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Your workation spots with WIFI

Working while on vacation? Never! But what about a vacation while working? Of course! Who says that work always has to take place at the office or at home? If you are one of the lucky ones who only needs a laptop and WIFI to work, start packing your bags and take your office on the road. We can show you where.

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What is a workation?

The word „workation” is the result of combining “work” and “vacation” and it is a fantastic experience thanks to our individual camping spots and vans. Work will be easier to handle and your colleagues will start to get jealous once they see that your background is actually a real beach.

What do I have to take into account?

To create the perfect workation trip, you need to take into account a few things. Remember to pack your laptop and its equipment, this is, the corresponding charging cable or your headset. We also recommend packing an additional battery or a compatible Powerbank in order to also be able to work in places without sockets. All our vans have power sockets that you can use.

Our workation spots

Here you will find our best spots for your workation trip. You can spend the night at them, once, twice or more nights. All these spots have wifi as this is the main requirement for your workation. All the spots are unique. See for yourself!

Workation spots in Germany

Fehmarn Puttgarden

Here, in the north of Germany, you have found the perfect working environment. The spot is located near the Baltic Sea and it offers both quiet and tranquility as well as action! There is a kite school located directly at the beach for all the adventurous travelers. Kids have a playground, which makes it the ideal spot for the whole family. It is easier than taking care of the kids in four walls. Dogs are also allowed and you can enjoy all that for only 10 euros per night. Truly a great experience for all ages!

Workation spots in Germany

Workation spots in France

Manoga House

In Monaga House, close to the Atlantic coast of France, you will find everything you need for your workation. There is obviously wifi and in only 30 minutes you will have arrived at some of the greatest surfing spots. A nice crepery is also nearby. You can also use the garden and the private pool. Take a stroll down the charming little towns of the region or rent a bike. All of this for only 23 euros per night. What a great place to work and, what is better, to relax after work!

Farm of the 4 stars

Your colleagues will be surprised when they see a donkey walk behind you during your next Zoom call. This farm is surrounded by a forest, nature and animals. During the work breaks, you can take a look at the swans rather than the long faces of your co-workers. All of this in only a few clicks!

From the horse to the castle: Versailles is only a few km away! It is the ideal after-work trip. Paris is also one hour away, a real change of scenery after the long work week.

Workation spots in France

Workation spots in Portugal

O Tamanco

If you are looking for the perfect spot in Portugal, where you can live it all and explore the region, you have come to the right place. This spot is located between Porto and Lisbon, surrounded by sand dunes and a literal paradise for surf and nature lovers. Nazaré is 40 min away: it has the highest waves in the world. The camping site itself also has a lot to offer and you can alternate your work breaks between a visit to the small vintage store and a jump in the pool.

Aguas Vivas

The next spot is also surrounded by nature to help you tick off items of your to-do-list. Nevertheless, it also has a great connection to supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurats. In 10 to 20 minutes you will have arrived at lonely bays and cliffs to help you relax your mind while looking at the landscape. The spot is located right in the middle of a hiking and biking trail… you won’t have to look far for adventures!

Workation spots in Portugal

Workation spots in Spanien

Camper Area 7

„Camper Area 7 is a place of calm and comfort for demanding travelers.” This is how the hosts of this spot describe their place. You can spend the night there for only 14 euros per night. What a deal! Specially since the spot offers so much. The beach, shops and restaurants are located within 500 m and the spot itself has multiple common areas with beautiful terraces where you can work. Another highlight is it location as Alicante is closeby.

Haciënda Guaro Viejo

This spot is more than “just” the perfect wellness paradise of Andalusia. The spot has a great location and even better views. In 40 min you get to Málaga and in 25 min to Marbella. The area has many restaurants and shops for a great staycation. The awesome thing about the spot is its view of the mountains of the Sun Valley. After a (hopefully) short work day, you can jump in the pool and enjoy the sunset in the mountains. Sounds nice, right?

Workation spots in Spain

Workation spots in Croatia

Camp Trstenica

Waking up here means feeling the sea breeze because this spot is located on a traditional Croatian beach. The camping site is a family-business next to the city of Orebić. Next to the camping site, you can find a shop, a restaurant and a bar. If you not only want to get rid of work but also of your clothes, there is a nudist beach here. The beach has a great view of the island of Korcule and you can even take a taxi boat to visit it.

Mountain Paradise

The name speaks for itself, a paradise in the Croatian mountains with some wonderful lakes nearby and the sea is only 25km away. Here you have everything you need for a fantastic workation. The region is also ideal for hiking or cycling trips. The hosts of the spot will even prepare a delicious meal for you for a little extra charge. This way, all you have to do is finish work and enjoy the evening.

Workation spots in Croatia

Workation spots in Austria

Mayer Elsbeere

The fruit from the checker tree is a special one and it was named 2011’s tree of the year. What is really exciting about this spot is that is utilizes this and other fruits to create its liquor. And you can see how they do it! You can spend the night for free, take a look at the destillery and try the beverage. Cheers!

Workation spots in Austria

Workation spots in Eslovenia

Sleeping in a vineyard

In this spot in Slovenia, you can park your roadsurfer van between vines. The camping site is fully equipped and offers toilets, showers, a washing machine and even a pool! Of course the perfect dinner cannot go on without the perfect wine pairing. After a long work day, you deserve it!

Workation spots in Eslovenia

Workation spots in the Netherlands

“De Couter”

Do you need some quiet to be able to work? You will get it here, since this spot is on a farm, surrounded by open fields and small villages. The highlight: you are 5 min away from the sea! This way, even after work you can go out and explore this quiet part of the world.

Tent site in the dunes

This spot is also ideal to switch off and experience a literal oasis of calm. That does not make it boring! The spot is located at the border of a nice dune area and has many options. The sea is only 15 minutes away by foot and is considered one of the cleanest beaches in the country. You can also explore the nature and dunes or take a walk through the tulip grounds. What a wonderful change of pace after work!

Workation spots in the Netherlands

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