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Campervan tours for beginners

Are you a newbie to the camping world and you are eager to start your first van tour? Great, you have come to the right place. We show you how to find the perfect van for you, what you must know on while on the road and the best van tours for beginners in Germany and Europe!

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Wohnmobil Touren für Anfänger

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The first time on the van- Let’s go!

Where do you want to go and with who? The answers to these questions will determine the right campervan for your trip. Depending on whether you are planning on sleeping on campsites or in the middle of nature, our campers are equipped with or without a kitchenette or bathroom. Take a peak here:

↠ Our roadsurfer models

In many countries it can get quite full in summer and during the school holidays. If you can, we recommend travelling some time else or booking in advance, both for campsites and for other attractions.

It is especially important in regard to wild camping because it is forbidden in most European countries. Our advice: as a beginner, look for a good campsite with a good infrastructure. As an alternative to regular campsites, you can stay at one of our roadsurfer spots, a cool and legal option to camp.

If you want to go abroad with your van but are not a fan of a long trip, take a look at our stations – we have roadsurfer stations in many European cities where you can rent your van.

You want you take your dog with you? No problem! Rent one of our dog campers and enjoy a trip with your best companion.

Please take into account that many countries require a road toll. Please read up on each country’s regulations and where you can get a vignette.

Don’t stress too much before your first trip. You don’t have to follow our routes step by step, you can adapt them to your own style. Always remember, during a van tour, the way is the goal!

Campervan tours for beginners in Germany

Romantic Route

Würzburg – Rothenburg ob der Tauber – Wallerstein – Augsburg – Rottenbuch – Füssen

There are plenty of van tours for beginners in Germany that take you through the whole country according to specific themes.

One of the most popular routes in Germany is the Romantische Straße in south Germany from Würzburg to Füssen – the marvelous castle of Neuschwanstein awaits you in the end. 460 km in 29 places surrounded by nature, art and good cuisine. Take your time on the road and stop in as many places as you want – it is worth it!

What is practical: this route is marked with different brown signs that link the different places. Switch your GPS off and follow the signs because you might take the motorway instead of the beautiful rural route.

This route is also a great option in winter thanks to the Christmas markets. Check beforehand which campsites are open all year.

Northern UNESCO-Route

Wattenmeer an der Nordsee – Bremen – Lübeck – Wismar – Stralsund – Sassnitz

The northern UNESCO-route encompasses 560 km with multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We start in the Wadden Sea, a World Heritage Site with 11.000 m2 before heading to the Town Hall of Bremen and the Holstentor, the National Park Jassmund in Rügen.

The route is perfect for everyone who enjoys both culture and nature. It is also ideal for cycling beginners that want to try out a route that is mostly flat.

If, aditionally, you want to enjoy a Caribbean feeling, take a shortcut through Stralsund to Darß. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Germany and a great campsites within dunes. If you are travelling in summer, you should book it in advance.

Campervan tours for beginners Europe

Campervan tours for beginners: Baltic Sea

Stettin – Kolberg – Leba – Halbinsel Hel – Sopot – Danzig

Take the A11 from Berlin and, in less than two hours, you will get to Stettin to meet the start of your trip to Poland alongside the Baltic Sea. You can also start your trip in Rügen through the north of Germany.

Travel from Stetting along 360km of the Polish Baltic Sea coast. Here it is much cheaper to vacation than in other countries. Beautiful beaches and sea, the glamour of the old baths and the best waves for surfers await you.

Poland is one of those countries where you don´t need a kitchen on board to survive. You can book a model without a kitchen and go to the restaurant every day.

The high season is obviously summer time. Book your campsite in time or choose spring / autumn instead – all our roadsurfers are equipped with stationary heating!

Campervan tours for beginners: Austria

Salzburg – Hallstatt – Graz – Neusiedler See – Vienna – Linz – Salzburg

If you are looking for van tours for beginners in Austria, you should avoid the Alpine passes. They sure are fun but also require some initial knowledge. Therefore, we recommend you taking a trip around Salzburg, through Graz, Vienna and Linz- ideal to enjoy good food and nature.

This trip is especially practical if you want to travel with your van from Germany as you can get to Salzburg quite quickly from Munich or Stuttgart. Your route includes great views of lakes and mountains and the coolest cities in Austria. Such a camping trip is perfect for your budget as you can avoid hotels and put that money into your next schnitzel.

Check the start date of the Salzburg Festpiele as this time is quite busy in the city.

Campervan tours for beginners: Italy

Milan – Bergamo – Riva del Garda – Monte Bondone – Verona – Venice

Italy is always a good option. The route between Munich and Milan is of 500 km. You can also fly to Milan and rent one of our vans right there.

The route from Milan and Venice is one of the best van tours for beginners because it is only 270 km long and stunning. You will see the greatest parts of Italy in Lake Garda and enjoy amazing adventure in the Dolomites. The route is great for families and couples in search for a romantic trip.

Wild camping is also not allowed in Italy and you should get an official campsite or one of our roadsurfer spots. The Lake Garda gets quite busy during the summer, so you should look into going there outside of the long holidays or book in advance.

Campervan tours for beginners: Croatia

Zadar – Šibenik – Split – Korčula – Orebić – Dubrovnik

From the south of Germany to Croatia through the E71. The route has 750km, ideal for newbies and you can stop in Austria and/or Slovenia along the way.

Once you get to Zadar, you can start your roadsurfer trip through Croatia along the wonderful Dalmatian coastline. 700km lead you to Dubrovnik. You will get to visit wonderful historic cities and the sets of Game of Thrones, green forests, beautiful bays with crystal clear waters. If you want to explore the islands, step on the ferry to the island of Hvar. Spend a few days there to relax at its beaches. Once you are back in Split, you can take the ferry to Korčula and over Orebić to the mainland.

If you are travelling with a van and you want to avoid the ferry, simply take the route along the coast and you will get directly from Split to Dubrovnik.

Wild camping is also not allowed in Croatia but there are plenty of beautiful campsites. Summer is high season so try to book in advance.

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