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Our Top 9 Destinations for Holidays in 2023 Book Your Dream Camping Holiday

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning orange and the summer is over. What better way to lift your spirits than to book your 2023 holiday? Whether you’re in the mood for a city break, an extended beach holiday or an action-packed adventure, we’ve got some great ideas for you and your campervan.

Here are the 9 best destinations in 2023 that you can reach easily with your roadsurfer campervan!

Author: Annika Ziehen

Photo: Celia

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The Algarve region is a wonderful destination for travel all year round! In the Algarve, you’ll find something for everyone, whether you’re riding your surfboard alone or hiking with your family. The region offers some of the best golf courses in Europe in places like Sagres and Lagos, which are also great for surfing and kite surfing.

Nature reserves and numerous beaches offer a variety of activities for parents and children. Visit the Algarve from the water and you may see dolphins if you’re lucky!

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If you can’t wait to book your holiday in 2023, we recommend winter camping in Spain. Andalusia is one of the warmest places in Europe during the winter months with temperatures of up to 20°C!
It’s also the perfect time to see historic cities like Seville, Granada and Cordoba without the crowds of tourists and surfers don’t have to fight over the waves in Tarifa at this time of year.

Another plus point of winter camping? Many campsites and tourist facilities are also open in winter with amazingly low prices.

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Fashion and art, a glittering past and lots of delicious food await you in Antwerp. In contrast to Brussels, the small Belgian metropolis seems almost small-town, but that’s what makes it the perfect destination for a relaxed city break. What’s more, despite its small size, Antwerp has a lot to offer.
Besides the usual fries and chocolate, the city is home to numerous Michelin restaurants, cool museums and the hippest fashion shops. It’s great if you come by roadsurfer because you’ll have more space for shopping!

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Another great destination for a cheap winter break is Greece. When the party people leave the islands and it gets a bit quieter in the country, a very special charm unfolds in Greece. One of our favourite islands is Crete, where it can get up to 20 °C even in January. You won’t be able to swim, but it’s the perfect time to go hiking and eat as much Greek cheese as possible.
From Crete, you can also take a day trip by boat to Santorini, which is particularly easy to explore in the colder months when there are no tourists.


You should plan a trip to Edinburgh if you want to experience a different, meaningful and unexpected trip! Visitors are immersed in an atmosphere full of nostalgia and art when they visit this city, which is known as the “Athens of the North” due to its mountainous terrain and medieval architecture. And the beautiful highlands are just a drive away.

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You will understand why the French like to spend their holidays in their own country when you discover the ”Grande Nation” for yourself in a campervan.

A cycling country with a rich cycling heritage, France is home to the prestigious Tour de France with fantastic cycling routes across the country! Explore the area by cycling the La Loire à Vélo (The Loire by Bike) cycle trail. The route features picturesque paths and roads, from one end of the river to the other. Stretching out over 900 km, La Loire à Vélo is one of the most scenic cycle routes in France.

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Munich and the Bavarian alps

Green landscapes, sunshine and fresh mountain air. Whether it’s splashing around in Lake Walchensee, creative photo sessions at Neuschwanstein Castle or a strenuous mountain hike up the Zugspitze, Bavaria has countless highlights in store for your family holiday with a camper van.

If you’re in Bavaria, you have to visit the state capital Munich! Known for the Oktoberfest, FC Bayern and hearty cuisine with lots of beer, the city also has other beautiful sides. Sports enthusiasts should visit the surfer wave in the English Garden, because here the locals all surf on one wave.

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles has so much to offer besides Hollywood, glamour and stars. A city surrounded by beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, gorgeous hikes, tasty food and great people. Los Angeles has something every person can enjoy! There’s no wonder California is a dream road trip destination with the Pacific Coast Highway, loads of national parks and stunning desert landscape.

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Tirol, Hohen Tauern

Lakes, mountains and lots of driving fun are on the agenda for a road trip in Tyrol. Start with a drive over the Grossglockner High Alpine Road before parking your campervan and setting off on foot.
Hike in the Hohe Tauern National Park, climb the peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps or in the Wetterstein Mountains. There is a route for every type hiker in Tyrol. If you prefer to experience art and culture, then stop off in Innsbruck on the way and visit the numerous castles and palaces in the region.

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