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Camper rental Constance

roadsurfer – your camper rental in Constance!

Constance is the largest city in the “Vierländerregion Bodensee” and thus the perfect starting point for a trip with the T6 California campervan. What will you need for a road trip like this? Simply a campervan. Hire your camper bus in Constance and get additional insider knowledge with it. We provide the gist!

Picturesque lanes, exciting cultural experiences, nature, tradition meets modernity – all that is to be found in Constance and the region around Lake Constance. A quick getaway to Switzerland? A detour to Austria? It can be so easy. Camper rental in Constance and you are quite flexible and have many amazing destinations to check out. You can change the country within minutes.

Camper rental Constance

Bus handover: Im Aachtal 1a, 78267 Aach, Germany

Parking in Konstanz

Multi-storey car park Altstadt (359 parking spaces) | Two minutes walk to the old town. 3 Euro for 2 hours | Clearance height 2.10 metres

Camping in Konstanz

Camping Bruderhofer | Facilities: kiosk, playground, sports facilities | 15 minutes on foot to the next stop

Camper rental Constance – camp at Lake Constance

camper rental constance Seeufer

In order to enjoy your holidays and get the rest that you need, do not plan too much though. Constance itself is an amazingly beautiful destination within Europe. Before you go exploring other countries, stay a while, take your time and enjoy everything this town hast to offer. Take your campervan and drive around the lake. In order to make it even easier for you, we provide you with excellent tips. Firstly, here are our major tips for camping sites in and around Constance.

Camping at Lake Constance – More than an Overnight-Stay

In and around Constance you will find more than twenty camping sites. None of these sites are far from the shores of Lake Constance. Pretty convenient, right? But how does that even work? Basically, there is water everywhere around the city. Hence, many opportunities to open camping sites. They are spread across the city and even further into towns such as “Allersbach” and “Radolfzell”.

  1. Camping “Litzelstetten”: Park your rental campervan and head straight into the clear waters of Lake Constance. The beach is only a few meters away from the camping site, so you can check on your campervan while enjoying a good time at the lake. It is the smallest camping site at Lake Constance and located in the middle of a natural reserve between an idyllic pond and the shore of Lake Constance. You want to enjoy a view on the lake from your campervan? Open the window and take in the magnificent view of “Mainau” Island, which is only a twenty-minute walk away from your camping site. Another island is “Reichenau”. You should discover both. Leave your campervan at the site and use the public transport. The network is well established. If you feel like taking a bike, do. It is a nice ride around the area.
  2. Camping “Hegne”: In “Hegne” you are in the middle of a natural reserve around Lake Constance as well. “Reichenau” Island is quite close from here. On the terrace of the restaurant you are able to enjoy a great view on the lake and the island, as well as homemade regional products.
  3. Camping “Klausenhorn”: “Klausenhorn” is a headland that pushes into Lake Constance between the two fishing and peasant villages called “Dingelsdorf” and “Wallhausen”. Exactly here, you will find “Ueberlinger” Lake, which is almost untouched by people and naturally idyllic, free from traffic and noise. Enjoy your stay at the highly regarded, four-star rated place “Klausenhorn”. The beach is a great spot to go sunbathing and relax. Is there a better way to recover from a stressful day?

Campervan hire in Constance and enjoy everything this city has to offer

The most important thing is settled. You have rented your camper in Constance. Another important issue to solve is the camping site. You have booked it already? Well done! Not it is time to explore Constance and the region. In order for you to enjoy the area, we have already gathered a few sights for you and put together a list. Do not miss anything from that list if you have the chance.

Camper rental in Constance and explore the city:

  • “Aachquelle” (Spring)
  • Archealogical State Museum of “Baden-Wuerttemberg”
  • Bismarck Tower
  • Lake Constance
  • Trinity Church
  • Constance Harbor
  • Hus House
  • Imperia
  • Mainau Island
  • “Kaiserbrunnen” (Fountain)
  • Market Place
  • Upper Market
  • Constance Cathedral
  • Constance Town Hall
  • Constance Council Building
  • “Niedernburg” (Castle)
  • “Rheintorturm” (Tower)
  • “Rosgarten Museum” (Museum)
  • Saint Stephen’s Church
  • Saint Mary Castle Church
  • Mainau Castle
  • “Schnetztor” (Gate)
  • Triumphal Arch
  • Constance University

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A camper like from one casting: rent a Mercedes Marco Polo and experience an unusual camping bus! Campervan hire in Constance: With the Marco Polo Mercedes clearly put a lot of effort into it. The premium camper has a black and white yacht look – a real eye-catcher. Of course, this is complemented with the typical roadsurfer colourful foiling. But the Mercedes Marco Polo also has a lot to offer in terms of equipment: Trailer hitch, all-wheel drive and 190 hp. You want to know more? No problem: You can find more information here: Marco Polo Campervan hire!

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The Old Town of Constance: Just wonderful!

camper rental constance lake constance

Campervan hire in Constance: In order for you to enjoy these many places and sights without getting confused, book a guided tour of the city and you will get many historical and cultural insights as well. The stories of the guides when you reach the attractions make you feel like your time traveling and bring the former times back to life. Embark on the secrets of emperors, kings, clerics, heretics and nuns. Tours start at fifty Euro and you can book it via the Constance City Homepage. The tour will take around two hours out of your time.

roadsurfer tip: Campervan hire in Constance – combine your city tour with a wine tasting. Thus, the walk through history will become a culinary experience as well.

Rent a VW Bus and experience the old town of Constance

If you prefer to discover the city all by yourself you should try that. Explore the are on your own, but make sure to not skip anything. Hopefully, you will not miss the Minster and numerous buildings of the city council. Also, walk and discover far of the beaten tracks of tourists. Enjoy a walk through “Niederburg”, the oldest part of the city. The Middle Ages will come to live in its most romantic form with sweet shops, small restaurants, taverns and many bars.

roadsurfer tip: The antiquarian “Patzer & Trenklein” at “Kreuzlinger Strasse”. It is a small bookstore, crammed with books under the ceiling and the cutest shop window you will ever see. Incidentally, it is one of the favorite places of a well known television actress from the most popular show in German television “Tatort” – campervan hire in Constance!

Discover “Konstanz Muenster”

If you want to get the best possible overview on everything regarding the city, there is no better place to start than “Konstanz Muenster”. On top of this traditional church, you will be rewarded with a fabulous panoramic view of the city. Entry fee is two Euro and totally worth paying.

roadsurfer tip: 24 Hours, 2 Countries, 1 Flea Market! The cross-border flea market will take place in spring (next date 29th-30th June 2019) and stretches from Constance in Germany to Kreuzlingen in Switzerland. With around 1,000 stalls it is one of the most beautiful and largest markets in the region. Spread between two countries, this is a unique market worth experiencing.

Camper rental in Constance – book now!

Constance Highlight – Constance Lake

camper rental constance lake constance Panorama

If you are visiting Constance, you cannot miss the lake. You must go for a walk at the shore at least. Along the banks, there is a path that leads you to the “Rheinbrücke” (bridge) where you can enjoy a view on the famous “Seestrasse”, the popular panoramic picture known for Constance. After a break at the bridge, head to “Smugglers Bay”. The path is nice and you have great access to the lake. After a short walk through the forest, you will arrive at “Strandbad Horn” and the harbor. Continue on your route around the lake or take a ferry to “Meersburg”. A ship leaves every ten to fifteen minutes. The boats are quite flexible and you can hop off and on anywhere basically. Take a bus or train back to the starting point and do it all over again. Want to do it in one go? It is around 53 kilometers of a walk, so you might have to plan more time.

roadsurfer tip: The waterfront of the city garden is especially nice for strolling around and lingering on the lawn. Get yourself a coffee-to-go, sit by the lake, enjoy the breeze and take in the sun. That is all that you will need to enjoy this beautiful city by the lake.

Take a boat to the islands – It is a must!

camper rental constance Seeufer

You have a lake, a wonderful city and numerous islands right at your feet. What could be more fun than that? Do some island hopping and discovery the many unique spots on the lake. Use some of our insider tips and discover the hidden spots.

The island of flowers – “Mainau”

It is the third largest island of Lake Constance and best reached by a boat from the city. The most diverse flowers shine their light on the island and let it appear as the most colorful of them all. You will discover a beautiful green house full of butterflies and a baroque castle if you walk around a little. The famous flower menu is served here as well. Attention: since the island is privately owned, adults have to pay twenty Euro to enter the land.

The island of vegetables – “Reichenau”

This island is easily accessible by boat. On the way there you will pass “Triboltinger Bohl”, another island, which is part of the famous natural reserve “Wollmatinger Ried”. If you like birds, there are many to watch around the island. “Reichenau” is known for its vegetable cultivation, which is particularly favored because of the Mediterranean climate. In addition to monasteries and churches your way will lead you to the “Hochwart”, which is the highest point of the island. Enjoy the breathtaking view. A short hike leads you to the end of Lake Constance. Start in “Stiegen” and walk down. A bridge leads you across the border to Switzerland. If you are planning on taking this route, take your passport with you. You will need it!

roadsurfer tip: The dwellings of Lake Constance in “Wangen-Hinterhorn” are ranked among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2011. They are definitely worth a visit.

“Mettnau” – The Peninsula

With a length of 3.5 kilometers and a width of up to 800 meters, the “Mettnau” is a magical spot. Bird lovers should come here, because you will find many species around this spot. You can circle the reserve with a ferry. Take the “HELIO” for a boat ride.

roadsurfer tip: Just a short distance from “Mettnau”, there is one of the smallest islands of Lake Constance known as the “Love Island”. By the way: in 1956 a well known movie was filmed on this island called “The Fisherwoman of Lake Constance”. Take your partner, a blanket, some food and a digital device and enjoy the scenery and the movie.

Be active and use the opportunities the lake offers

camper rental constance lake constance Segelschiff

Where there is water, there is water sports. Lake Constance is a popular place for swimming, paddling and windsurfing. The best selection of spots is provided by no one less than roadsurfer. Read further below:

Camper rental Constance – Water Sports on Lake Constance

  • Surfing: “Staad” is the oldest surfing school in Constance
  • Windsurfing: “Tom’s Aqua Club” takes it step by step as one of the most known windsurfing and catamaran sailing schools
  • Wakeboarden & Wasserski: The “Wakeboard Driving School” in “Dingelsdorf” offers banana boats, SUPs and tubes
  • Canoeing: The “La Canoa Canoe Center” offers thirty different types of experiences
  • Kayaking & Canoeing: “Paddle Professional” provides weekend trips for a quick getaway
  • Pedal and Motor Boats: Visit the “Gondola Harbor” / City Garden. There are boats for rent.
  • Sailing:
    • “Sailing School Constance” is centrally located at the city gardens and provides the best theoretical and practical education on sailing with an emphasis on motor- and sailingboats.
    • The “Wild Fleet” in “Wallhausen” offers something similar. The choice is yours!
  • DivingHead to “Wallhausen”, which is the most attractive area for diving.

Exhausted after all the exercise? Strengthen yourself!

If you are in Constance, make a detour to “Voglhaus”. They serve regional specialties such as “Maultaschen”, which go way back in tradition. Furthermore, coffee, cake, homemade ice-cream, pasta, wraps and quiche are on the menu. Apart from being a restaurant, this place serves as a shop as well. You can find anything from soap to little houses for birds.

“Holly’s” is another place you should check out. With its vintage style interior, you can enjoy the flair by enjoying delicious curries, burgers, salads, tartes and many vegan dishes. You like anything you see? Well, you can buy the interior. It is possible. Just ask anyone working there and the chair you could be sitting on could be yours.

“Cafe Zeitgeist” is an institution in Constance and ideal for a tasty coffee, a relaxed time out or just a quick break. In the evening you should visit the bar called “Klimperkasten”. The big city flair almost makes you forget about the small city you are visiting.

You can go much further from here with your campervan

After exploring the city and Lake Constance with its unique little islands, it is time for you to head out with your campervan. Get into your bus and head to Bern in Switzerland. It takes just under three hours via the motorway A1 right into the heart of the Swiss capital.

France? Yes, it is close as well. In 2.5 hours you will reach the French-German border near Strasbourg. Take the motorway A81. Continue to the Atlantic coast in France afterward. Want to visit Austria? Head to Innsbruck for a day trip. Feel like Liechtenstein? Close by as well. See, there are multiple options. One more? Italy. Take a trip into the beautiful country as well.

Your campervan is exhausted and you are finished with your road trip? Head back to Constance and return your campervan

This is not the end. You can always extend your rental campervan or come back another time for another road trip with one of our roadsurfer campervans. For now it is time to say goodbye to your campervan though. We would be delighted to see and hear from you again in the future and hope you had the most amazing road trip with a campervan.

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