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Hire a camper in Graz

The capital of the province of Styria was chosen as the European capital of culture in 2003. With its historic buildings and clock tower, which is considered a landmark, and the famous Eggenberg Castle, the city is a real eye-catcher. You always wanted to go to Graz and put the city through its paces? Then just rent a camper in Graz and start exploring the city!

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You can pick up your camper here in Graz

Using public transportation to our roadsurfer station

Best route from main train stationTake the train to “Graz Don Bosco”, its a 10 minutes walk from there to the roadsurfer station.

Best route from airport: Go to “Flughafen Graz Feldkirchen” and take the train to “Graz Don Bosco”, its a 10 minutes walk from there to the roadsurfer station.

Parking in Graz

There are parking spaces in the residential area (in the immediate vicinity).

Rent a campervan in Graz now

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Rent a campervan in Graz

Your stationmanager in Graz

Werner rocks our new roadsurfer station in Graz and gave us a few insights an tips.

Stationmanager Graz

My favorite country for a road trip is: Austria.

My favorite roadsurfer campervan is:Beach Hostel Deluxe.

My favorite spot is… Wildalpen, Styria

My best camping experience ever: Sometimes I travel alone. When I arrive on a campsite it often happens that any father, on the road with his family for long, long days, comes over with a happy look in his eyes to have a beer with another guy.

When I camp it is like this: Feeling free like a Cro-Magnon.

That’s what I like to hear best while driving: Dr. John, Medesky, Martin & Wood, and – of course – Bob Dylan.

Don’t miss… to take some friends and your climbing shoes with you…

What I love most about my job… Cool people get cool cars!

Rent a campervan in Graz – into the heart of Styria

There is hardly any other city where the term “small but powerful” applies as well as in Graz. The second largest city in Austria and capital of the province of Styria has just over 300,000 inhabitants but has a lot to offer. Amongst other things, it can boast the titles of City of Design and European capital of culture. These awards have left their mark on the cityscape, because Graz combines an exciting mixture of history and modernity with urban culture.

Add to this the great location in Styria, which captivates with its greenery and mountain panoramas. Together they make an ideal destination for a camping trip in Austria.

At roadsurfer you can now rent campervans in Graz and we tell you what you should definitely see in and around the city.

How to get to Graz

The train connections to Graz are quite good, but you need about six hours from Munich and even nine hours from Frankfurt. But since most connections only require you to change trains once, you can simply unpack your pack of cards and sit back and relax to enjoy the ride.

A good reason to take the train is the station’s reception hall – designed by Peter Kohler in 2003 for the Capital of Culture project, it’s really worth seeing.

If you are in a hurry, you can of course fly to Graz. There are currently many flights from German cities with a stopover in Vienna, which will get you there in less than three hours.

Sightseeing in Graz

Thanks to its titles of Capital of Culture and City of Design, you will find great buildings and installations in public space on every corner in Graz. These include, for example, the lightsaber next to the opera house, an exact copy of the Statue of Liberty – also in terms of size! You can just let yourself drift in Graz and you can already see a lot of Graz art and culture. However, there are also a few highlights in the city that are worth the walk or queuing up for and which you should not miss on your camping trip in Graz.

Graz Castle Hill

“Graz’s Schlossberg” is one of the city’s landmarks and, as befits such a landmark, it is right in the middle of the action. The castle on the hill even gave Graz its name! Take the funicular railway to overcome the 60% incline and come up to enjoy the magnificent view over the old town. Afterwards you can take the Schlossberg slide directly into the mountain tunnel at a speed of 18.6 mph.

Mur Island

The “Murinsel” is a walk-in island project that was also created in the Capital of Culture year. It is reminiscent of an oversized shell and at the same time resembles a steel ship; it connects the Mur with Graz. The once very polluted Mur now has better water quality again and is part of the proud cityscape of Graz, not least thanks to the Mur Island. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee while the arena is used for various events. Children can also enjoy themselves, as there is a three-dimensional labyrinth with slides.

Graz Art Gallery

The “Kunsthaus Graz” is an architectural masterpiece and floats like a good blue ghost between the roofs of the old town. The friendly alien brought new life to the Iron House, and even if the structure does not really fit in with its surroundings, it is now an integral part of the Graz cityscape. From the Needle, a glass viewing platform, you have a great view over the city, and from the building’s only east-facing porthole you can see the Graz clock tower particularly well. Otherwise, there are numerous exhibitions, a media lounge and a café.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden in Graz is not only interesting for plant lovers, but also for architecture fans. In the beautiful villa quarter you will find an old palm house from the turn of the century, which stands next to the modern greenhouses of Volker Giencke. They also have something alien about them, although they actually only serve to create the best living conditions for the plants that live here. This works well, because in the botanical garden four very different climate zones live together in neighbourly harmony.

Excursions from Graz

Lurgrotte Peggau

Get dressed warm and then take a deep breath – the Lurgrotte in Peggau is the largest stalactite cave in Austria. At 10 degrees and high humidity you can enter up to 4 km into the earth. There are several guided tours that give you a first impression, while others are just for real adventurers. On an adventure tour in winter you will be on the road for as much as 7 hours and you need to be in good shape. But you will be rewarded with impressive underground lakes and gorges and exciting climbing tours.


Graz’s local mountain, the “Schöckl”, is a worthwhile destination for excursions, whether in winter or in summer. From the top you not only have a view over Graz, but can see as far as Slovenia when visibility is good. Otherwise, there are numerous hiking trails and you can also swing yourself up into the air – the “Schöckl” is very popular with paragliders and hang-gliders. If you are travelling with children, it is best to take the cable car up to the top and then whizz back down to the valley on the “Hexen-Express”, the mountain’s own toboggan run.

“Bärenschützklamm” & “Kesselfallklamm”

No camping trip in Styria would be complete without a visit to a gorge. Canyons, roaring waters and fascinating rock formations await you, plus a lively up and down over bridges and ladders. Romance meets wild nature in the gorges. The best known is the “Bärenschützklamm” gorge, but its little sister, the “Kesselfallklamm” gorge, is also worth a trip. The latter is particularly suitable if you are out and about with children.

Camping sites in Graz

There are many beautifully located campsites throughout Austria and Graz and Styria are no exception. Not a real campsite, but a well equipped campsite is the motorhome campsite in Graz. It is located on the edge of a forest, not far from the motorway and right next to it there is a bus station that takes you to the city centre. In the immediate proximity there is an outdoor swimming pool and even a bread roll service.

A little more idyllic is the “Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum“. Only 7 km from Graz is the “Schwarzlsee” and here you will find not only a well-equipped campsite but also a huge range of leisure activities. Especially nudist fans can be happy, because the lake has a large area where seamless tanning is on the programme.

The drive to “Camping WellWelt Kumberg” is also worthwhile, because here you sleep in the middle of Styria. Right next door there is a bathing lake, where children and professional swimmers can let off steam and those who prefer hiking can’t find a better campsite – the Kumberg lake is right at the foot of the Schöckl.

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