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Skiing holiday with a campervan

A skiing holiday with a camping bus? We say: Good idea! Why shouldn’t you be able to combine winter sports and camping experience? We tell where you can enjoy your skiing holiday with a camping bus and – what you should absolutely think of.

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Camping Winter Skiurlaub Schnee

Winter holiday destinations with your camper van

You love camping and winter sports and would like to combine both? Then read about the perfect destinations for your skiing holiday with a camping bus.

On your skis, ready, go – Scandinavia!

Scandinavia is not only a great summer destination. Norway, Sweden and Finland offer less cold and very cold regions in winter: The more northern you get, the colder it will be! In December, January and February most parts of Scandinavia are covered with snow. Winter sports enthusiasts will definitely get their money’s worth here. And being on the move with a camping bus has one decisive advantage: You are flexible and can try out different ski resorts!

There are about 160 campsites in Sweden that open their doors to visitors in winter, too – Many of them are close to the country’s most popular ski resorts. In Norway, you will find a lot winter campsites that are located right next to alpine ski runs, cross-country ski runs, toboggan runs and snowboard parks.

Comfortable travelling to Scandinavia by ferry

When you are tired of skiing, skating and sledding, you dare to venture into the northernmost regions. Because here are some very special highlights waiting for you: The northern lights! And let’s be honest, for this sight you can endure some goose bumps. You can easily get to Scandinavia by ferry from Denmark.

But of course you don’t have to travel to Scandinavia with a camping bus and skis to make the slopes unsafe. The Alps also offer a lot of ski resorts. In Austria, the first winter camping site is located directly behind the German-Austrian border on the sunny side of the Zugspitze. Altogether there are far more than 15 sites that invite you to do winter camping in Austria. But also Switzerland and South Tyrol offer ski fun and camping adventures in winter.

Enjoy the cold while camping without sports

You love to enjoy the sugared landscapes in a camping bus in winter? Then you’ll find plenty of camping sites in Germany that are open all year round. Here, instead of steep slopes, you can relax in wellness oases.

At the Baltic Sea, for example, you can enjoy the view of a rough sea, feel the cold wind in your hair and still be free as a bird with your camper. When your whole body is frozen, there’s nothing better than going to the sauna or taking a hot bath in the whirlpool – many thermal baths invite you to do so.

Many campsites in Germany are open all year round, too. In Kleinröhrsdorf near Dresden, for example, the use of the sauna and spa area during the special free weeks is included in the campsite price. The spa and holiday camping Dreiquellenbad near Bad Griesbach offers a free indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, Kneipp pool, steam grotto, sauna, salt relaxation room and brine nebulizer. Near the Bad Füssinger Premium Camp Holmernhof are several thermal baths and the Camping Resort Zugspitze is not only very close to the lift station but guests can also request a private bath directly on the pitch.

Camping in winter – What do we need? That belongs in your luggage!

In winter, camping is not as easy as in summer. Above all, think of plenty of changing clothes since damp clothes do not dry fast at cold weather. Fleece clothing is optimal because it warms, is light and dries very quickly.

But also your camper needs the right equipment: Check whether you have snow chains and if the winter tires are in order. Besides, it is helpful to take window insulation foil with you. Of course also an ice scraper, de-icing spray and maybe a spade.

To prevent the camping bus from sinking during thaw, it is best to place wooden boards under the tires when parking. A broom and snow shovel can also be helpful if your camper has been snowed in overnight.

In case of doubt, it is best to pack a hairdryer so that you can dry not only yourself but also icy parts of the camping van or clothing more quickly. It is helpful to ventilate once or twice a day. To prevent the rubber seals of the doors and windows from becoming porous in the cold, simply rub them with Vaseline.

Now, nothing stands in the way of a winter skiing camping holiday!

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