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You are not only a van lover but also a fan of nature, outdoor sport, mountains and seas? Then, you are one of us! roadsurfer contributes with each booking to the world-climate-account.

roadsurfer in the nature


Everybody leaves their own Ecological Footprint. It measures all CO2 emissions that are caused due to the use of raw materials and energy. Through our behaviour, we, directly and indirectly, produce carbon dioxide. However, we can also have a positive influence on the climate, for example, through our diet, what we buy, where we live, how we heat up, and how we travel.

Travelling with a camper is a lot of fun. Nevertheless, our campers also consume fuel which, in turn, emits CO2. We take our responsibility towards the planet very seriously and that is why we reach a balance with the climate compensation and our vans travel in a climate-neutral way.


What does climate-neutral travel mean at roadsurfer?

It is true that our campers are not powered only by love and air. That is our goal for the future but we are not quite there yet. As greenhouse gases are distributed equally in the atmosphere, it isn’t so important to know where the emissions are produced or avoided, but how we can use certain measures to generally reduce them – what is better, neutralize them.

Which project we are supporting is not the main question. Emissions that are produced in Europe can be neutralized through projects in other parts of the world.

A roadsurfer holiday with CO2 compensation means that we contribute to a project that compensates for the emissions of the camper. Our CO2 emissions are calculated and we support an internationally-renowned climate project.


Our CO2 footprint shows how many CO2 emissions we have produced in one year. It is usually calculated for one calendar or business year. The result means the CO2 emissions which were directly produced by the company itself.

The sum that we pay to compensate for our CO2 emissions comes in a receipt. When we pay that bill, our climate account goes back to zero – but only for a fixed period of time. Once that time is over, we have to pay again. This process takes place over official registers and is transparent.

The climate project of roadsurfer

Roadsurfer supports a renowned project in China, which fulfills international standards: more electricity from hydropower in Youyang. This project is good for our climate, nature, and the people that live in this community.

Hydro Power Project China


Hydro Power Project China


International quality standards

It is important that the project we support is internationally-acknowledged and sustainable. That is why the project we support in China fulfils strict criteria that are certified and verified – for example, the „Verified Carbon Standard“ (VCS). Above all, they must be climate-protection measures whose positive impact can be quantified.

Which goals does the project in China have?

The area around the main current of the Youshui river in southwest China is ideal to generate electricity our of hydropower. In central China, coal continues to be the main energy-source and the main goal of the hydropower plant is to increase the power share from renewable sources. This helps to avoid emissions and global warming can be slowed down a bit. The project enables not only the increase of the use of renewable energies but also improves the health and wellbeing of the people who live there, as there will not be any air pollution and the construction and management of the plant has created new jobs. The turbines of the plant, with a total performance of 120 MW, are installed in the riverbed and work 3.267 per year. The plant helps produce 390.000 MWh of electricity for the power supply.

We at roadsurfer are thus supporting a project that highly contributes to the climate protection and that underlines the importance of this power source for the future.

Climate-protection project save greenhouse emissions, for example, through reforestation or renewable energy sources. Independent organizations such as TÜV, SGS or PwC control the exact sum of these saving. The project operator can be financed through the sale of certified emission reductions. Only projects that require financing are considered climate-protection projects.

Verificaton: China Environmental United Certification Center Co., Ltd. & Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS

Total sum: 334.000 tons of CO2-equivalents.

More information:

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Each contribution counts

You not only want to travel climate-neutral but also do more? Great! Then you are one of us! To travel in a sustainable way is an important step to reduce your personal CO2-footprint. In comparison to a cruiseship or a plane trip, you are doing better. However, do not travel alone since Solo Surfing is less climate-friendly and, besides, having a camper full with friends is much more fun!

If you want to do more, check your footprint on the Internet with a climate-calculator and see how you can improve it.

Sustainable travel with roadsurfer

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