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We want to offer the best price available for your roadsurfer booking!

Here is what’ behind it:

The vast universe of small and medium-sized camper-rentals is not very transparent as the supply is vast and there are many different providers. Prices are hard to compare, as each offer contains different features, extras and services.

Model, year, equipment and extras vary heavily and we can therefore not promote the very common but legally disputable “best price guarantee” .

But we do want to give you the option of giving you the lowest price possible for your individual booking!

This is how it works:

If you find a better offer within 24 hours of booking with us – of course at the same conditions – from another commercial provider, we will adjust our price accordingly!

To be able to provide the best price for your VW campervan holiday, a few requirements have to be met for being able to fairly compare offers. Take a minute to read them:

Time Limit

24 hours after booking

Promotions and special offers

As well as rebates of other providers are excluded

Valid in what radius?

Within a 50 km radius of your rental location

Valid for which vehicles?

The rented vehicle has to of a comparable category (price/equipment/model/year).

What is calculated with

Included extra equipment and services, like unlimited kilometers or kitchen equipment will be taken into consideration for the comparison.

If all conditions for comparing offers are met, please contact us via email at and include  the “better offer”. We will get in touch with you!