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Hire a camper in Brussels

The capital of Belgium is not only the hub of NATO and the EU, it is also a paradise for tourists from all over the world with its famous Manneken Pis, the Atomium and the Royal Palace. To fully enjoy the charm of Brussels, you can rent a camper in Brussels and explore the city and its surroundings.

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Hire a camper in Brussels

Address: Bergensesteenweg 764a, 1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

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Camping in Brussels

Camping Grimbergen | Parcelled pitches | Dogs allowed | Restaurant available | Distance to town centre approx. 27 minutes by car

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In Belgium you can rent in our location Brussels.

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Hire a camper in Brussels

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VW T6 California Ocean hire

Surfer Suite VW T6.1 California Ocean

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

105€ / Night

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Dog Suite VW T6 California Ocean DOG

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

105€ / Night

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Mercedes Marco Polo mieten

Travel Home Mercedes Marco Polo

  • Seats for 4 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4 people

99€ / Night

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Ford Nugget with pop-up roof hire

Camper Cabin Ford Nugget with pop-up roof

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

105€ / Night

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VW Transporter Campervan mieten

Beach Hostel VW T6 Transporter

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 2 people

75€ / Night

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Dog Hostel Deluxe VW T6 California Beach

  • Seats for 5 persons
  • Sleeping places for 4-5 people

90€ / Night

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Rent a campervan in Brussels – in the centre of Europe

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but also of the European Union and NATO, which makes it one of the most important cities in Europe. Many holidaymakers say that its charm only reveals itself at second glance. Reason enough to rent a camper van in Brussels and not only explore the surrounding regions, but also spend a little more time in the city itself.

How to get to Brussels

By plane you can reach Brussels in one hour on a direct flight from Frankfurt. By train it is also quite fast and you can get from Frankfurt central station to Bruxelles-Nord in about 4 hours. Then you can rent one of our practical and comfortable campervans in Brussels and off you go on your discovery tour of the Belgian capital.

Sightseeing in Brussels

Manneken Pis

The symbol of Brussels is a bit unusual, because after all, the Manneken Pis is a naked fountain figure that is making pee-pee. This little blankie also has more clothes in the cupboard than you do. Because over the years Manneken has accumulated more than 800 costumes that are worn on special occasions and can otherwise be admired in the “GardeRobe MannekenPis”.

Our tip: In the 1980s, the female counterpart Jeanneke Pis was created in the spirit of equality. So it’s best to say hello to both of them!

Grand Place

After a visit to the naked couple, you should stroll around the Grand Place. Here you will find the old town hall, numerous guild houses and other magnificent buildings that have made this beautiful square a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Grand Place is particularly festive when Ommegang, a medieval festival, is held or when the Brussels Flower Carpet is rolled out: Then the whole square is transformed into a sea of flowers.

Council: Europe Building

The Europe Building is the home of the European Council and the Council of the European Union. This makes it not only an important political witness of its time, as the Council is also an architectural masterpiece. The cube consists of almost 4,000 restored window frames, which are illuminated in the evening by numerous LED tubes. Guided tours allow you to look behind the scenes and learn more about the work of the Council and the EU, as well as the architects and artists who worked on the building.

Important: Although the tours are free of charge, you must book in advance.


A slightly larger and more impressive landmark of Brussels is the Atomium, built for the 1958 World Fair. The tubes and spheres are not only a popular subject for photography, but are also home to numerous exhibitions on the design, science and history of the Atomium. There is a restaurant and probably the fastest lift in Europe to take you to the top – for the best view in Brussels.

Art Noveau in Brussels

Brussels is a real treasure trove for lovers of architecture, as there are numerous beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, in German mostly known as “Jugendstil”. The architect Victor Horta, who built many of the hotels in Brussels, was the main architect. Today the Horta Museum pays homage to him in his former house and studio in the Rue Américaine. You can also visit his masterpieces such as the Hôtel Tassel, Hôtel Solvay and the Hôtel van Eetvelde in Brussels. The Swiss architect Michel Polak, who designed the Villa Empain, went one step further. It impressively combines Art Nouveau with Art Deco and Modernism and is now open to the public again and home to the Fondation Boghossian cultural foundation.

Museums in Brussels

Of course there are also some great museums in Brussels, which are not only fun on rainy days. The MIMA, Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art, is the art museum par excellence and takes you on a journey through time of contemporary art, covering all creative fields.

The Magritte Museum is no less impressive: it is considered the largest Magritte collection in the world and houses over 200 works by the Belgian artist. “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” became a key phrase in modern art.

If you not only like to listen to music but also want to learn about it, go to the Musical Instruments Museum. In the beautiful art nouveau villa there are a total of 8000 instruments that vividly tell the story of music.

Mini Europe

At the heart of Europe, you can also take a trip around the EU: Mini-Europe makes it possible. It’s not only children who will have fun seeing the highlights of European architecture in miniature. The scale is 1:25 and there are miniatures of Big Ben, Venetian gondolas and the Eiffel Tower, among other things. How cute! You can also take a look at where you want to go with the camper afterwards. You can also join in the fun and you can once again bring down the Berlin Wall or let Vesuvius erupt in Mini-Europe. Who doesn’t like pressing buttons?

Royal greenhouses, Laeken

The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken also inspire both nature lovers and architects. The greenhouses and conservatory are beautiful examples of Art Nouveau, designed by Balat, whose apprentice was Victor Horta. The many pavilions house numerous tropical and subtropical plants and there is also an impressive botanical garden. If you want to see this, you have to plan your camping trip in Brussels accordingly, as the greenhouses are only open for viewing for a two-week period at the end of April each year. We say – it’s worth it!

Beer in Brussels

It is clear to everyone that beer and Belgium go hand in hand. But did you know that Belgian beer culture is so important that it was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 2016? There are 200 breweries throughout the country. Of course, you have to try it on a trip to Brussels. Leave your campervan safely and use public transport instead to drink your way through some of the country’s 2,500 types of beer without worrying. Start with a visit to the Cantillon brewery, the only brewery in Brussels that is still in operation and yet open to the public. The brewery even has a Michelin star!

It’s also worth taking a look at the calendar, as there are numerous beer festivals in Brussels during the summer. At these festivals, large and small breweries from Belgium and other countries come together to present the best of hops and malt. Cheers!

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