeit” (laziness). Yes, even as the Bavarian capital, Munich that has become well known for its famous football club FC Bayern, the “Hofbraeuhaus” and its history, and is highly ranked on every important list, is very cozy and calm.

Park your roadsurfer camper van on the main artery which is the boulevard at “Leopoldstrasse” near the university. It will not take a minute to get into the beautiful city center with the impressive town hall at “Marienplatz” and the “Frauenkirche” with the world famous domes. The “Hofbräuhaus” is only a few minutes walk away as well. Honestly though: compared to other sights you might want to skip this for a little while.

More impressive is a walk through the English Garden that is nearby, which is the green heart of the city. Nevertheless, enjoy a cool beer in one of the many beer gardens. If you still cannot get enough of the greenery, head towards the Isar and enjoy some time there. Prepare a barbecue at the “Flaucher” and watch the sun down on the horizon in the evening.

roadsurfer camping tip: Nature Camp “Isarhorn” – At the foot of “Karwendel” Mountains with many choices in a nice environment

Rent a VW camper fan and head from Munich to the Alps further south

Take your camper van with you in the direction further south. In just a few hours you will reach the Alps, Austria and Italy from Munich. The area is heaven for people interested in skiing and winter sports. Start your little trip to the famous mountain range and enjoy and adventurous hike.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Munich

Travel tip #6: Constance

Mediterranean Flair at Lake Constance

After the excursion to the Alpes, continue your route across Germany. Head to “Schwaben” and “Baden” with a stop at the famous city Constance. Lake Constance is the largest Germany lake where you can relax and unwind from your daily life. Sure, you could head down to Italy and get a Mediterranean feel, but let us face it: do you need that, when you have a similarly beautiful scenery right around the corner?

The island hopping options at the wonderful spot at Lake Constance will convince you to stay. From the well-known island of “Mainau” with its magnificent flower fields in the brightest colors and its impressive butterfly house to the vegetable island that is “Reichenau”. Everything can be reached by a cruise ship. On your way you will pass islands like “Triboltinger Bohl” which is part of the famous natural reserve “Wollmatinger Ried” and is perfect for some bird watching.

Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from “Hochwart” right in between beautiful churches and monasteries. Look across the lake and have a glance at Switzerland. Up for a visit? Walk to Switzerland on foot via the pier. Though, do not forget your passport if you plan on doing that. Another tip for bird watchers among you: the island “Mettau”, which is worth the money you will spent. Right next to it is also the smallest island of Lake Constance: love island. The rest is up to you!

roadsurfer camping tip: Camping “Litzelstetten” – The smallest camp site on Lake Constance with a private beach

After all the impressive highlights it is time for you to continue. Before you leave though, take out your surf board, go paddling or in a canoe. Have a good time and enjoy before you continue your road trip through Germany.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Constance

Rent a campervan and discover the western parts of Germany

A lot of cheese and carnival celebrations

Apart from the weather, that is usually much milder and sunnier than the rest of Germany, the culinary delights in these regions such as Black Forest and the land around river Rhine are exciting. Rent your VW Bulli and explore the west of Germany.

Travel tip #7: Freiburg

Brooks, Nature and Fresh Air

Fans of sweet, half-timbered buildings will find love in Freiburg im Breisgau. Pretty streets with cute facades are as beautiful as ever. The romantic feeling is strengthened by numerous little streams between streets and sidewalks across the magical city.

Another beautiful spot is “Schlossberg”, which is a favorite for tourists and locals alike. This green oasis offers a charming view across the city and its surrounding area. When there are no clouds you can see “Vosges” as well. Let your eyes wander and dream. Hop on the “Schauinslandbahn”. This cable car will cheer you up and take you through beautiful scenery. Once you are at the top, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view that is simply gorgeous.

roadsurfer camping tip: Camping “Black Forest Horn” – Beautiful green terraces surrounded by fruit trees with a stunning view on meadows and mountains

Since you are very close to France, you should visit the neighboring country. It will take you about 45 minutes to reach the city of Colmar. If you do not feel like a trip to France, get deeper into the Black Forest. We have heard, the pie tastes amazing there.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Freiburg

Travel tip #8: Cologne & Bonn

Rent a camper van in Germany and experience the beautiful land around the Rhine

Cologne and Bonn do not only share the same airport, but also the river Rhine that makes life in these two cities truly relaxing. The river determines everyday life in the big cities. You will get your money’s worth if you visit these cities with your Bulli. The roads meander along the longest German river and nature is only interrupted by equally idyllic small towns and beautiful castles, palaces and noble residences.

If you get the chance visit the cities during May in order to experience a very special highlight. Celebrate “Rhine in Flames” in Bonn with spectacular fireworks on the banks of the river. Colorful, loud, and absolutely recommended. Nevertheless, a detour along the river is always a good idea, whether you prefer Cologne or Bonn. Get on a boat and have a tour on the river. You will see tours available at every corner in various options regarding the destinations and its amount of time. Get on, put up your feed and feel good.

roadsurfer camping tip: “Waldbad and Camping” – In the middle of the forest and still close to the city life

Get off the boat at the Rhine, hop on your Roadsurfer camper van, head towards Muenster, but get off your van and on your bike before you reach the city. The most popular means of transport is the bike around here.

Hire campervan Hire camper in Cologne

Travel tip #9: Muenster

Saddle up, please!

The city of Muenster is especially characterized by its young students and an architectural masterpiece. Beautiful, magnificent and at the same time full of idyllic charm. “Tatort” fans can embark on a thrilling tour of the city, whereas anyone else might simply look around the wonderful facades of the houses as they randomly walk the streets. The “Giebelhueueskes” are a mark in the medieval old town. The most famous building of this kind is located in the old town and is of course the historic town hall.

Take a detour a little outside of the city. Time is worth it. Get on the bike and enjoy the great roads for bikers in “Muensterland”. Numerous small stations such as the “Melkhus” in the northern part of the region is a great place to have a break. As its name implies, this house gives out milk to strengthen travelers and make your bike ride a real experience. Furthermore, visit the many castles on the way.

roadsurfer camp site tip: “Ferienpark Westheide” – Family Camping near Greven

The North – Great View with a Fresh Breeze

Rent a camper van in Germany and head to the north. Get out your raincoats, because the Hanseatic cities might surprise you. Definitely visit, because there is a lot on offer, especially in Hamburg.

Travel tip #10: Hamburg

High Culture meets Pop Culture. Meaning “Fischbrötchen” and “Lustmeile”

Hamburg is considered the “Pearl” of Germany directly located at the Elbe and a true paradise for those who love water. The port of the city is known as the Germans gateway to the world due to its merchant ships and exports. At the fish market in the city, you can enjoy some culinary delights such as fish sandwiches. While your having your breakfast, enjoy the morning view around the port.

Take a trip on a boat across the Lake Alster and let yourself go before you will be taken be the wicked places of the city in the evening. The “Reeperbahn” is not only the most famous red light district in the world, but also the perfect spot for a night out. If you do not enjoy nightlife in general, head to the “Elbphilharmonie” and other numerous musical houses and enjoy a relaxing night with great music.

roadsurfer camping tip: “Motorhome Port” Hamburg – Right in the Heart of the City at the Elbe

Hire campervan Hire camper in Hamburg

Rent a camper van! The Northern and Baltic Sea are waiting for you

After visiting Hamburg, head north and visit the coast of the Northern and Baltic Sea. Enjoy water sports in St. Peter Ording and various other attractions, stroll along beautiful coast lines and sip some champagne with the who is who of the German celebrity elite in Sylt. Build sandcastles, visit the ostrich farm in Usedom and sail in front of the most famous chalk cliffs in the north of Ruegen. If you feel like you need the perfect ending to a perfect road trip you are right here. Complete your camper holiday across Germany with a trip to the Northern and Baltic Sea.

Rent a camper van and discover Germany

No matter what you are looking for, the things you enjoy and the sights you want to see, we have it all here waiting for you. The only thing that you need is the perfect roadsurfer travel companion. Choose one of our many Roadsurfer models, hop on, enjoy your road trip and return safely. Set your own goals and time limit and we will make the adjusting things work. Rent a camper van, put your foot down, hop on and enjoy your individual road trip. It will be fun for sure.

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