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Our regular pick-up times are always between 2 pm and 5 pm – depending on how thoroughly the van has to be cleaned and if it needs a service-check. Please note that if you want pick-up your vehicle before 2 pm, additional fees will apply because we have to prepare the campervan earlier than our free of  charge time slots. Read more here.

You can rent a roadsurfer campervan from the age of 18, with a minimum of a one-year driving license, at all European locations. Please note that our campers in America can be booked from the age of 21.

Yes, the minimum rental period is of three days, in every season.

No. The bike rack is an optional extra which can be booked for £ 6.00/day. In some cases, the bike rack might still be mounted on your van from the previous renter  and cannot always be removed right away. This is the only way we can guarantee a quick and smooth transition between rentals. Mounting and dismounting is unfortunately quite time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, we ask you to ALWAYS indicate 6.15 metres as the length of the vehicle – even if the bike rack was not booked – when making reservations for ferries. All vans have rearview cameras and/or a park pilot system so that you will not have to worry about an obstructed view out the back window.

All of our locations are centrally located close to the city centers and easily reachable via public transport. Therefore we do not have private, secured parking at any of our locations. In Frankfurt the surrounding industrial park offers free and easy on-street parking. The parking situation is a bit more limited in Munich but possible in the surrounding residential area. The best option is – when and if possible – a second driver who can take your personal car home again.

Unfortunately, we can`t guarantee you a special color for your bus. Buses can be exchanged, depending on which rents come in on a short term. There are also repair cases where we must exchange buses. Please understand that we can´t influence the software-based bus allocation depending on the capacity utilization.

To make sure that your camper is booked and ready for your dream trip, the deposit of 50% must be received one week after your booking. The cancellation of your binding booking due to non-payment of the deposit is at the discretion of roadsurfer.

If you rent a roadsurfer a fully comprehensive insurance coverage with a deductible of 1500€ is included in the rental rate.

Third party liability as well as theft-protection are also included. In case of an accident a pan-European full-insurance will cover. The deductible can be reduced by booking the insurance packages “Advanced” or “Complete”. With these packages you will receive a broader range of coverage. All details can be found on our “rates” page.

Just check our booking page for open dates or contact us directly. We will find something for you! Especially last-minute you might get lucky and a roadsurfer will be available for you! Give us a call!

The deductible for damage covered by the fully comprehensive insurance is 1.500 Euro.  To reduce this deductible to a minimum, we suggest booking one of our “carefree-packages”. For 15 Euro/day the deductible can be reduced to 800 Euro (Advanced Package). The Complete Package for 29 Euro/day reduces the deductible to 0 Euro.

Please note that the deductible for young drivers under the age of 23 is considerably higher at 2500 Euro. It can also be reduced with the “carefree-packages” to 1500 Euro (Advanced) or 500 Euro (Complete).

If you have a breakdown on the road that restricts your mobility, you can contact the mobility service provider around the clock.

  • You can find the telephone number of the mobility service provider responsible for your vehicle in your customer account. You will find your personal link to the customer account in the e-mail with your booking confirmation.
  • Please note: The mobility service provider will provide assistance in German or English and only in relation to the vehicle’s driving restrictions. If you have questions about the camping functions, you can find help in the help centre, because unfortunately the mobility service provider cannot help here!

  • Document your breakdown as best you can and note down the incident number of the mobility service provider. Send us everything by e-mail to

Have you had an accident or suffered damage on the road, but your camper is running perfectly? Then please proceed as follows:

  • Take photos of the damage and the surroundings and send an e-mail with a damage report to
  • In case of an accident, please also fill out the international accident report (in the glove compartment) and send it to the above-mentioned e-mail address.
  • Inform the police on site (obligatory, otherwise no insurance will pay!)

You came to the right place! After each rental season, we sell some of our seasoned roadsurfer vans with great benefits. Please contact