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Do you want to go on a roadtrip but you´ve never hired a camper before? With roadsurfer, you can hire your camper online and the pick-up and drop-off is easy and simple. We are going to show what I looks like at your stations. We already wish you the best of times while #roadsurfing!

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Measures against Covid-19 at our stations

Booking your camper online

Once you have booked your camper, you will receive a booking confirmation with more information about your trip, payment and the vehicle. You will also find a link to the video instructions for your camper. You can also watch them here, in case you want to take a look at the different models before you book.

In another e-mail, you will receive a checklist for the pick-up of your campervan. It includes the address of the station as well as a reminder to bring your ID and credit card to pay the 800€ security deposit. You will get it back once you have returned the van and everything is in order. If you are not the only driver, don´t forget to also include the details of the second driver. You can do this during the booking or once you get to the station.

The time of the pick-up is, on the first day of the rental, between 14 and 17h. If any individual slots were possible, the Station Manager will contact you directly. You don’t have to request it.

On the day of your trip, you will also receive the rental contract per e-mail.

Picking your camper up

If you want to hire a camper, you can check the instruction videos for each model. They will tell you all you need to know about the pop-up roof, the set-up of the indoor table or the bed, how the kitchen works and much more. Here is an example:

You will find the addresses in each of the station sites. Once you get to the station, simply reach out to one of our team members or go directly to the reception point. A team member will give you your keys, show you to your camper and explain all the key functions and grips of the vehicle. Feel free to ask any question you like.

If you have never rented a camper before, a roadsurfer team member will lead you through the whole vehicle, show you how the kitchen works and how you can turn the gas on/off. Under the backseat, you will find a drawer with useful tools such as a lever for the awning, an electricity cable, a canister and hose to fill up the water and blinds for the front window. We will also show you where you can find the electricity- and water connections, how to open the awning, fold the backseat and use the pop-up roof and the stationary heating.

Don´t panic – you don´t need to remember everything – as your camper has a How To Guide and a Vehicle Manual in the glove compartment. In any case, the use of the camper and its functions are very intuitive. If you need help, simply call our free service hotline. You can also call there in case of an accident and you will get immediate help.

If you have booked any additional equipment such as a camping toilet or more camping chairs, check before leaving the station if everything is on board.

roadsurfer Camper Abholung Rückgabe

© roadsurfer GmbH / Andreas Güldenfuß – CamperVans

Returning your camper

When you return the camper to the station where you picked it up, it should be clean and filled-up. Returning the camper to a different station is currently not possible. There is usually a filling station next to our stations.

The time frame for returning the camper takes place on the last day of the rental, between 9 and 11 am.

In order to return the camper, you simply return the keys to one of our team members, who will check the vehicle for damages and ensure that no equipment is missing. After a few minutes, your job is done. Our team will take the camper for a through-cleaning.

Measures against Covid-19 at our roadsurfer stations

We love the personal contact to our roadsurfers but things are a bit different nowadays. To ensure your safety and the safety of our team, we have established an hygiene-concept at our stations.

  • Our roadsurfer campers are always “clean&ready” for you: All our campers are prepared with care and fully cleaned, inside and out. We use freshly washed (60°) towels and special brand products from Sonax to clean the camper on the inside. This eliminates 90% of the surface germs and it helps us to ensure complete cleanliness without using dangerous chemicals.
  • Hygienic indepth cleaning: After cleaning, we again use skin-friendly disinfectants on all contact surfaces (e.g. steering wheel, door handles, etc.). Our team members wear a mask and disposable gloves during the entire cleaning process.
  • Security on location: our team members are instructed to maintain all security measures. They include safety distance, washing their hands, wearing a mask and using disinfectant on all contact surfaces (including the vehicle keys) in our roadsurfer stations. There is plenty of disinfectant for everyone.

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