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Roadtrip through France

These are the best campsites

You’re planning the Tour de France? But this time not by bike but with a Bulli? Then have a look at our route: We start in the east of the country near Paris via the capital city to the sea. Next, we drive with the roadsurfer VW camper along the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean Sea and then back again. In addition, we have listed some of the most beautiful campsites in France, so that your recovery breaks are guarenteed. Have fun and a good trip!

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Roadtrip Frankreich france

Traveling like God in France

Voyage, voyage – From Metz via Reims to Paris

Of course there are many ways from Germany to France. Our route starts at the A1 via Trier and Luxembourg or at the A6 via Saarbrücken. Once you have crossed the French border, the city of Metz is the starting point for our camping holiday in France. A visit of the cathedral and the Centre Pompidou-Metz are worthwhile here.

Afterwards we continue via Verdun, where you can retrace the history of the First World War on the infamous battlefield. Hereafter, Reims has some historical sights like the Palais du Tau, the abbey Saint-Remi, the Porte de Mars or the cathedral of the city.

Of course you can’t miss Paris, the city of love, on your journey. Disneyland Paris is a real highlight for your little ones – but your wallet will also be a lot emptier afterwards.

If you have “worked off” the Parisian sights, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées and the Montmartre, you can enjoy a relaxing espresso at the foot of the Sacré Coeur and take your time to see the street artists of Montmartre with their little painting treasures. That’s Paris!

Wild Atlantic – A surfer’s paradise with endless beaches and magnificent campsites

“Go West!” – Is now the mission on your way through the Normandy to the French Atlantic coast. There you will find the World Heritage Site Le Mont-Saint-Michel. The cultivated island is about one kilometer from the coast and is famous for the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey. You will find only a few inhabitants here but in return many tourists. In this respect it’s not a secret tip but nevertheless very worth seeing!

From there we take our route via Rennes through the inland to Nantes. Here you can visit numerous historical buildings such as the last castle on the Loire before the ocean, where the historical museum of Nantes is located. Besides you can explore the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, a synagogue, and the Théâtre Graslin. The Machines de l’île are huge mechanical animals and dolls inspired by Jules Verne.

South of Nantes, directly on the Atlantic coast, is La Rochelle, a harbor town whose harbor area with its three towers and the city center itself an eye-catcher. From here it goes once again to the inland, to Limoges in the south of Paris. On your way there, you’ll see the famous Limousin oxen. Beside the porcelain museum, the cathedral Saint-Étienne as well as the crypt Saint-Martial, the Gallo-Roman amphitheater and the underground corridors that were built in the middle ages are very interesting.

Back at the Atlantic coast you greet the city of Bordeaux, which has become famous for its wine of the same name and its good cuisine but also for its architectural history. Whether sacral or secular buildings, the University City is a real eye-catcher. Once you are here, a trip to Monbazillac Castle is worthwhile, which is close to the town of Monbazillac in the south of Bergerac.

To the north and south of Bordeaux are the most beautiful, widest and wildest beaches of France with wide dune landscapes and often rough wind and swell. The high waves make the area a hot spot for surfers. Those who are also looking for a party on the beach have to drive a bit further south – to Biarritz.

On the traces of the Romans to the Côte d’Azur

Blown through by the Atlantic wind, we now head south. You have to see Toulouse, also called “la ville rose” because of its numerous red brick buildings.

Now you cross the country towards the Mediterranean Sea, where the cities Montpellier and Marseille welcome you on the way – the former being much more attractive. Marseille has a beautiful old harbor and the view from the church Notre-Dame de la Garde is simply fantastic. Nearby you will find the medieval town of Nîmes and Avignon, the papal residence of the French popes.

roadsurfer tip: Go visit the perfectly preserved aqueduct from Roman times, the Pont du Gard. Here you can swim in the clean river Gardon overlooking the bridge and relax with a picnic on the stone beach.

Take the VW bus along the Côte d’Azur via Cannes, Nice and the Principality of Monaco – this is probably the best driving experience on this roadsurfer trip! You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the magnificent stretches of the coast. The rich and beautiful live here – and after this trip you will know why! If you still have time, make a small stop in Nice and visit the Marché du fleurs, the flower market, the Prince’s Palace and the Casino in Monaco. Subject to the condition that you have your tuxedo in your Bulli bag ?. If not, you can make a dream come true with your roadsurfer and race the Formula 1 Grand Prix race track in the city!

Driving home via Lyon and Colmar

From the most south of France you are now heading back home. Many people often drive past Lyon and know the city only from the street sign, but a stop is really worthwhile. Lyon’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Lyon’s cuisine enjoys a worldwide reputation. It also becomes culinary further north in Dijon because the famous coarse-grained mustards originates here. Besides, there are beautiful patrician houses from the middle Ages and the Renaissance to discover.

For your further journey home we recommend the route via Colmar and Strasbourg in Alsace. Colmar likes to call itself the capital of Alsatian wines but it is also known for its well-preserved architectural heritage of six centuries.

Wherever you stop on this route and stay longer, you will discover your own highlights!

Our top 10 campsites in France

We have selected the best campsites in France on the basis of the route around the most beautiful sights. Even if you don’t stick to our route to 100 percent, our list can certainly give you a good orientation.

  1. Camping Municipal de Metz-Plage

It is one of the first campsites in France behind the border. So it’s perfectly suited for your first overnight stay – also for relaxing in nature in the immediate vicinity of the city of Metz. Located directly on the Moselle, the campsite offers 3 stars, many shady pitches and a swimming pool. Website:

  1. Camping Le Chêne Gris

This campsite near Paris is ideal for families with children of all ages. The little ones can play in the swimming pools, have animations and playgrounds. Another advantage for children with families: Disneyland Paris is close by. Website:

  1. Camping Saint-Michel

Just before the beautiful island town of Le Mont-Saint-Michel, this great campsite is located in the town of Courtils and has plenty to discover! Among other things, there is a mini farm on the site. Website:

  1. Camping Les Rochelets

In the town of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, not far from the town of Nantes, you will find this sweet campsite. In the middle of a pine and oak forest, a good mood is guaranteed between a paddling pool and a sandy beach. Fishing, hiking and cycling are just a few of the many activities available in this wonderful natural setting. Website:

  1. Castel Camping Du Chateau De Leychoisier

In the north of Limoges is the town of Bonnac-la-Côte located just like this campsite with its unique flair. Here you will find five-star camping at the foot of a castle. Wildlife and fishing enjoyment are included. In such a way you have rarely got to know the Limousin. Website:

  1. Camping de Bordeaux Lac

Bruges near Bordeaux: Absolute nature and that with four-star camping! This campsite is situated directly on an idyllic lake in an incredibly romantic and beautiful setting. To discover the surroundings of Bordeaux and leave your van on the pitch, you simply rent one of the numerous rental bikes. Website:

  1. Camping Caravaning de Rupé

This campsite near Toulouse has “only” three stars, but can still boast with wellness offers. In addition to the usual facilities such as a children’s playground and a snack bar, the campsite also has a sauna and a whirlpool. The right spot after a festival trip! Website:

  1. Camping Abri de Camargue

Situated between Montpellier and Marseille in the Camargue in the village of Le Grau-du-Roi you will find this pretty campsite. The direct proximity to the beach invites you to swim, ride a horse or sunbathe. Activities are also very popular on the campsite itself. Whether for adults or children, it offers something for everyone. Website:

  1. Camping Nid du Parc

Northeast of Lyon you will find the campsite in Villars-les-Dombes. Not only is there a great place to stay overnight, but there is also a unique bird park with more than 3,000 species! More than 150 birds are shown every day, including pelicans, African marabouts, cranes, vultures, ibises, Amazon parrots and macaws. Website:

  1. Camping du Lac Kir

In the heart of the city of Dijon lies this great campsite – Ideally for your last stop before heading back to Germany the next day. If you want to jump into the cool water for the last time, this is the best place, because it is very close to the Lac de Kir. Website:

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Table Mountain Campground im Angeles National Forest

Dieser Campingplatz ist ein wahres Juwel für alle, denen der Trubel am Walk of Fame, den Universal Studios, Hollywood oder anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten zu viel wird. Am nördlichen Rand des Angeles National Forest, auf über 1800m Höhe lässt sich hier der Sonnenaufgang über der Wüste und der Sonnenuntergang über den Bergen entspannt aus der Hängematte, zwischen den Pinienbäumen gespannt, genießen und die Seele baumeln lassen. Sollte die Entspannung doch etwas zu viel Überhand nehmen, kann im nahegelegenen Städtchen Wrightwood die Zipline ausprobiert werden, welche über die Wälder hinweg verläuft, oder auch eine kleine Wanderung auf dem Naturpfad rund um den Campingplatz gemacht werden.

Tipp für die Route zum Camp:
Statt die viel befahrene Autobahn zu nutzen, nimm lieber die 15min mehr in Kauf und fahre den landschaftlich reizvolleren Highway 2 entlang, der mitten durch den Angeles National Forest führt und mit einer Tour durch die Wälder glänzt.