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Benelux Union roadtrip

Travelling in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg

There’s nothing like spontaneity: It’s the middle of the week and there we go. Our agenda includes three countries full of nature, splendour, and candies: also known as the Benelux Union. You will have your own four walls on four wheels always with you – just like real roadsurfers.

Author: Lukas Zwiessele

Roadtrip durch Benelux

Great start in Luxembourg

After three hours on the motorway it’s time to welcome the city of Luxembourg. A clean town on top of a mountain with an ancient city centre, large squares and tall buildings overlooking the Petruss valley. Well, the restaurant prices are as high as the city walls. However, the suit- and tie-wearer pay this out of their petty cash. In the end, we play along once and order a pizza for 17,95 Euro.

Roadtrip durch Benelux

Roadtrip through the Benelux Union: The best porridge at the lake

With a full stomach, we continue our roadtrip to the northern Obersauer sea. The sea lies there like a kidney, in the middle of nothing. After a quiet camping night we prepare the probably best porridge of our holiday at the most quiet lake of the country. The built-in kitchen has everything you need. Afterwards we get into a boat and drift over the lake letting the sun shining in our face – until we start our journey to Belgium at noon.

Roadtrip durch Benelux

Brussels: a city for epicures

Arriving in Brussels, we almost rush to one of the most famous sights in Belgium: the peeing boy. Indeed, Manneken Pis is only a small statue but incredibly popular along the tourists. To the right and left of the cobbled streets are countless small owner-operated shops. The sweet smell of sugar dishes lures us to Belgian waffles and pralines. After visiting the modern European Quarter, the futuristic Atomium and the big Grand Place (which actually isn’t that big), we need a typical Belgian double fried French fries cone – definitely not everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, we set the hook on our Bucket List and continue in the direction of the Netherlands.

Two more people? No problem for our camper van

Almost at the same time we meet friends at the campsite “de Badhoeve” by the sea. After a cheerful evening we check the van for its spaciousness. Test passed. After a quick modification, all four of us find enough place for a pleasant sleep. Despite atypical May weather, the night isn’t very cold. We are awakened by chirping birds and the sound of the waves. On a jetty, we enjoy the second best porridge of the trip sitting in folding chairs integrated into our van. Strengthened for the day we go via P&R into the heart of Amsterdam. Once arrived in the centre, we make it our goal to test all the Macarons of the city. After a shock of sugar we agree that we just missed our goal and set off with the Public Ferry towards Amsterdam Noord. On the banks of the canal we start a table football duel in a trendy café next to the A’DAM Lookout with the famous “I am Amsterdam” lettering behind us.

Roadtrip through the Benelux Union: Last evening in Amsterdam

Afterwards, we go for a quick walk through the districts with the famous red lights and then to a shop where you can legally get what is illegal in Germany. Nevertheless, we like the cheese tasting even better. We buy a good wine for our (unfortunately) last evening of the roadtrip through the Benelux countries. Far too fast, flattened by 20,000 steps through great cities and landscapes and thinking of our next roadtrip, we satisfiedly fall asleep.

Roadtrip durch Benelux

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