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Class B RV rental: Camper Castle

The Camper Castle offers plenty of space and comfort as it is just under 23 feet long! Our semi-integrated class B RV has 2+1 sleeping places without the need to convert, a spacious living room/kitchen area, a big bathroom with a warm water shower and a toilet, and parking air conditioning! Please note that this model is only available in certain countries in Europe.

Starting from € 99 / night

Advantages at a glance

The Knaus Sky Wave, otherwise known as the Camper Castle, fulfills all of your extra special wishes because everything is extra big and comfortable. Anyone who appreciates space and comfort and likes to be extra comfortable on the road will enjoy the big bathroom with a toilet and a shower with warm water. The spacious kitchen has three gas cookers, soft-close drawers, and a fridge with a capacity of 4.7 cubic feet. It also has 2+1 sleeping spaces without any need for conversion.

This class B RV is ideal for road trips during the colder months as it doesn’t have a pop-up roof, everything is isolated, and it comes with a cozy and warm parking air condition. The small trunk offers you space for additional luggage and outdoor equipment. A GPS, cruise control, rear camera, Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay/Android Car, and the digital cockpit ensure security and entertainment even while driving.

Please note: We recommend this model for use by two people as the maximum weight of 661 lbs may be loaded, including the weight of persons, luggage/ personal equipment, and tanks. The Camper Castle is therefore ideal for campgrounds with a water supply. Please note that you should avoid filling the water tank while driving; otherwise, you will exceed the permissible total weight.

Comfortable and spacious (2+1 sleeping places without the need to convert)

Big living/dining room (with a big fridge, three gas cookers, and soft-close drawers)

Extra big bathroom (shower with warm water and toilet)

Practical small truck for extra luggage or items

Perfect for the winter (no pop-up roof and air conditioning)

Your Camper castle Equipment

Sitting & Sleeping

✓ 3 Seats
Both front seats can be rotated

✓ 2+1 Sleeping spaces
2 adults in the fixed bed (L 6’7″ x W 4’8″) and 1 child in the lift bed (L 6’5″ x W 4’7″)

✓ Shade blind
For all windows (even for the windscreen)

We recommend this vehicle for 2 adults taking into consideration max 661 lbs. loading weight.

Eating & Cooking

✓ Complete kitchenette
Big kitchen with a big fridge, a sink, three gas cookers and storage space

✓ Kitchen box
Includes camping pots and a pan, espresso cooker, coffee cups, glasses, plates, small bowls and silverware (for 4 people), silverware for children, cooking utensils, salad bowls, small knives and a bowl for washing up

Water & Electricity

✓ Bathroom with shower and toilet
A complete bathroom with a small sink, a shower with warm water, and a toilet

✓ Power connection and supply-battery
230-Volt-power-connection in the vehicle over shore-side-power from the outside (extension cord and Schuko-socket for electricity at the campground) – 12-Volt connection

Please note that the maximum permissible loading weight of 661 lbs. also affects the fill levels of your fresh and waste water tanks (4.4 gallon travel limit)

Summer & Winter equipment

Seat heating
For the driver and passenger seat

Stationary heating
Powered by gas

✓ Air conditioning
When the engine is turned off

✓ Fly screen

✓ Awning

✓ A camping table + two good camping chairs
For exterior use

Technical information

140 hp diesel engine


Length: 23' | Width: 7'7"(with outside mirror) | Height: 9'4"

Always specify the length of 25 feet in case you book a ferry

Rear camera

Integrated navigation system

Cruise Control

Bluetooth, USB, Radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Car

Isofix system

on the rear seats

Level Ramps

For adjusting the campervan on uneven terrain

Emergency equipment

Safety vests, warning triangle and first aid kit

New vehicles

First registration 2022

Optional bookable equipment

optional bookable equipment

Fahrradträger für 3 Räder an der Heckklappe inkl. Warntafel für Italien/Spanien

$5 per night

Two additional camping chairs

one-time payment of 25€ per booking

Additional camping table

one-time payment of 25€ per booking

Car Seat for Children (1-3 & 4-12 year olds)

one-time payment of 35€ per booking

Bed linen 1 person (pillow, sheet, blanket)

one-time payment of 29€ per booking

Home is Where You Park It!

Find exceptional pitches and exclusive campsites all over Europe with roadsurfer spots. Book in advance or spontaneously while on the road.

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Campingtable and Chair at a sunny beach spot


Yes. roadsurfer does not have a mileage restriction. Drive as far as you want & have fun!

There is a variety of camping equipment which can be rented from roadsurfer. A roof-rack for your surfboard, colorful campervan bedding or a child’s seat are just a few examples of your optional extras. Check out our equipment page for more information.

Of course you can let us know if you don’t want to take along a porta-potty or other equipment which you had booked. However, we unfortunately cannot refund such equipment (bike rack for example) as we plan and purchase according to these bookings in advance. We ask for your understanding that equipment cannot be cancelled separately.

Young drivers under the age of 21 can rent and drive our campervans. However, you do have to be in possession of your license for at least one year. The rental price includes 2 drivers. If you as the renter or driver are under the age of 23, please note that the deductible in case of an accident/damage  is increased to €2500. By booking the Advanced or Complete insurance package, the deductible for young drivers can be respectively reduced to €1500 or €500.

Any questions? You’ll find the answers in our Help Center!

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