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Hire a camper in Frankfurt

“Alle Hesse sin Vebräsche, denn sie klaue Aschebäscha…!” that is how a saying goes. Literally translated as: all Hessians are criminals because they steal ashtrays. This typical southern Hessian dialect is recognized among most people who have ever visited the state. I will stay with you forever because it is that distinctive. If you are born and raised in the area, there will probably be no other way than to rent your campervan in Frankfurt and start the journey with a trip back home. Nevertheless, Frankfurt is a well known city globally. Everyone should visit once, especially if you consider hiring one of our roadsurfer campervans. Frankfurt is a very modern, vibrant and cool metropolis like you have not seen anywhere else. The charming state of Hesse and the great city vibes of Frankfurt are reason enough for us to build a roadsurfer home. In Frankfurt as well as many other cities, we are able to fulfill your desire to rent a campervan and provide the basic tool for your camping holiday.

Camper rental Frankfurt

Bus handover: Frankfurt: Salzschlirfer Straße 11

Approach roadsurfer Frankfurt

From the main station: Train to Frankfurt-Mainkur → 26 minutes walk to roadsurfer

Parking in Frankfurt

MyZeil / Palaisquartier (916 parking spaces) | Three minutes walk to the stock exchange. 7,50 Euro for 2 hours | Clearance height 2.10 metres

Camping in Frankfurt

Campsite Mainkur (directly on the Main) | Facilities: Lounge, kiosk, playground, water sports | 15 minutes on foot to the nearest public transportation

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High-end vehicles VW California T6, Mercedes Marco Polo and other models. The first registration of all our camper is less than 24 months.

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Roadsurfer campervan from 75 euro per night

Hire a camper in Frankfurt

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Hire a camper in Frankfurt

First stop: Rent a campervan in Frankfurt

“Bembel” (earthenware jug), “Äppelwoi” (wine made of apples) and “Handkös mit Musik” (regional type of cheese) is foreign vocabulary? Understandably, if you are not from the area. If you want to dig into that culture, do! If you want to start the roadtrip right away, do! Arriving by plane is quite easy due to the frequent international flights to and from Frankfurt Airport. Once landed, rent your campervan and conquer Europe.

The Camper rental Frankfurt offers a wide range of holiday options and provides quite a few advantages that will guarantee you the best start into the most beautiful time of the year – your roadtrip with a roadsurfer campervan:

  • Frankfurt is located right in the middle of Germany and furthermore the heart of Europe
  • It takes the same amount of time to reach breathtaking mountain ranges as well as beautiful beaches
  • Camper rental in Frankfurt provides you easy access to the most important motorways A5 and A3
  • Airport, bus stop, train station: Everything is well connected and easy to reach

Camper rental in Frankfurt – first stop? Well, Frankfurt!

Campervan hire in Frankfurt – take it from us: it would be a real pity, if you did not pay a visit to the city at the Main River. Apart from the distinct dialect and the traditional dishes, the city offers a unique cityscape with its one of a kind architecture among Germany. The European Central Bank, the Opera and the “Frankfurter Römer” are places you should visit. You will feel like a time traveler. With your roadsurfer campervan you can easily drive around the city. Another advantage: parking spaces are more commonly available in this city.

roadsurfer tip

Are you interested in discovering the city center? Strolling along the busy streets “Zeil” and “Goethe Strasse”? Go on a shopping spree before heading out towards new adventures? Frankfurt offers anything you can imagine. If you are lucky to rent a camper in Frankfurt during winter season you are able to experience one of the nicest Christmas Markets Germany has to offer. All located close to the main sights and if you are willing to pay a few Euro, there are parking lots around “Konstablerwache” and “Hauptwache”. From there it is a stone’s throw to your winter fairy tale.

Campervan hire in Frankfurt: Take a walk!

On a tour with your campervan through Frankfurt, you will pass many important sights across the city, such as at the “Messeturm” or on the “Mainufer” (river banks). But contrary to all rumors that Frankfurt is a cold, anonyme, and lifeless city, the fifth largest city in Germany with more than 732,000 inhabitants, historic sights and lively neighborhoods such as “Bornheim” and “Sachsenhausen” has plenty to offer.

A stroll through “Berger Strasse” with a refreshing break to enjoy a glass of the traditional “Äppler” (cider) and another stop to enjoy a traditional meal of “Handkäs mit Musik” and Frankfurter Sausages with delicious mustard are a must if you visit the city. Best part: all of that you could do on foot. Thankfully you also got your rental campervan in any case. Drive along the river banks, get out of the van and enjoy a stroll in the sun. If you are more the comfortable type, take a blanket and take a nap with a spectacular view on the skyline and watch the boats go by on the river.

Campervan rental in Frankfurt and explore the city

Anyone interested in modern art and exhibitions should head to the “Schirn”, the “Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt”. Biannually, painters, modern sculptors and postmodernist artists are paid homage here – from Magritte to Giacometti. If you are not that into it and whoever is traveling with children, we strongly recommend the “Senkenberg-Museum”. Dinosaur skeletons, interactive exhibits and many other elements inside the museum make for enthusiastic “Ahs” and “Ohs”!

Campervan hire in Frankfurt: There are daily guided tours in the town hall “Römer”, which was built in 1405, that tell you about the 600-year-old history of the emperors who came to the city. Even today, the “Römer” serves as an important national monument/square. It is known to be the destination for the return of the German national football team to celebrate their wins after international championships. Which happens a lot, to be frank!

Visiting Frankfurt by ship and train

After visiting the historic site of the “Römer”, numerous localities invite you to stop at the “Rathausplatz”. Take a sip of the traditional “Schoppe”, which is a type of white wine, but remember: Do not drink and drive!

Taking a cruise or the “Tram”

No other city in the whole world offers the opportunity to explore its localities with a train where you are served “Äppler”. It is called the “Ebbelwei Express”! With this express you can explore the city center in a very unique way and you do not have to worry about any traffic. It is really comfortable! You can board it at the main train station or at the zoo. Adults pay 8 Euro for the ticket, while children have to pay 3.50 Euro. So hop on!

You want to pass the stunning Frankfurt skyline, which is landmark for the German financial center, while taking a break from walking around? You want all of this on a ship that is floating across the Main River? Well, nothing can stop you from taking a cruise. Relax, have a coffee, enjoy the view!

Camper rental Frankfurt: At roadsurfer you get the Mercedes Marco Polo!

Campervan hire in Frankfurt: Rent the Marco Polo and start your personal roadtrip! Mercedes has given the Marco Polo a very noble design. And as a roadsurfer it comes of course with a colourful foil. The interior is decorated in black and white piano lacquer – an eye-catcher on every camping site. Marco Polo and have even more advantages: 190 HP, all-wheel drive and trailer hitch. You can find all information here: Marco Polo Camper rental!

Mercedes Marco Polo hire

Start your journey right: Camper rental in Frankfurt!

Here, you are in the right place. The world is your oyster and no matter where you choose to drive, it is going to be an amazing trip with your roadsurfer campervan. Up north towards Denmark, going west into the direction of the French Atlantic coast, or south to the fascinating “Breisgau” near Freiburg, Genoa and further south Sardinia. Since Frankfurt is in the heart of this beautiful continent, everything seems possible and it serves as the greatest starting point for a Eurotrip.

roadsurfer travel tip: destination beach! The French Atlantic coast. After enjoying the Hessian metropolis during the day, you set out towards France at around 4.00 pm. The best way to get to Paris is by ferry to Royan le Verdon, because there you can take the first ferry at 7.00 am to cross the canal.

Rent VW California Beach and experience Europe

From here it is only about 20 minutes drive to one of the most beautiful campsites in France directly behind the dunes at the beach: Le Gurp. The ride is about 1,000 kilometers long and if you travel during the night, take a break and a quick nap. Remember: Stay safe, always!

From here it is a stone’s throw to Montalivet, where there is a wonderful market every day. Furthermore, Bordeaux is only about 1.5 hours of a drive away. If you continue south, you will get to Lacanaux, which provides a beatifully, clean and serene lake. It is perfect for a nice bath! Hop in and enjoy your break! We recommend you to rent a surfboard. If you are in the mood and have the time, extend your trip and visit Biarritz and return via Cote d’Azur with your rental campervan.

Return your hire campervan Frankfurt: Already back in the metropolis!

Well, that went quick. Your holiday is over, you are relaxed and excited to bring back adventurous stories to your loved ones. But first things first: returning your roadsurfer camper in Frankfurt. We are very happy that you have chosen us as your partner for the best road trip you will experience and hope you will return soon. “Suppa Ulaub” (Amazing Holiday) and “Dangeschee”.

Camper rental Frankfurt!

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