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Private Camping - The Bed & Breakfast for Campervans

Private camping spots comfortably combine all the conveniences found at official camping grounds with all the privacy and seclusion that  wild camping offers. To dive a little deeper into the topic of private camping, we are going to delve into 3 main topics.
First, what is private camping? Second, what are the benefits for those staying at private camping spots? Third, what are the advantages for those offering private camping?

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What is Private Camping?

In a nutshell, private camping is a Win-Win for travellers and property owners alike.

Those lucky enough to own a plot of land somewhere where others go on holiday can open up their gates, doors, or car parks to visitors, making some pocket money along the way. Lucky campervan travellers in return get to enjoy private camping spots without the hectic atmosphere of large, industrialised camping grounds and without the stress and anxiety that can arise from the unknowns of freedom camping. What the private camping platform, provided by roadsurfer, has established is a line of communication between property owners and potential travellers, resulting in an easy, affordable and secure alternative to both freedom camping and mainstream campgrounds.

Planning your next Roadsurfer Road Trip?

The booming campervan industry has resulted in many countries no longer allowing wild camping. Unfortunately, it is this total freedom that drove many to join the campervan revolution in the first place. Opting for private camp grounds gives you a great portion of that freedom back. You, as a camper, will meet locals, you will avoid overcrowded camping grounds, and you will support local communities at a grassroots level. What better way to travel, utilizing all the freedom your camper offers,  without any of the hassle and worries associated with mainstream campgrounds or illegal wild camping. In addition, private camping offers a more legal and safe way to enjoy the outdoors.

There are a few ground rules, just like if you were at a campground or in the wilderness,  that you should take into consideration. Take your rubbish with you and be respectful of the owners. If someone is kind enough to offer a beautiful private camp spot at their farm, maybe instead of going to a large supermarket chain  for your next shop, go to the farm store. If you park outside a restaurant, perhaps have dinner or breakfast there. The rules are more common sense and courtesy than actual rules, but that’s exactly the point.

If  you are in the midst of planning your next road trip, why not reach out to some locals along your intended route and start your return to a more authentic way of travelling.

Offering a Private Campground?

As long as you have the space to host someone’s roadsurfer for a few days, your property is suitable. It doesn’t matter if you own a single inner-city parking space, or a thousand-acre farm that resembles the garden of eden. You make the rules, you set the price, and all the proceeds end up in your pocket. Plus, as an added bonus, you may just meet some like-minded individuals along the way. The setup is extremely easy, just follow the steps in the link and join the ever-growing community of private camping hosts across Europe, Scandinavia, and the UK.

There are of course a few rules for those looking at offering their own private pampground. Honesty when describing your location is a must, if there is no power, water, or bathrooms make sure to mention that and make sure to treat all campers fairly and equally regardless of their background.  There are also some regional and local laws that need to be taken into consideration. In some regions for example, a camper can not be parked where it is visible from the house.

To wrap it up

It’s pretty simple.  For travellers, private camping allows you to rediscover that sense of exploration and privacy without the hassle and anxiety associated with wild camping. For property owners, private camping allows you to make some extra pocket money, meet like-minded individuals and do something positive for your karma score and local economy simultaneously.

I look forward to meeting you when I park at your place, and looking forward to the reunion when you park at mine.

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