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8 Best Beaches in Europe to Visit

With summer just around the corner, what better way to get away than to take a campervan and visit some of the best beaches in Europe? Hire a colourful roadsurfer campervan and wake up to the sound of the ocean this summer! Enjoy the salty-fresh breeze of the Baltic Sea, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean and discover the Caribbean beaches in Europe. And the best part? With the roadsurfer spots App, you can book a dreamy beach campsite, on the road or in advance. Below you will find additional information regarding our spots.

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The best beaches in Europe – Our personal favourites

praia da luz roadsurfer spots beach

1. Praia da Luz, Portugal

This beautiful sandy beach is in the municipality of Lagos. It is often referred to as Santorini de Portugal and will surely exceed the expectations of many of its visitors! A beautiful village surrounds it, and there are many must-see attractions nearby. With only a 10-minute drive, you can visit Castelo dos Governadores (Governor’s Castle). Additionally, nearby you will find the Church of St. Sebastian. The area offers many leisure activities, including golf courses, horse-riding, and a zoo.

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zambujeira do mar roadsurfer spots beach

2. Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal

If beautiful were a beach, this would be it! Zambujeira do Mar is a sandy beach located in the Odemira municipality. It offers a highly unique landscape and is known as a fishing village. It Is composed of various clifftops and coves, leaving its visitors with an unforgettable memory of the landscape. Get in your roadsurfer and experience the tasty traditional food nearby, the various hiking trails, and much more!

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roadsurfer spots beach in playa a vouga

3. Playa A Vouga, Muros, Spain

Playa A Vouga is a camper’s paradise! This lovely beach is in Muros, with camping pitches directly on the beach; what more can one ask for? Nearby there are several local restaurants. There is a variety of attractions such as Castro de Barona (Ancient ruins), Faro de Louro (Lighthouse), Horreo de Carnota (Historic monuments), and more. The campsites here are considered some of the best in Europe! Start your roadsurfer’s engine and surf down to Playa A Vouga.

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playa de la antilla roadsurfer spots beach

4. Playa de La Antilla, Spain

Playa de La Antilla has been a top destination for quite some time and is known for its clean water and overall clean environment and is perfect for families and younger people. The beach amenities include showers, toilets, lifeguards, and more. There are various restaurants on-site, many offering traditional Andalusian dishes. Attractions such as “Parroquia Nuestra Senora Del Carmen”, an old and historic Spanish church, can also be visited nearby. Additionally, national parks such as “Parque El Camaleon” are nearby and a must-see!

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roadsurfer spots beach in plage des grandes dalles

5. Plage des Grandes Dalles, France

This beach is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful. Experience the ultimate relaxation here alone or with family and friends. The beach has a unique landscape as it is located between cliffs. The town of Les Grandes Dalles is a sight to see, composed of beautiful landscapes and imagery, making it a memorable experience for anyone. The area also consists of hiking trails.

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la grande motte roadsurfer spots beach

6. La Grande-Motte, France

Located in the South of France, La Grande-Motte is one of the most popular destinations in France. It is known for its homogenous architecture, with many of the buildings built in a pyramidal form. It is undoubtedly a destination you will never forget! This sandy beach spans 7 miles and is also equipped with accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Enjoy the traditional French cuisine in one of the many local restaurants, the unique vineyards, and the various leisure activities available. It features a prestigious, American-fashioned golf course as well!

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zlatni rat roadsurfer spots beach

7. Zlatni Rat, Brac, Croatia

Croatia is home to some of the most unique beaches in Europe, one of the favourites and most notable being Zlatni Rat, also known as the golden horn. You have probably heard of or seen its beautiful aerial view. It owes its name to a phenomenon that is best seen from above: A sandy headland juts pointedly into the water and changes depending on the current. The beach is a great destination, especially for active people, as there is good wind for surfers and kiters!

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nordsee roadsurfer spots beach

8. Neuharlingersiel, Nordsee, Germany 

Here the opportunities are endless, the atmosphere is exceptional, and the memory you leave behind is long-lasting. This beach is considered by some as Germany’s best kept secret! Located on the north coast of Germany, the North Sea is a roadsurfer’s paradise! It is a very nature-orientated location and very quiet, thus making it great for a relaxed get-away. Nearby, there are various hiking paths, cycling tours, restaurants, and more.

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